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Creation Date: 2002-08-12
This might or might not find its way into Scene 6. It is, however, the product of an hour or so of my investigation into a 3d modeller that only does architecture and is very frugal and easy to use. I simply went into MilkShape3D and built this house using mainly the mathematical methods. I also tried to keep track of exactly what I was doing and what would be hard for a program to do. One thing that is very important in architecture is ability to place doors and windows. MilkShape3D has a tough time, but since it is very flexible, it allows me to make a very low-polygon house. Two windows and one door, Indoors and outdoors, 100 faces with a single 256x256x8 texture. That is a frugal house. Of course, if you want to render 100 of these houses, you'll slow down your cpu majorly. And that is a frugal house. A five room house would take about 200 faces. That would bring a GeForce2 down to 20 fps or less. So what does a person do? Number one: portal culling. You simply split the house into two meshes: indoors and outdoors. The indoors can be very, very complex because they won't be displayed when you are outdoors. The outdoors has to be 10-20 faces. The outdoors will be displayed along with every other house when you are outside. When you walk through the door of a house, though, the indoors for that one house is rendered. It can be up to 5000 faces on a GeForce2. This is a version of what is known as portal culling. It is usually done with indoors-only games like Quake or Anarchy-Online missions and such. When you walk through a door or open a door, the program notices it and will display the stuff inside. As I said, each indoors can have 5,000 faces and plenty of textures if the target platform is a GeForce2. Windows like the one shown are a problem, though. How can you have windows if you aren't rendering the indoors? Well, check out the other windows. They are grey -- that is how. Perhaps a program could be made to render the indoors of buildings which you can see the window, but that's a bit much for me. You see, a city could have 2000 buildings each with 2000 faces indoors and 20 faces outdoors. Then at any time, you only render 20 outdoors and 1 indoors. You may think that I'm just blabbing about this "idea" I have for a new demo screenshot, right? Well, today without the aid of a c++ compiler, I wrote most of that lossless terrain compresser I was talking about. It's super fast (I assume since it's only 2 million if statements total for a 20 k triangle terrain) and it is very simple. I also wrote the code for a Accelerated Particle-2D Terrain Collision prediction algorithm. That will not only work for automobiles, but also NPCs, characters, and cameras. On the topic of cameras, I wrote the idea for a perfect camera which I have most of the code for. You see, cameras are hard to do. The FPS WASD system does not work well enough. I have an idea for a camera that will reduce calcuations by 1000%. It will use accelerated particles, but that's all I'll say for now. What I will say is today's lesson: produce. Even if your computer crashes while you're typing an inspirational paragraph, you must produce to be creative. Notice that the root word for creative is create. A misunderstood slacker is just a loser, but an artist who is misunderstood for his/her deranged work is creative loser. Even if what you create is "deranged", "evil", "stupid", or "ugly", go for it. Everyone who is creative must start somewhere. Those who are not creative do not have to start anywhere, but that's because they go nowhere. Must I brag about building my autobiographical website at age 14? What about AltSci.com at age 16? What about getting my AA degree 10 days after I graduated high school? It is the fruit of a creative mind that is the best stuff on Earth. I would not trade for money, fame, or power. Of course, I would trade javantea.com for my next month's rent, but that's a different story*.

I've been thinking a bit about frugality in my designs. If I do AltSci3D wrong, not only will Manga Director be unsuccessful, but also AS3D Anime Director and any video game that I plan to produce with the systems. I'm thinking about multi-texturing, cartoon rendering, special effects, decaling, Audio/Video, object hierarchies, CLOD, GeForce2s, software rasterizers, etc. I'm wondering if there are some things better left to brute force. For example, AltSci3D Manga Director needs to be real-time, but it doesn't need to be 60 fps. It needs to be 10 fps max. Beyond technicalities, it needs to be flawlessly implemented. It can't be too crazy or too hard to use. It can't be too simple and unusable. Those are extremely broad demands. But pretty much it either rules out or definately includes cartoon rendering, multi-texturing, decaling, and Special FX. I dunno. For now, all of those are unavailable. They might be essential for the AS3D Anime Director.

Oh, a bit last night and a bit today, I worked on redoing Scene 1-3. I looked through all my CDs and finally found all my source MS3D files for Scenes 1-3. Scene 4 is not on any of the CDs. I'll have to copy them from the other hard drive (which isn't working except in DOS mode). I looked at Scene 1 and all the models are fair. I might use the skin with the DA models instead, since the DA models are so much superior. If I decide to do that, it'll take a few weeks. If I don't, I just have to do a bunch of animation with the new Jav40f model. That should be good. Perhaps I'll also add in the I-5. I'll definately add the new LA model. Of course, transparency doesn't work in AltSci3D Manga Director (it'll be fixed as soon as I get a job), so the dome won't look right, but I should be able to fix that no problem. So then, I do the work in AltSci3D Manga Director, mess around in AltSci3D Manga Producer and I'll have JF Final Draft Scene 1. That would be a major accomplishment. I could actually finally say, "This is what I intended, give me money." ^_^;

*I hate asking for money. Really, I do. Donations and work give me the heebie-jeebies. It's not that I don't like working and spending hour after hour writing Making Of JF, but asking for the transfer of money from someone to me just makes me squirm. I love my apartment, and I want to buy a new mobo/CPU to replace my burnt out ones, but there's only a few ways to get it. All of them include getting money transferred to me.

I will get a job tomorrow (technically today).
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