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Creation Date: 2002-01-12
This is a good looking picture, no? The girl is just a Rave Kiddie from Scene 2. She is not my girl friend in real life. I don't have a girlfriend in real life nor does Jav in 2014. But if you saw Scene 3, Page 1, you might wonder as sensei does: "Where is your love?". Scene 3, Page 2-5 will answer that or perhaps it'll just make a bigger question. Scene 4 may answer it. But how did I make this girl? As you can see, she's dancing in front of the local Discotheque (pronounced Disco-tek), "Don't Stop". Well, first off, the face was modelled vertex by vertex, triangle by triangle from an original 2d vector graphic. That's why it looks good at such a low polygon count. The face alone took an hour or two. I stole the body from the Tycho model (hahaha!) but officially, Tycho stole his body from this girl (hehehe!). It doesn't really matter who stole what from who, the fact is that they're the same bodies with the same skeletons. You see, MilkShape 3D uses a skeleton system that allows a modeler to move body parts just like they had a it in their hands. You just drag and drop the body part to where it ought to go. This girl is an awesome dancer. Weighing in at just 553 triangles, we're seeing a real lightweight beauty. Compared to Tycho's 578, Gabe's 608, and Jav's 486 she's about as lightweight as beautiful can get. Jav is very blocky, no wonder, he was modelled from boxes. This girl's body was modelled from a cylinder using extrusion of triangles. This is vital for any 3d work, really. So Lesson 3 is: start with a simple concept model like a cylinder then select triangles where limbs protrude and extrude them. For example, the arms are made by extruding two triangles on each side of the cylinder. For beginners, this tactic is tougher with cylinders. Try a box instead. Make a box chest, extrude twice for a neck, three times for each arm, four times for each leg and there you have Jav's body. Of course, before Scene 4 starts, I'm going to redo Jav's Body. No problem, though. Since everything is object oriented, I can recompile the entire manga in a matter of hours with the new Javantea.

Original post:
Oh, there's a second lesson here. A girl on her own is very lonely. Piro at Megatokyo can get away with that, but not JF. I added the Scene 2 scene prop, the Don't Stop. Yup, I thought of that after I visited Tijuana, Mexico. We went to this place called Myster-e. It had e's all over the walls, a DJ, sixty 18-year-old Rave Kiddies, and the alcohol flowed like a Niagara Falls. Sweet stuff. So this is it. I did the same effect as Myster-e with my own little touches here and there. So Lesson 4 is: add a box with a bunch of short funny words all over it to get the feeling of a real world.

Well, at 5 PM Wednesday I realized that I'm not going to get even Page 1 of Scene 2 done by midnight tonight. However! I'm working on it harder than I probably should and it's turning out awesome. The only problem is that there are a dozen problems that aren't solving themselves quickly enough. The first one is MilkShape3d. It's probably my fault, but it's unwelding faces and it's driving me nuts. The exporter is also crashing every time now. I don't know how to fix it. Perhaps I'll use the second exporter, but it doesn't work as well. The third thing is the characters. I'm building them as fast as I can, but I just can't draw new character skins that fast. If I had a better system down, it'd be no problem just squish and export, but I'm doing that now. So my resolve is to give you a little preview tonight and on Friday, I'll give you Scene 2, Page 1, 2, and 3! Does that sound fair? I hope I can do it. I think I will. You see, "Javantea's Fate" allows awesome stuff to be done by way of screen captures. I just get a scene, make the animations and hit the "Save Screen" button ten times to get a page. And for the second page of the same scene? I just hit it ten more times. Really pretty simple.

I probably shouldn't be taking on any new projects, but I've been working on this project for a while. Actually, it's been since Easter. I know that because I started it as an Easter Day present for my Mom. We all know that Moms love Tank Racing, right? "Tank Racing?" you say. Yes, Tank Racing. Actually to be more precise, Urban Assault Vehicle Racing. An Urban Assault Vehicle, UAV for short, is defined as any mobile driven with high-level combat capabilities. In a non-JF world*, we have Javantea, Liberator of America. To promote peace and anarchy, Javantea organizes UAV races around the world. So, this new project will be displayed right here at Javantea.com on the week after Easter Day 2002. With Scene 1 finished and Scene 2 on it's way, I feel that it would be prudent to set the goal of doing Easter Day Tank Race Tournament by the week after Easter Day 2002. It'll be a 3d manga like Javantea's Fate, but much better graphics. By April, I ought to have some sweet looking character models lined up for EDTRT. But it won't just be a manga, it'll be ever-so-slightly interactive, you see. My plan is for people to send me their picture, anime-style drawing, 3d model, or description and I'll make characters of them. I won't be able to use copyrighted stuff, so send me original anime or pics of yourself (no, you cannot be megaman). I'll write a little bit of plot, but not very much. I'll roll a dice to see who plays each part. Then by April I will have secured some type of interactive voting system so that people can choose what they do. So I'll put up the first page and then people see what's going on and how their character is involved. They then do a series of votes to figure out what actually happens in the race. What happens will end up in the next day's page. Then the person votes again given new options. I say vote because I can't think of a better word. It'll be more like an RPG. So the questions will be like: "There's a UAV passing in front of you, fire when they're A)10 seconds from your cannon B)7 seconds from your cannon C)5 seconds from your cannon D) 3 seconds from your cannon". Then the person who's driving in front of you gets the question: "Driving through the narrows, you don't see anyone, do you A) slow down B) speed up C) maintain speed?" So then I'll put you where you ought to be and them where they ought to be, do a little bit of physics and see if you hit or miss. That's my plan anyway. It may work out a little different, but I'll talk more about it later. For now, you need to get on over to the driver sign-up and sign up. If there's lack of interest by April, EDTRT will not be interactive and then I'll be discouraged. =)

* Since "Javantea's Fate" is futuristic, that means that it is just a possibility rather than a set in stone type of story. Of course, it's not just out of the blue. JF is a well thought out argument for the way I should and will live my life in fifteen years. However, it could very well be that Javantea builds a UAV and liberates the Americas in 2002 and ends up racing UAVs in 2004 like in the Easter Day Tank Racing Tournament.

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