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Creation Date: 2002-01-18
This picture is of a hat that I was inspired to make. It's a nice hat. It fit's fairly well and is exactly the same as my 3d model. If you're looking at the high-res picture and have the DivX 4 codec, click here for a full motion video! It's only 400 kB, only 133% bigger than the PNG file. I could have made the PNG file smaller by reducing the number of colors, but you people are hi-res viewers, right? If you aren't, just click here for low resolution. I made it so that the links on the lo page go to lo pages. That is a nice website feature, right? The lesson today might be called perverted, or "hentai" in Japanese, but I'm going to give it to you anyway. Feel yourself up. Ya, you heard me right. Put your hands into each and every curve of your body. NO, not there! But everywhere else... *cough, cough* Why am I telling you to do this? Not because it feels good. For all intensive purposes, it should feel very icky. However, if you're the artist type, you'll go to the extreme and figure out just exactly what it is that you're modelling. Yes, this is a lesson about 3d modelling. If you want to model the hand, don't just draw five cylinders hooked up to a box. That looks like crap. Look at your hand, feel the webbing between the fingers, knock on your knuckles, pinch your fat thumb. But whatever you do, don't use an exacto-knife to see the inside! It might hurt. But if you're thinking along those lines, then my lesson is getting through. The other night, I felt up my face. I looked at my webcam (my digital mirror) for about an hour. Then I took out my red masking take (kinky, I know) and I taped up my face. Why would I do such a silly thing? For art. So I took a brown paper bag and cut it up. I made it into a hat. Originally, it was supposed to be a mask (a monkey mask, in fact), but I turned it around and it was a better hat. But what does the hat have to do with feeling my face? Well, I pushed the paper bag against my face and figured out what shape my face really is. The paper bag can only fold into triangles, which makes it perfect for modelling. You see, to figure out how a face is constructed, you not only need a front view and side view, but you also must know how to interpolate those points. So with red tape and a paper bag, I taped my face at key points. I have the pictures of the tape experiment, but you don't get to see them. They're icky, like I said. But they are invaluable. Particularly the ones where the tape is at the edge of my face in the front. You see, from the side view, I see that it isn't the back of my head, it isn't my cheeks, it's my jaw. So when you put the vertexes in, the left and right side of the face should not be the cheeks, but rather the jaw to the ear. I guess everyone should learn it from their self, though. Don't go to: The Loomis Project because it won't tell you a thing that you can't find out better with a webcam or mirror. Of course, you might not be a supermodel, so you look at a supermodel to see what he/she looks like. But the general idea is the same.

"You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake! you are the same organic matter as the rest of the universe!" The words spoken by Tyler Durdan in Fight Club ring partially true. You are unique at the organism level, but at the cellular level and below, you're just about as icky as the next person. However, anime people are kawai-i, so we gotta put a special emphasis on them. But really anime is just an extension of what we artists see. If girls don't like guys watching or drawing anime that has subversive themes or has ultra-kawai-i girls, they should not see it as an insult, but rather a compliment. You see, when I draw, I draw what I see around me. If I thought that real life girls were ugly and unfit for me, I would not draw girls that are pretty. So when I draw voluptuous girls that are so skinny that the would have to walk around on all fours, I really am complimenting the wonderful features I see in the girls around me. Some of the things I see, I just have to roll myself into the fetal position when I think about them. The beauty I see is permanently etched onto my brain, and the only thing I can think to do is draw it down so that other people can see it. When people misunderstand me, I am appalled. How could my gift to the world be contorted to say something evil? Perhaps I'll just shut up one of these days and ask a girl on a date. Until then, expect regular updates.

This is a letter to my brother. There's a long chain of letters that this stems from, but I'll give you the more substantiated of it. It's almost a repeat of a making-of that I wrote earlier, but oh well. It includes a bit of my beliefs on Christianity as well. If you're an atheist, you can still read it. It's not like reading two sentences about Jesus will kill you. It might even save you. But there are much better quotes if you want to be saved by Jesus. E-mail me if you'd like the better quotes or if you want to flame me.

Hey Pete,

Sorry to get you all riled up. I'm not on the Afghan's side. I'm not on anyone's side, I'm on everyone's true side. I really want to see you live a happy life as much as I want to see Afghanis live happy lives. I really am happy about your stance on war is the same as mine. We think alike there. We really think alike on a lot of things, but it seems that you have an arrogance that the US can do no wrong. The fact is that we just may be worse than the terrorists we are hunting. With our Gap clothes made in sweatshops, our shameful abuse of natural resources, our murder of innocent people, and our lack of respect for our fellow human being. Really, one of biggest problems is our arrogance that by killing certain peoples, we can make the world "right". Killing will never make the world better.

