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Creation Date: 2002-07-24
You may say with some truth that this picture is as lacking as last night's picture was fantastic. However, this picture is a testament to my technical ingenuity. This is a screenshot from the upper left of my screen. But not my normal screen. You might notice that it contains some very odd looking icons. For example, "halfStats reset". Why would I have that on my screen? Because this is not my normal computer. This is my old webserver. I'm actually writing this in a Windows 2000 Pro Notepad. My workstation crashed today for good. It's gone to join the megaflops in the sky. For the past five days, it had been giving me trouble on boot. At first it would randomly reboot. The second day, the monitor wouldn't turn on during boot until five tries. The third day it would do constant rebooting for about two hours in the morning. Then today it wouldn't stay booted for five minutes. So I decided to do some work on it. I switched the power supply (the first suspect). That didn't fix it. I then put the video card into this computer, it works flawlessly. Then I put the hard drive in this computer. I tried and I tried and it wouldn't work. But that wasn't the problem with the other computer. The other computer had two severe problems, neither linked to the hard drive. So I tried putting this computer's video card into the other computer. Nothing. It boots to the password screen and freezes. A completely different problem from the previous. The random reboots are gone. So now I've decided that I'm going to use this computer until that computer gets fixed. Since I've swapped video cards, it should go at nearly the same frame rate. Of course, this is a 300 MHz, which means that it's not a speed demon. It's actually very slow. With Windows 2000 Professional and 128 MB of RAM, you can guess what nightmares I'm having. I don't mind very much though. If I can do half of anything, I'm doing good. But that's the problem. I can't do anything without my data. AltSci3D Manga Director is on that Hard Drive and that hard drive doesn't work with this computer. Why me? Have I done something to offend the CPUs? Is slavery every day for 1.5 years too much for them to handle? We humans don't seem to mind 40 years of slavery. Why can't these computers take a hint? Anyway, I've narrowed it down to the CPU or the Motherboard, neither of which I have enough money to fix. If I can't get that hard drive to work with this computer and I can't get that computer to get past the password screen, I'm SOOL trying to work on JF or my job.

About this picture, though and for the lesson. Webservers are cool things. You got your input, your output and not much in between. The OS companies seem to have this idea that a webserver is just a fast computer that can serve data. But a webserver is not that. No. I am sick of hearing about servers with Quad Xeon 933 and 4 GB of RAM. Doing number crunching is tough work, yes. Dynamic data-based websites require a lot of thought. However, serving data over a T1 pipe only requires the processor thoughtput of 1Megabit per second. An 8-bit 128 kHz processor can move that much. So then you have this 32-bit 933 Mhz machine doing the work of an 8-bit 128 kHz machine. Do you see my point? For static webpages (javantea.com is static, by the way) with small bandwidth, a very cheap, simple, secure, and stable webserver is possible. Of course, you'd have to get rid of the Operating System, the video output, the keyboard, and mouse. But a person doesn't need a webserver with a monitor since they FTP the stuff anyway. I propose AltSci ThinServer. A webserver with 32-bit 66 MHz, 8 MB RAM, 10/100 Network Card, 128 MB FlashROM, and ASTS OS. ASTS OS will be the operating system, but I shouldn't call it that. It will be an assembly program that will run on startup that will allow FTP and HTTP connections. It will be under 1 MB in size. The entire webserver built and ready to run will cost $100. Anyone who has a static IP will be able to plug in this webserver and upload a website instantly. A few important factors in this are: energy conservation, cost reduction, open source, and noise-reduction. I am seriously thinking that this would be an easily achievable product for a small company such as AltSci. More details as I work more on the problem.
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