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Creation Date: 2002-08-05
Hello. I skipped two days in a row and I apologize. Tonight's picture is hardly artistic. I've finished tomorrow's artistic picture, but of course, I have to wait until tomorrow to post it. A lesson is hidden in this picture. That lesson is that compression is not compression at all. It is merely mathematical reduction of gross misappropriation. But wtf does that mean? It means that PNG is based on zlib. Zlib is a mathematical formula that creates an index of all the repeated strings in a picture. It assigns a number to them and puts that number in place of the repeated strings. That compresses it. The problem lies with the gross misappropriation that the mathematical reduction works from. Many artists use Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro. Some use Vector Graphics. I use 3D with textures made in vector graphics and Paint Shop Pro. All of these programs take input from the mouse. Lines are drawn. Rectangles, triangles, etc are made by digital clicks and analog mouse movement. They record this mouse movement and then throw it at a HUGE chunk of memory. That chunk of memory is exactly what is thrown at the monitor. Instead of recording the mouse movement, it records the brush stroke on a canvas. Vector graphics programs save the actual mouse movements as curves. That is very small bit of information. But if you turn that curve into a bitmap, it becomes huge. Even compressing it to a PNG is about 7 times as large as the vector graphics file. Do you see what I'm griping about? This resume is 2,457 Bytes uncompressed in HTML. Compressed, it would be less than 1 kB. But it is 14,117 Bytes as a PNG compressed. In jpeg format, it's lossy and it's 35kB! What do you get by saving it in PNG rather than HTML or a vector graphic in PNG rather than vector graphic format? Cross-platform and processor time. You see, vector graphics take a bit of time to render. Text does not and HTML takes very little also. But complex vector graphics can take a few seconds to load. Bitmaps always take the same amount of time and it's incredibly fast. Even mathematically compressed images are very fast. DivX is deemed slow, but it is very well-compressed video that runs at 30 fps on a 300 MHz. So what am I advocating? A cross-platform 3D medium that does from the ground up. It would be able to do 2D vector graphics with software rendering, 3D movies, interactivity, compression, and such. Shockwave is trying, but it's not cross-platform, just Windows and Mac. It is also very limited even though they try very hard to make it good for programmers.

Oh yeah, I forgot. The real reason I put this picture here is because I really need a job. I live here in sunny Seattle, WA. I've done work over the internet for some time, so if you have work that could be done over the internet, I'd be happy with that. While my skills in 3D are fair, my skills in programming are far greater. In fact, my skills in programming have allowed JF to be supported by a 1 MB XML database using ASP. It is fast, user-friendly, powerful, and scalable. Since I am hosted by two Unix servers, I have my workstation create write these HTML files every night. I can then upload them. Javantea's Fate has been made using a Visual Basic program. I just ported that to Visual C++ and it is now working at full speed and functionality. I am familiar with VB.NET and C# and would feel comfortable working with either or both.

People who have frequented my site might think that my previous statement about the C++ version of AltSci3D Manga Director 2.0 is incorrect. The thing is that right before my computer gave way, I finished and compiled the program. It now includes: runtime cue addition, runtime light addition and movement (using cues), perfected stability, motion, animation, scrollable map, and save ability. Is that not a list of a finished product? It is now much better than Manga Director 1.0. The only thing that it does not support is transparency. The only thing that it is partially needed for is the Geodome. I will finish that when my primary workstation is working. When will my primary workstation begin working? When I get a job. I have to buy a new motherboard and processor, so it'll cost $150 which I do not have. I also need a job so that I can continue living in my apartment where the electricity that powers my PC is. Do not fear, JF will still be here. I will find a job.

Actually, I'm not sure if JF will stay at javantea.com. A company has offered to buy javantea.com. If the offer $300, I may not be able to resist selling so that I can pay my rent.
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