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Creation Date: 2002-07-25
Scene 6 is on it's way to your doorstep. But this shows exactly how long you have to wait. The skin of the roads is an actual map of East LA. If you don't remember or haven't seen it, click here to see where I got it. It's the same thing, without the colorful background. But this is projected onto 3D surface and has buildings on it. You can see that the buildings don't quite match up perfectly, but you won't notice that when I put a road texture instead of that map texture. What did I find out a few days ago? That East Los Angeles is flat. With the exception of the hills to the north and northwest, it is as flat as can be. So I measured out six kilometers east to west and six kilometers north to south and called it Jav's Anarchist Geodome. My apologies if I misrepresent this city. I have this idea that this character lives in Downtown LA underneath a geodesic dome in the year 2014. So I'm rebuilding this city in 3d and putting a dome over it. Then it becomes Jav's Anarchist Geodome. But people won't call it that. It'll just be Dome 7 or East LA or eastside in slang. A few things to note are: I-5 to the south. You may have missed the fact that I was unable to convey in Scene 1 that the Warehouse was right next to the I-5 freeway. Also, you'll notice that there is a pretty monotonous street pattern. There aren't many deviant paths. But one of the biggest problems I had was that the neighborhood was built at an angle to north-south and east-west. That makes it very difficult to work with in MilkShape 3D. I was thinking it might be easier to rotate the bitmap than to rotate the buildings. To the north of East LA, there are hills 70 meters tall. Using my Terrain works, I made it happen. You can't see it here, but you'll hopefully see it in Scene 6. It ought to look really natural and stuff. Next up is the actual Dome. The dome isn't in place, but it looks like this page. There'll be traffic lights that look like this page. There will be Jav's bike that will look like this page. There will be an SUV that looks like this page. There will be a car that looks like this page. The first two pages will look like this page. There will be a park that might look like this page. There will definately be a kitty that looks like the one on this page (with the addition of fur and face). There might be something else in there, but who knows, eh? The lesson for today, I've decided, is that there is a time and a place for everything. You can do one thing for just so long. Then you move on to the next. That next thing has its time and place and you do that next. Today there was a time and a place for getting my computer working. There was also a time and a place for finding a job. There's also a time for working on Scene 6. Things happen like that. It's good how things happen like that. When things stop happening like that, start changing them. Sometimes sitting in front of a computer all day will produce less computer-related stuff than sitting in the park all day. If it's the right time for playing in the park, by all means take the day off.

In the section for important new that you need to know: Renowned Activist seized by FBI as a terrorist. Read this article to understand what the FBI is thinking. This guy is a hero for self-made capitalists. Not only does he do capitalism a service, he's doing his neighborhood a service. Look at the title of his book. His story makes me happy. That was ten years ago. Now the gov't accuses him of being part of a terrorist network. The truth is that the US government is the largest terrorist in the world and anyone who says so is attacked by them. That's the normal function of tyranny. See below*.