I gave the statistic of 32 accidentally. That's very old and from an unreliable source (Washington Post). The latest number is around 1,000 civilians. "The civilian death toll now stands at more than 1,000, according to reports issued by the Taliban government and verified at least in part by journalists working inside the country." If the US wanted to have the same number of civilian casualties, they have it, don't they? The sweetness of revenge quickly subsides, doesn't it? It doesn't feel good to know that your wonderful country slaughters innocent people, does it? But the fact is that who killed 32, 1000, 5000, or 6 Million doesn't matter much. If you, your society, or your organization is murdering other people, you are making the world worse. Jesus said "Love your enemy." for a reason, I think he said it for this case alone.

Might I also suggest that the US is not allowing the Red Cross into Afghanistan. The food that is better than anything that they've ever tasted is not showing up. In fact, Afghanis that aren't dead by bombing get a more painful death: starvation. The food and water is quickly drying up. As you may know, Afghanistan is a desert. The US simply attacking them at all is causing huge civilian loss by starvation.

Okay, what about the guy with the knife to my throat? He would be considered a terrorist, I guess and not a military figure, right? Well, can't you just disarm him? Why do you gotta pull out your fucking gun? Why are you going to kill him, me, his family, and our family (as well as yourself) just because he killed our neighbor and threatened me? Is he just insane? Put him in a mental institution. Is he mad at us for a reason? Stop killing his family and he'll stop killing yours. If we really think that we are better than he is, we must end the cycle. If there's a guy who threatens to kill me, do what you can to stop it, but don't kill him for my sake. Jesus has already saved me, while the murderer obviously has not been saved. I guess I can only pray that Jesus will have mercy on the innocent Afghanis, Americans, and soldiers that have been killed. I'm sure he'll find it somewhere in his infinite grace to forgive us all, but I gotta cry whenever I read Drudge Report talking about more civilian deaths.

You see, when you and President Bush talk about retaliation, you sound like someone I know. Who could that be? Perhaps it's Osama Bin Laden himself. He talks about his infantile reaction of retaliation just like you do, just like President Bush does. What is this about an eye for an eye? Can't you give it up? Just stop killing, easy as that. As Gandhi said, "An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind." And here's a practical application. When is Bin Laden going to stop sending suicide bombers? When we stop sending suicide bombs. It's the same thing, can't you see? You are Osama Bin Laden, so is President Bush, Tony Blair, and every infantile reactionary in this country.

If the pacifist line doesn't convince you, I'll offer some tactical information. Killing Afghani soldiers won't solve anything. Especially if we're trying to stop terrorists. Terrorists who fly planes into building will not surrender no matter how many soldiers, innocents, or any type of people that we kill. In fact, it will strengthen their cause. Assassinate Bin Laden and you create a thousand Bin Ladens to replace him. Is the US going to kill every terrorist? Destroy every government that supplies terrorism? I'm calling Bullshit right now. If you're looking for terrorists, remember that when you point a finger, three point back. Every time that you say that Bin Laden is evil, you're saying that you yourself are evil.

But if this isn't terrorism (which President Bush says it is) and is really is an offensive like you say (for the reason that they are jealous, of all things), then they are incredibly stupid and wishful thinking. Every military in the world knows that the US will win any war. In fact, it's at a point where other countries can do far greater damage with economics than bombs. We spend insane amounts of money on weaponry. The intelligence agency that was supposed to stop the Sept. 11 tragedy from happening cost $40 Billion per year. And they claim that they were caught by surprise. That's just intelligence. Ever looked at the Defense spending budget? I don't think I've seen so many zeros after the number 1 in my life. 40% of the taxes I pay go to Defense. If Bin Laden wanted to take over the US, he must be crazy because his country cannot take over the us by any stretch of the imagination. Secondly, if Bin Laden were intelligent, he would have sent those planes into Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant (causing the premature death of 20 million Americans instead of thousands). Is Bin Laden some kind of benevolent terrorist? Or is he just stupid? Gimme a break. He wants a nuclear holocaust as much as you and I do. He wants to be on TV telling the west to convert to Islam. *sigh* You'd think he'd just buy some fucking infomercial time, but no.

But might I ask who the beneficiaries of this war are? You think, "No one is benefiting from this war." But then you gotta follow the money trail. Ever heard of the Caspian Sea? Well, it has a bunch of oil. It makes me sick to my stomach to think that Exxon murdered the five thousand people at the WTC, but that's what the word is. As soon as the Taliban is out, the Northern Alliance is in and they'll sell every barrel of oil right out of the Caspian to Exxon. Have you noticed gas prices falling? That's not because Bush is opening the Alaskan Wildlife Reserves. Exxon knows that the oil is already theirs. The Taliban is defeated and the oil is almost ready for the consumers here in America.

... But I digress, it's all circumstantial evidence that Exxon orchestrated the Sept. 11 tragedy single-handedly. But they certainly had their lobbyists in Washington bribing congressmen. Did you see Bush stall for time after Sept 11? It's the longest that a president has ever stalled after an "act of war". No doubt, he waited two full weeks to get the money for his re-election campaign from his buddies in oil. Not that I would've voted for Gore, he would've done worse. Goodness only knows what that lunatic robot would've done.

