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Creation Date: 2001-12-11
Another day, another "Making Of". If you get sick of other sites not updating enough, try JF. I'm consistent as the moon and frequent as the sun. Of course, the moon has phases and once a month it's full and once a month it's new (and invisible, I might add). And I might add that both are clouded out ~ 100 days per year where I live. If Seattle was ugly when the sun is shining, it would be considered the most beautiful city in the world. Hahahaha... "I'm only happy when it rains."

So what is this Jesus-pose freak doing as the making of feature? Well, he is me, first off. Secondly, he will soon be the main character of JF. So it's probably pretty important, right? Well, today's lesson is focus. The last week or so, I've been completely off focus. I've been drawing anime figures everyday, but few of them have any relevance to JF. Well, today, I'm showing you the new Jav model. It's not quite done yet and it's invertebrate (except the mouth and head). I don't know exactly what's wrong, but I know that it doesn't look right. Maybe it'll look good when I put his arms to his sides. I'd like your opinion if you have one. If you can help me out, please do e-mail me.

Actually, Winter Comic asked for volunteers the other day and it gave me the idea. Maybe I should stop being a one-man army. There are plenty of talented skinners, level-builders, character modelers, and animators out there. Having just one of any of these would be great for me. I could let them build something and then I'd add the rest and it'd be a team. I cannot pay, but I can give credit to anyone who helps. I have this idea that perhaps someone out there has this great idea for a 3d-comic/anime. But they are like me but they are only good at modelling and not anything else. So they'd help me with models and I'd give them AS3D Manga Director/Producer and my skills at skinning, etc. If you are something like what I mentioned earlier, please write me an e-mail.

In other news, AltSci3d is completely down. Do you remember me saying something about DirectX 8.1 destroying my GUI? I've been sulking for weeks about it. So I decided to finally reinstall DirectX 8.0. So I run dx80en.exe. It says, "Setup finished!" So I run AS3D. No change. So I reboot and still the same problem. I run dxdiag.exe. I'm still running 8.1. So I uninstall DX8.1, except there is no uninstall program. No ability to uninstall using Control Panel, nothing. So I go into C:\Windows\System\ and move the pertinent files into a temp directory. I run dx80en.exe and it says the same thing. I run AltSci3d and it crashes. I don't have the dlls. Well, DX8.0 install didn't install anything. It just said that it did. So I run regedit.exe. Yup, it's using registries. So I look for DX version 8.1 (aka 4.80439234832097302913141598092472347293023701739239). I find it and delete it. So then I run dx80en.exe and it actually installs DirectX 8.0. So I reboot and run AltSci3d. Direct3DCreate function failed. Hooray. I am overjoyed to know that Microsoft has built a completely flawless intellectual property protection system. Try to revert back to a version that works and it won't let you work at all. So then I cry for a bit and when I'm done crying I try playing Anarchy Online. It works. Flawlessly. I curse, I swear, and I shut down AO. I try AltSci3d again. No go. Abso-frigging-lutely in-frigging-credible!!! Microsoft is so ingenious that they allow C++ programs to work but not VB programs to work in the event that you try to revert back to a working version of their software. Now I'm going to have to install 8.1 and I'm back at square one. Perhaps this is the real lesson: Microsoft will not allow you to uninstall DirectX 8 without using "format C:". So whatever you do, do not upgrade to DX8.1! For the love of Mike! Grrrrrrr!
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