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Creation Date: 2002-07-27
Today's picture is pretty simple, it didn't take more than an hour. It might have taken less time if I hadn't painstakenly pressed for accuracy in my measurements of my own real-life limbs. I taped feet markers on the wall and used a piece of tape to mark each body part on the wall. Then, I just translated it into a skeleton using MilkShape 3D's wonderful arbitrary movement interface. You see, I just place every joint on the zero and move it upwards N units where N = 10*(feet + inches/12). That gives me a perfect system. From measurements of a person's body, I can make a skeleton. From the skeleton, I can stretch a mesh. I can draw a picture from a photo of a person or from my imagination. From a stretched mesh, texture, and skeleton, I can have an animated character. That's how 3d Animation works. There's a lot of work getting all of those working together, but just look at JF. I think using the body40e model sized to fit different people with different bodytypes, I'll be able to make all of JF. Of course, you've seen the body44 model and you might think that I should ditch the body40. But It takes a lot of work to go from where body44 is to where body40 is. Body40 is where I want to be right now. At least for Jav. The DA model was really good. It worked well with different models scaled very slightly differently with different skins. The Rave Kiddie model worked fairly well for as early as it was. The Jav models have all been less than satisfactory. Really, I always hope for more, but the Jav models have always lagged behind the secondary characters. But you should think about this idea: models ought to be based on reality. While faces are a whole different story, making awkward looking bodies doesn't work. Whether you're making amateur pr0n or manga, it's important to understand what your characters feel like. That's why I like the skeleton system so much. You only rotate the bones. No deformation is possible from the original model. So unlike poor manga, the character looks the same every time through. But getting it right the first time is the important thing. A measurement of a person that looks like your perfect character is the best way to do it. Don't take a picture. Bad idea. Why? Because a camera is a point source that distorts everything except for directly what it's pointing at. That's why the Seattle P-I got away with making a 1.5 foot fish filet knife look like a 1.5 meter samurai sword. They put the camera at such an angle that made it so distorted with the Seattle Chief of Police behind with his arms above his head so that anyone who saw it claimed that it was not the same sword as they saw in real life. 3D projection ont 2d is not a substitute for actually measuring with a ruler. Some people prefer metric, but I only have a good transparent ruler with metric units sandwiched between English units in tenths and sixteenths. *shrug* The lesson for today is to analyze. Use reason, fail-safe methods, and brute force measurement. No sort of algorhithm is going to tell you the right answer for what your character's body will look like. The golden rectangle won't help you here. No book is going to look right when you import it into your 3d program. You'll end up cursing and wasting time. The right way is spend a year on it. If you don't have a year to spend learning stuff, buy the time of someone who already has. If you don't have either, you don't have what you need. I've spent a year and a half and I've developed a 3d engine, learned c++, ported the engine to c++, created a bunch of models, made five scenes of a comic, and made 181 Making Of JF Pages.

That is the normal progression. People who say stuff like: "I don't know how I became a millionaire, I just woke up one day and said..." are lying through their teeth. Perhaps it's for the best because fewer people would try their hardest on impossible tasks. Those people who say stuff like: "Being a rock star isn't all it's cracked up to be. It's just a job. If you screw up, just like any job, you'll be back on the streets doing to handjobs for coke" are telling you a lesson about the quick and easy. People were made to earn their way in life. To get something, you give something of equal value. Thankfully, we humans happen to have this easy way to make excess energy. Thus we can make excess energy, eat, and then do something else until we need energy again. That something else is the something that you give of equal value. Perhaps I'm speaking in too broad of terms. People have to get a day job. There are few exceptions and they usually work themselves out into day jobs. The money you make goes for food, rent, transportation, phone, and *other*. That *other* category is what you do when you're not working. Smart people save most of the *other* category. Unwise people spend most of it on entertainment. Many people lack an *other* category because their transportation category is grossly out of balance. But in the case that you ride a bike, walk, ride the bus, or make a lot of money, your other can be spread out. You give a bit to entertainment. You might spend $1000 per 2 years on a computer. That's a big investment. Many people pay the same for a used car (if you don't count insurance). But computers are extremely useful. Not only can the advance your job, your schooling, and your view of the world, they make another *other* category available. Don't think that *other* is only for waste. *other* is what JF is all about. In fact, that is what inspired this paragraph.

My computer rebooted by itself just now so I have to rewrite this paragraph quickly I read Ruroni Kenshin Manga Scans 1-33 tonight. It's amazing if didn't already know. It goes well with my Ruroni Kenshin CD. But the cool thing is that I got it all on the net for free. Not only did Japanese manga and anime artists bring this wonderful story to the world, fans brought it to the poor students like myself in my native language of English. I am very grateful to both of those parties and it has inspired me. I want to share the same with people all over the world. I want to give away JF for free not just like the current form. I want to bring JF for free in a sellable form. While according to capitalists it'd be stealing money from myself, I feel that there is something more important in the dissemination of First Amendment art. Why is it First Amendment art? Because if there wasn't a First Amendment, I'd be in jail. But don't let that fool you. The only reason I'm not in jail is because JF is not very successful at creating pacifist anarchists out of war mongers. Yet.

I think there's a market for turning war mongers into pacifist anarchists. I think it's my job to exploit that market.
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