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Creation Date: 2001-12-10
Today's picture and lesson are pretty simple. Actually, that's the lesson: simple makes beautiful. This girl may look complex, but she is not. I use three bezier curve in this model and only two are showing. The rest is straight lines. The two bezier curves I used for the breasts were just by laziness. I didn't want to put the time into making those lines straight. But why would I want straight lines instead of curves? Well, the applicable reason is that 3d can only use triangles. No curves allowed unless they're made with straight lines. But that makes a bit of sense. Why? Well, the computer's 2d curves are made of straight lines. If you stare into your computer screen very closely, you'll see the pixels on the screen. Red green and blue, even. So when I tell the computer to draw a cyan curve from (0,0) to (50,50) through (15,20), it does the math and figures how it can display the curve as a series of lines. Then it draws a bunch of lines in the forms of pixels (might I also suggest the irony that the lines are not lines at all, either, they're simply a bunch of connected dots!). The computer's 3d curves are also made of straight lines. When I make a high-polygon model of a girl's breast, I make a curve out of a bunch of straight lines. When a person looks at it, they see a curvy breast. But when I use a low polygon model and it's from far away and it's anti-aliased in a paint program, it looks curvy anyway. But the simplicity makes it beautiful. I find the simpleness, the purity of anime to be enlightening. Not only do we forget the bad things about the world, we also focus in on the good things. So when you draw, keep it simple, stupid. You'll be rewarded for your focus.

You might look at JF Scene 2, Page 3 and say, "Those girls have very uncurvy breasts!" I answer with, "I'm being overly-frugal with my polygons." You would too if you had a dozen characters in view. I'm down to thirty frames per second on my GeForce 2! Not like that matters since the viewer doesn't see that, but it matters to my anime that I'll be making when JF finishes. But viewers on DivX, DVD, VCD, etc won't see it either. What's my problem? Well, just consider Javantea's Fate as it currently stands as a rough draft to a wonderful comic.

On a note of news, I signed up with KeenSpace. In a few weeks, I'll transfer over the web stuff over to javantea.keenspace.com. Hopefully. This is because the U of W will not be permanent. In less than a year, I'll be done with college and my UW web account will be gone. Then, KeenSpace will lovingly care for my website. Of course, I'm not too thrilled about their scripting stuff. I guess it's still a server, I can be thankful.

So, what else can I say? I'm all politicked out. I probably pissed off my brother quite a bit with that e-mail. You saw it, right? It's on the previous page.

Might I suggest that System Shock 2 is one of the best games in the world? If you can find it in a bargain bin, prepare to be scared out of your mind! What the gaming world needs are stories at that level in all dimensions. In fact, I think I'm going to play it for a bit. I still haven't finished it. Sheesh, you'd think after playing it four times, I would have finally gotten past that darn biology level. Also, the System Shock 1 midi soundtrack at the afore mentioned site re-inspires my creative techno brain juices. Right before the song, "SS2 Bronson's Task" rapes my mind and takes my innocence.
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