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Creation Date: 2002-07-30
I thought of the perfect idea for a lesson beyond all lessons. I would prove that English language is most compressed in character format. Then I would explain that sadly, compression is not the intended output of any human speech. You see, recording spoken word is very uncompressed. Recording video of a person speaking is even worse. DivX and MP3 vs. MP3 vs. Picture vs. Text vs 3D vector graphics. Who wins? It depends on the contest. If you want the one to get something on the net with the least upload and download, it's text by a mile. But what will text get you*? A person who is really unhappy about the format of your "website." Text alone is hardly a website. Graphics make a decent website, like JF. Video usually makes a terrible website. Audio annoys a person as much as an all-text website. But who would play a video game without sound and moving pictures (video, 3d, or 2d scroller)? So if your website is supposed to be a video game, you do something about the sound and video. You leave the text for paragraphs explaining stuff. Graphics make things look good and video excite people for intros etc. Audio by itself is left to non-obtrusive stuff and video. So why would mix those? Using text for your exciting intro, making a video with audio to explain stuff, and using graphics for sparse non-obtrusive stuff. You see what it leaves you, a bad-looking site that downloads poorly and doesn't make people interested.

Maybe you think I'm going on a tangent. No, I'm explaining the discrace of this model. It uses more triangles per wheel than it does on the body. It has no texture and will be animated by dragging it along the ground. There will be no audio, but you can imagine if there were. Or maybe you can't. I can because I'm planning that far ahead. Javantea's Fate Final Draft will have MIDI background music, techno, well-built (I'm thinking something along the quality of the Final Fantasy series). The Anime will have the same MIDIs perhaps spiced up, with SFX and voice-overs. But in the context of this picture, think of what I could have done to sort out the correct usage of my resources. First off, better work on the car would be appreciated. A texture for the car wouldn't be hard at all. Then what about the tires? Delete half of them first off. You don't need the inside of the tires. Secondly, you don't need real rims. Textures do the job perfectly as seen in last night's beautiful tires. Errm, looking back at that, you can't see them at all, but you might in an earlier picture. Anti-aliased, those will look like a million dollars. Next, make them 6 slice cylinders. Many people like 12 slice cylinders because they look more round. The truth is that 16 slice cylinders look slightly round at that size. But only if you want serious bad stuff going on. A racing game running on a TNT2 uses 9 slice cylinders for wheels if you're going to see them a lot. You will see in JF that there are 6 slice cylinders for wheels, but it'll be anti-aliased down to 410x200 max. You'll see a car and you'll say "a car [with wheels]". People will only distinquish whether cars are firmly on the ground or floating, really. A floating car would be sweet, but not in 2014. Boeing is doing work on gravity shields, but I'm not holding my breath. So you see about this car, right? Put things in their place. This picture puts things in opposite order. It's a decent car, but I did this just for a thrill. You'll see it in Scene 6 for sure.

Okay, so now you need to know more about stuff. Well, I looked at the GMan model from Half-Life. I'm utterly staggered by the quality of that model. It has as many triangles as any of my models and it has a pair of 256x256x8-bit indexed color textures. Not to mention it has PERFECT animation. I tried animating it and I nearly broke down. It is so perfect, yet it doesn't have any of the high-tech ammenities that I talk about like articulated elbows, additional helper bones, and human proportion. Hmmm... I sure could learn something from that model. I can't steal it for certain. I can't dupe it. I can't make my own with the exact qualities of that one. I can't make my own as good as that one while being totally different. So pretty much, I only gain lack of self-confidence seeing this model. Like the Final Fantasy models, I am completely dumbfounded at how good the pros really are. Perhaps part of JF Final Draft will be hiring a professional to do JF models. It'd be sweet if I could buy a generic low-poly anime model for cheap and modify it myself for each character. But only wishing for miracles will upset my wallet. Tomorrow, I can guarantee you a market.

*Back in the day, text was king. What did people go online for anyway? It was a hacker's paradise. Just seeing text scrolling across the screen was amazing. But when someone put a picture up (it took a minute to load that GIF on my 2400 baud modem), it was heaven. Not only could you read and transmit data to other people cumbersomely, you could also look at pics. In my pre-teens, I was wowed by the first few sounds on the net. On my 14.4k, I found it slightly outstanding. A few years later, I'd be playing Duke Nukem 3D over the internet on my Dad's 33.6k. I was in heaven, I was playing in 3D on the net with fast pictures and audio. A whole new medium of interaction. My dad said I should make a webpage. Naw, I told him, I'm not into computer work. A year later I made a webpage. What prompted it? I dunno really anymore. It must have been anime pics on the web. I saw all those anime pics and I thought it was so cool. Also, the Jonny Quest Fan Fiction Mailing List was pretty sweet. There was thousands of pages of Fan Fiction posted on that mailing list. Thus "The Completely Mental Misadventures of Joel R. Voss" was born. I put up all kinds of amazing stuff. A funny note is that I used CorelDraw 6 to create that site at age 15, right? I still use CorelDraw 6 to create Javantea's Fate. Since CorelDraw 6 was so perfect and I was cheap, I didn't get the new versions. I hear they bought WordPerfect and a version of Linux. I'm glad I didn't get the updates. ^_^ Whenever I hear about Linux, I hear the people talking about having ported something far less complex than AltSci3D Manga Director over to Linux over three years and with a cast of ten. But anyway, I just wanted to show you the mediums that are on the net. Only two are used enough as they should be. Text and graphics are used fluently on the net. In fact, graphics are used about as much as they should. Video and audio, however, aren't used nearly enough. High compression for "video" and audio such as Shockwave are often used. Of course, we all know that Shockwave only works on 80 odd percent of the browsers. That's no good. PNG isn't supported on the old Netscape browsers. CSS isn't supported on NS4, the only working browser on half of the UW Physics department computers. MP3 has given us file-sharing (another medium!) of music in widespread use. DivX is on Mac and Linux, but many people don't have it because before DivX there was almost no video on the internet.

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