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Creation Date: 2002-07-27
It's only 86 kB, so there's no worry about waiting an hour for a 2 second video. Those buttons below it actually do what they say. Tt requires Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player 7. If you don't meet the requirements, click here for the movie in your favorite avi viewer. It's in DivX 5.02 format, as I hope you already know. Click here for the codec.

While this picture may seem like one that I've done before, it's an entirely new model made just now for your pleasure. I didn't like my previous SUV, so I decided that this one would be better. Is it? I think so. The mesh looks a lot better and the poly count is pretty low. Will it pass for Scene 6 as is? No. The windowframes are transparent and can be seen even in lossy compression. So I'm going to have to do something about those windowframes. Maybe I'll just put a pair of triangles over it. But that wouldn't be my style. You see, it's my style to overdo something so that it doesn't look as good as the original that had small flaws. ^_^ I have to try or there's no use posting everyday. So my lesson to you is redo the things that displease you. If you rushed a project in school and got a B, do it over again, but put some time into it. But then you say: "The teacher won't accept a redo. There's nothing more to do." But then I give you a lecture on the virtue of doing something right the first time. You see, while you may or may not try really hard, you'll undoubtably run into something that you do wrong. In your first few days at a job, in school, and in your personal life. If you do your best, it's likely to turn out better, but it does not guarantee success. But the next time it comes around, you must make darn sure that you do it right. But how do you know that you've learned your lesson and won't make a mistake on the second round? It's tough, I agree. The best way is to practice. Practice is something that you can do again and again without repricussions. For example, if you accidentally solder the wrong wires to make a short circuit at your job, you'll definately want to practice looking over circuits and soldering the right way on low level circuits that are of no use to anyone if you fail. With short circuits you'll want to remember to use a power supply that has a good fuse, etc. Or don't use a power supply at all, use a digital ohmmeter. Make sure those red wires don't connect to the black wires. So it's about doing something right by having the correct background. But background doesn't come out of thin air. You have to earn it. So if you get a B on your paper and you don't like that, you do it over. Why? Because next quarter, you'll get a C on the same type of paper. You certainly don't want a C if you don't want a B. That is something I have first-hand knowledge of. So now everytime I do something wrong, I do it over again. If I don't understand a Electromagnetics Assignment, I get the solutions afterward and I do the homework. Then when the test comes, I'm more prepared. Sadly, I didn't learn it soon enough to save any of my previous year's grades. Most of them were D's. This year I'll be retaking all of them. But if I follow a strict pattern of nightly homework, study, restudy, and TA Office hours, (plus a full time job) I'll get my Bachelor's Degree in Physics.

I read some more Ruroni Kenshin today. It's really good. Pacifist anarchists like me would really like it. It's about the aftermath of the revolution to overthrow the monarchs in the mid 1800s. People are getting back to what they always do, but those in power and those not in power still have conflict, just not the same conflict. The police are corrupt and weak in the few parts they play. There's never any talk of government doing anything, but there's a lot of talk about the corrupt government. One thing is that swords are banned. It's silly, isn't it? Nowadays guns are banned from public view just like back then it was swords. But what about swords today? Having a sword in public is illegal, but what if you had it in a backpack? It would be a concealed weapon, right? A person would need a concealed weapon permit to carry it. Of course, criminals can carry AK-47s for all they care. No law has ever kept a criminal from committing a crime. Laws have, however, kept upstanding citizens from protecting themselves. Police are an exception. They're allowed to carry weapons because they are paid by the citizens to ... errrm... arrest someone who does something illegal after they've done it. That ensures that people are not safe. Police are not protection. They are not bodyguards. They are the people that are there to stop a second attack.

But police have many other uses. They can harrass people that voters don't like. All the voters have to do is pass a law that allows police to harrass people that they don't like and it's a done deal. They don't give it a name like: "Harrass young kids that wear neon-colored clothes Act". They call it "CLEAN-UP Meth Act" or "RAVE Act" or "AADO", something that sounds good to a voter who might like young kids that wear neon-colored clothes. On that note, the clothes aren't the problem. It's the music. Electronic music is simply better than rock, pop, etc. The people involved with electronic music are about as good as anyone could get. It's so good that it's created all age dance clubs and raves that play nothing but electronic music. Of course, it attracts young people that don't know that drugs are bad for them. The DARE program and their parents are ineffective in teaching them that drugs do irreversible harm to a person. So wherever these kids go, so will the drug dealers. The electronic music industry and clubs do not want to turn away business because they are in the business of making money and distrobuting music to young people. And if they did turn away these kids, they wouldn't solve any problems. The drug problem would move over to the crack houses on the other side of town. It is not the problem of electronic music that kids use drugs. Case in point: Spokane, WA, USA has a HUGE meth problem. It's one of the worst anywhere for such a small population of 200k suburbanites (Spokane is a suburb of itself). Without any electronic dance or any entertainment whatsoever, the problem started. I would say that most of it started because there is nothing to do in Spokane. Drugs are the excuse of people who don't know better and who are not happy. The AADO, RAVE Act, and CLEAN UP Meth Act all attack electronic music citing it as a source of drug use and addiction. It is just a scapegoat since they are outgunned by the dealers. Get rid of electronic music and you have a bunch of people who listen to country music who are on extacy, meth, cocaine, and certainly marijuana. You see why I stand firmly against these acts, right? Because I can think of nothing better for young people to do than dance to electronic music. Until the government invents a form of music or sport that is liberating, healthy, and profitable, they should stick to trying to get rid of drugs. They should probably start with the CIA since it's well known that the CIA is the largest distributor of the fucking stuff. We just want to dance and if you didn't crack down on all the non-profits like Dance-Safe, we'd take care of ourselves. We actually care about these kids.
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