The US hasn't killed any innocent people in Bosnia? What about the Chinese Embassy? They aren't considered innocent because why? "That NATO leaders assiduously sought to avoid civilian casualties is not an indisputable fact. Recall that estimates of civilian deaths from NATO bombing range as high as 2000 and that those killed almost certainly numbered at least into the several hundreds. Many war critics argued that the creating civilian causalities was part of NATO's strategy and New York Times contributor Thomas Friedman openly advocated a strategy of 'lights out in Belgrade.'" The Asprin Factory in Sudan? How many people died from intense headaches after the US bombed it? How about the cluster bombs? How about the deformed children due to the US's use of Depleted Uranium weaponry? Civilian casualties? Worse.

It's not like it's anything new for the US. "Kill the enemy at any cost and then some." ought to be the slogan of the DoD. Heard about the Dresden Fire-bombing? Were Hiroshima and Nagasaki picked for their lack of military defense? How many genocidal dictators has the US put in place in South America? Why does the US train assassins at the School of the Americas?

There's absolutely too much to tell you in a series of a dozen e-mails. Perhaps WSU will get you motivated to look for yourself. I'm certain that I won't convince you with a couple quote from reliable sources.

Until the day I die, I will ceaselessly repeat,

----- Original Message -----
From: Voss Sgt Pete A
Sent: Sunday, December 09, 2001 5:12 PM
Subject: protect and defend

I don't know where you're getting these wacked out ideas from, but you need to look at the large picture and look at numbers. Let's just look at what you're saying for a moment.

The matters I'd like to discuss are in bold. My focus of the debate is that the USMC and other U.S. forces are department of Defense. Afghanistan is on the offense, and has tested our bluff with the "Plane Crashes", by "murdering thousands upon thousands of innocent people". That's a fact. Thousands of innocent people did die Sept. 11. Why? Because the Afghanistans are jealous of a life that you my brother and friend, take for granted. And when these people murder thousands upon thousands, (no exagerration mind you) who do you defend? You take their side. You take their side even over your own brother, who has joined the forces to retalliate against the real people who are killing thousands upon thousands. Even if we did kill 32 civilians in a matter of months, how can you bad mouth us as these casualties came in retalliation to the organization who killed thousands upon thousands of Americans like me and you? We haven't killed thousands, 32 is quite a bit different than the thousands of innocent Americans who died by the hands of your beloved Afghanistan.

For the record, we haven't killed innocent people in Bosnia. Bosnia was peace keeping like most of our missions. Our troops were only a show of force to say innocent people will no longer die. You don't seem to understand, that America has always been the defender of innocent civilians. If you're so concerned about innocent people, you should be be America's biggest patriot. You should join the Navy because they are actually doing something about the people who are killing the innocent. Instead, you forget about thousands of Americans dying, and read a newspaper that reads, "Marines kill seven Afghanistans". Don't even realize why we're there in the first place. What did we do to them? If you were in Afghanistan would you still be against USA, or is it just that you don't appreciate what you have? If you were in Afghanistan would you be saying why are they bombing us? What did we ever do to them, except for the fact that we tore down the tallest twin towers on the earth, kill thousands of their people, fly a plane into their military headquarters, mail anthrax to little elderly people, and threaten them and their way of life. Why are they bombing our abandoned caves and then sending us better food than we've ever eaten ... IT'S NOT FAIR, I HATE AMERICA FOR THAT!!! "I'm sure some UW student can see how bad the U.S. is." Don't even mention, that the civilians of Afghanistan are on America's side ... the Afghanistan people have waited forever for the Taliban to crumble. The Taliban are murderers. The only one not to seem to think so, is you. Why, my brother and friend? Why turn against your brother instead of the real murderers?

There is one thing you and I can agree on. War sucks. No one likes war. Not even the strongest military guy, nor the President, no one. War sucks. The people involved know that. I could die because of enemy fire, I could die because my fellow Marine makes a mistake. All that is understandable, and it sucks. It sucks more to think I could be in the position to have to kill another person I don't even know. We can agree on that can't we?

You're probably thinking to yourself, "if it sucks so bad, why do I still believe in the U.S. Armed Forces?" I would kill an Afghanistan if he was in my sights and I knew he was the enemy. For the same reason if you and I still lived in our small bedroom together and I saw a guy luring over you while you slept, ready to cut your throat saying, "Remember your neighbor I killed yesterday, just like this, I could do it right now." I would kill him. Not because I believe in death, but because I believe in life. I would rather kill him to keep you alive, and future innocent lives. I wouldn't hesitate until after you died to kill him. I believe in life of the innocent person as do you. Someone who has threatened me or any other American is no longer innocent, we are the innocent and we will protect and defend. The difference between the U.S. and whoever we're at war against is simple. America's enemy starts the offense, and will never stop until there is a defense that beats them. America always starts last, and stops when there is no more threat against innocent lives. That is why I believe in the U.S. Forces. "I will protect and defend." If you really believe in helping the innocent. Really, help me, the way I would help you. Defend your brother and your Armed Forces, for we are here to protect and defend.

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