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Creation Date: 2002-08-22
Below is an early draft of an essay on the United Nations. The final draft will have a lot of works cited. This picture was drawn a long time ago. I think it was February of last year when I was writing the end to JF. I started out with the shape of a weasel and then made it stand up belly exposed. Then I drew a bunch of words around it. Not very interesting, is it? Well, what else can I say? You don't need a real-life model to make a good drawing. I've only seen a real-life picture of a weasel a few times and this is the product. Just think about what the weasel does rather than what the weasel looks like. The weasel runs along the ground, belly hugging the ground, really. It is very acrobatic, though, being able to capture prey much larger than itself.

Since I'm already on a revolutionary tangent, I'll tell you a bit about my worst enemy: the United Nations. You may notice that here on JF, the UN gets a bad rap. Why do I give them such a hard time? All they really want is world peace. Yeah, what right does an anarchist have to criticize an unelected group of dictators from every nation? Exactly my point. They are the totalitarian government that every distopian novel warns you about. The UN personifies totalitarian. Currently, they decide which wars are right and which side that "the world" will fight on. How do they decide? One vote per country, how democratic. It works out that the US bends the vote in dictatorship form. But I should be glad that it's my country instead of Japan or Germany. At least I get to vote for the meglomaniac who declares war on the rest of the world. No, actually I did not. In America, we got a choice between GW Bush (you see how evil he is) and Al Gore (I'm glad we didn't get to see how evil he is). Either way we were doomed to UN war on the world. In many wars, US soldiers wear UN helmets and when they die in combat, the UN sends their family their condolences for losing their son who fought bravely for the UN.

But war is the tip of the iceberg. The UN has provided easy access for economic exploitation of developing countries. The WTO, IMF, and WorldBank are supported by the non-relenting efforts of the UN. The markets can only be exploited through international law. The sovreignty of the developing nations is crushed with aid from the greedy dictators placed there by the UN and bribed by the corporations into exploiting their own people. The exploitation does not end with just slave labor. The environmental regulations are such that these countries are polluting their air, water, and wilderness beyond repair. This will be hazardous and even deadly to the people of these nations.

But just because poor nations are exploited does not mean that the rich countries reap the benefit. No, that which you cannot get and that which kills you cannot be enjoyed. Notice how companies are moving overseas. Since taxes are so low in developing countries and environmental regulations don't exist, a company can spend less and charge you the same and make more profit for the owners. What type of jobs can go overseas? Production. No problem though, trade your union job for a hi-tech or service job. You get paid more even if you have to buy your own insurance and retirement plan. What's this? The dot com's went belly up, we're in recession! Congrats, you're working a non-union job at minimum wage. Sell you home and tell you kids that there is no more future, tomorrow is cancelled. You blame the greedy corrupt corporation. Guess who is your real enemy? The UN in concert with the WTO, IMF, WB, and every corrupt SOB in betweeen.

But suppose you have a business that you like and are doing just fine with it. The recession has not hit you because you're too smart for it. What do you have to fear from the UN? Next election for the US in 2014. Guess who won't be giving you $300 as a reward for a second term? GWB will be gone. In his place will be the most socialist liberal (Al Gore-ish) you'll ever find. He/she will make Truman look like a capitalist. Guess who will run the show for a short time over at the UN? If you business is not taxed or regulated out of existance, you will wish it had. Minimum wage will be $10 per hour and you'll have to hire a government employee to eat donuts while you toil. But increasing minimum wage increases inflation. Not if you don't print extra money. Keep tabs on the printers and interest rates go sky high. That means no loans to businesses and no loans to people. The president will hire some whack job to say that it's GWB's fault for ruining the economy with corrupt corporations and evil laise faire tactics. But then we ask why all the corporations moved overseas. Too much taxes. More taxes will drive more overseas. This will break the government which will starve social services and drive up the debt. Japan and the EU will try to bail us out and a side effect will be that they end up owning 80% of our entire nation. Guess who own the UN when they do? Japan and the EU will own the UN. Might I suggest that the EU is very socialist. But why will the socialist president still be happy in 2016? By that time, people will be looking for any dictator that promises to give them their money back. That dictator will be appointed as a puppet dictator by the UN. Why? Because in 2018, there won't be a real election. The dictator will give hand-outs for a little while and then they'll stop. People will get angry and break windows. Then comes the police state. No more Constitution, no more rights, no more guns, and you are fucked.

So, what are you going to do about it? The 2014 elections are fixed already. Voting for Bush is a lost cause. The 2018 elections are fixed also. It'll be far too late by that time. When the people get a choice between corrupt and crazy, their pick means nothing. Right now, anyone who defies the US government gets killed or jailed without given their Constitutional rights. Who is letting it happen? YOU ARE. You should not let American Citizens be put in jail without access to a lawyer. You should not allow the FBI into your library and your church. All these things are unconstitutional. You continue to praise Bush and Ashcroft.

*cough, cough* It is raining outside now and I like it. I'll tell you why. Rain is water, the important substance for all life. Rain falls from the clouds to every part of the world including oceans and deserts. Even in the desert, rain brings enough water for people, sparse ingenuous wildlife and plants to survive. Rain marks the repeat of the water cycle which includes: evaporation by the awesome sun, travelling great distance floating in the sky as water vapor, raining, and collecting in rivers. All are essential to life and humans take that a step further with dams (renewable energy from the sun) and water supply. With all those important functions, it tops my list of things that are free and super-cool.
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