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Creation Date: 2002-07-30
This picture is smaller in PNG than JPEG. Why? Because there are no gradients. I could have put them in there, but I wasn't interested. I should have also textured this picture. But I don't have CorelDraw 6 on this computer. I decided that I'd leave it for another day. You might remember that last night I promised you a market. Well, this is it. It's not like Pike Place Market or Farmer's Market, it's the type of market you see in Cowboy Bebop's fun and action-packed episode where they find the data dog, Ein. How did I make it? Boxes. Everything is a box or an extruded and scaled box. Never underestimate the power of a box. While it won't do for organic stuff, you can sure do a bunch of cool stuff with it.

If you have been reading the news very carefully, you might have noticed something like: "Asteroid To Extinquish Life on Earth in 12 years" and then a scientist saying that it might veer off once we get better data on the trajectory. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy knowing that astronomers and physicists are working together to predict mass extinction before it happens. What if an asteroid caught us with our pants down, eh? It hasn't happened in millenia, so the average Joe shouldn't sleep any less soundly, but one must wonder why you sacrifice twenty years or twelve or a single day for "a nice future." Heart disease or cancer will likely hit you sooner than an asteroid. But if you have a choice between yourself and your future (other people's future not part of the equation), you should probably make both available and positive but neither priority. Helping other people, however is safe ground.

Tonight, you'll learn about javantea.com. Javantea.com is now registered by register.com. I payed $55 for two years. I got an account that let me change the DNS nameservers. They also allow me to use the Register.com nameservers for free. That's pretty sweet. What is more sweet is that they allow me to point it to their handy-dandy free redirection service. That redirects it to students.washington.edu/jvoss/javantea/index.htm. They also allow me to use as many subdomains as I want for free. So for example, news.javantea.com goes to the latest redirect page. keenspace.javantea.com goes to javantea.keenspace.com. ^_^ I'll think of more. Maybe I should do ihate.javantea.com goes to some bad site. Anyway... Then I have their little register.com advertisement frame thing at the bottom. No problem, I just make index.htm a splash page where all links go to the newest page and get rid of the frame. In case you have this problem too, just make the good old <A href="page.htm" target="_top">Go to Page</A>. Not that I don't appreciate Register.com, but I don't do advertising without explaining the reason in the advertisement, you see. Maybe I've just designed the next new phase in advertising. Instead of giving you hot babes, they'll give you text on the screen telling you of the actual good things about their service or product along with the cons. I can just see it...

Budwiser is only legal for people over the age of 21 and has been the leading factor in many automobile deaths each year. Also, many people are incarcerated due to alcohol use and abuse. It should also be recognized that cheap alcohol has been the main ingredient in many successful attempts at getting laid. Budwiser is cheap and when used properly, it can aid to otherwise hopeless existence as a nerd. Thus it is with a clear conscious that I recommend Budwiser in such circumstances such as: parties, dance clubs, and social gatherings where driving is not necessary.

Even though I won't be 21 for another month (hooray!) and I will not drink even when I am (and I don't drive ever), I could make a really good argument for the use of alcohol in moderation at social events.

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