I finally cancelled my Anarchy-Online account. I didn't sell it. I didn't give all my stuff away, and I didn't get kicked off. I ran out of money and as you remember, my primary computer is down, so no AO and no other game for that matter. That's a good thing because I certainly have better things to do than play video games. Also, this computer has no sound. I tried putting my SB Live! Value into this computer and it didn't work. Why? Because that card is a piece of garbage. I wouldn't buy the Audigy either. The Audigy promises 24-bit sound and they are lying. The truth is that they have a 24-bit chip that can do 24-bit stuff, but then they downsample it to 16-bit audio. Why? Because actual 24-bit audio is difficult. But they are experts and "this isn't Mission: Difficult, it's Mission: Impossible." You know what I mean? It delivers higher quality sound, yes. People are raving about how high quality the sound is. But when you're listening to 24 kbps Techno streaming from the web, it's not going to do anything for you. When you're listening to a 128 kbps mp3, it won't help you. When you're listening to a CD, it won't likely help you. So why do they want to throw super-Hi-Fi on you? Because they want your money. You see, the audiophiles were happy with their SB Live! Platinum and their $5,000 digital stereo system. It shook the floors and produced those high notes with beautiful precision. But they were set. They didn't want to buy anything unless their card broke or something much better came out. So Creative Labs decided that while they couldn't produce anything better for normal listening pleasure, they could make something that was better for the audiophiles with their digitally mastered original audio files (pun not intended). But what's this? They can only do that by using two PCI slots. It is mindnumbing to think that any thing on a computer would need two slots let alone a sound card. To give audiophiles the slightly better sound that they're always grasping for. But a 24-bit downsampled audio card is not going to do half as much as aligning the speakers to put your head in the sweetspot. Or buying $100 headphones/speakers instead of $20 headphones/speakers. Or if you have speakers, making the walls sound-proof and reverb-proof. Having a sound-proof room will allow you to increase your volume so that you can hear the small parts of your music much better. Reverb is a big source of noise in cramped basements and poorly-built attics. Headphones are okay, but aren't a good substitute for speakers. For one, they are stuffy and very hot in the summer. Two, while the thick-walled keep out noise, they aren't good for singing with your music and thin-walled headphones let in sounds like the I-5 freeway out your window. Also, getting the correct mix on your graphical equalizer will mean the difference between flat music and rich sounds. A better MP3 player can sometimes create better sounds even if it's using the same codec as another MP3 player. Having a large hard drive will make your ability to keep high quality versions of your audio much easier. A CD burner will allow you to keep lots of high quality versions of your audio off your hard disc, but then you're forced to listen to them in groups of 650 MB (~650 minutes at 128 kbps). A link to a listing of your favorite type of music broadcast free over the internet will improve your variety of music even if the quality is low. You see, audiophiles and people with normal audio need these solutions far more than a $250 sound card that takes two PCI slots. What we need from sound card manufacturers is a card that will not cost an arm and a leg, will work when you plug it in, won't make the video card stop working, won't overheat the computer, and will take the entire load of audio, 3d audio, MIDI, and MP3 off of CPU. That was not accomplished by the SB Live! Value and I doubt that it was accomplished by the SB Live! Platinum. The Audigy fails without my having to buy one. When I fix my primary computer, I'm going to look into other brands. Until then, I'll listen to my CDs on a portable CD Player.

About my primary computer. I make it sound like I've already sent it in and it will be fixed and on it's way back in a week or two. I haven't sent it. Why? Because either the motherboard (mobo from now on) is destroyed or the CPU is destroyed. Either way they are not under warranty and I don't have enough money for postage let alone the mobo or CPU. So first I have to get a job, get my rent paid, pay off my credit card, and pay for next month's food. In other words, this computer is here to stay a while. That also means that AltSci3D is stuck temporarily. Thankfully, I have a working version of AltSci3d Manga Director versions 1.0 and 2.0. I even think that 2.0 will be used for all of Scene 6 even if I don't get my primary computer running. In fact, the longer I don't have my primary computer, the more likely Scene 6 will get done sooner. You see, having Visual C++ makes me work on Visual C++ things instead of MilkShape 3D things which will make Scene 6 happen. So productivity will reign as I am handicapped with this computer. But this computer isn't that bad. Being a 300 MHz, I thought that I'd be swimming, but I'm like a jetboat through the waters of 3D, JF, and IIS 5.0. People often mistake the power of older computers. They are so relieved working with a new 1 GHz that they forget that a new 300 MHz is just as fast. Often, the solution to problems is not to buy a new computer, but to reformat your hard drive. Of course, if the mobo or the CPU is destroyed, it's time to buy a new mobo or CPU. Back to the idea of two days ago, I am seriously thinking about a thin server as well as a thin client. Wouldn't it be absolutely awesome if a business ran completely off thin servers and thin clients? If there was no high-performance computer in the entire building, it would rock! You see, most businesses don't need a GeForce2 in each of their computers just to run a lame text-based program. The calculations can be done by a thin server. The input and display stuff can be handled by the thin client. The things that need to stay the same are the network bandwidth, the processes, and the ergonomics. I was thinking a while back about black and white monitors for business use. Of course, people that use their computers 8 hours per day need several different colors and several different resolutions with soft colors and high contrast or their eyesight will go bad. Saving $100 per computer, but then paying $300 per year for glasses and employee hazardous work pay is not good business. That's why the thin webservers would be the first to be developed. People can use FTP and HTTP to access a webserver using whatever ergonomics they like on the other end.

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