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Creation Date: 2002-08-26
Check both high and low versions. They are different. Why? I dunno.

Portland was a success if there is such a word anymore. I wish I would have gone. Reading about it on Portland Indymedia makes me happy to be part of such a quality revolution. One could not ask for a more repressive and violent oppressor nor free and peaceful revolutionaries. Did you know that by international law, people who support oppressive governments are to be jailed? Do you pay taxes? Then you are going to be put in jail in less than a few years for that heinous crime. Are you happy that your taxes bought stormtrooper costume for this grunt and pepperspray that was sprayed on a three-year-old baby and a ten-month-old baby as well as hundreds of protestors in Portland? Must I remind you that the First Amendment explains very clearly without any possible misunderstanding "Congress shall make no law ... abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances". Big thanks go to PDX Dragon for the great pictures. The lesson for today is that the United States Government has repeatedly willfully attacked its citizens without provocation and needs to be dismantled immediately. It will continue repression beyond Bush and beyond any hope of repair. When a socialist liberal is elected in 2004, I'll protest him/her coming to Seattle, Portland, or wherever he/she goes.

The picture of the sign is just something I drew up after seeing a sign with this markings on it. Very nice. Smart people like that deserve credit. All I can do is say thanks, peace and love.

I gotta say (almost apolegetically, even though it doesn't matter and if it did, I would stand behind it) that I protested with my mother and father the December before last. We were protesting the election while many people on the West Coast of Washington were protesting that Bush was not elected, people on the east side of Washington were protesting the opposite. I was protesting. Why? Because I was certain that Gore would win. I mean, he was Vice pResident for 8 years. Note that Bush Sr. won the popular election in 1992 just like Gore won the popular election in 2000. During the Clinton pResidency, my parents were flag-burning anarchist/Republicans. They were very critical of the FBI's actions in Ruby Ridge and Waco (orchestrated directly by Janet Reno with close advising by Clinton and Gore). They were even critical of the war in Kosovo. Peace was all the rage in 1994. But now that Bush is in, they are flag-waving fascists supporting the war in Afghanistan, repression of civil rights in the USA, and desecration of the Constitution. What is the deal with that? They wanted a $300 tax break? Gimme a fucking break. That did jack shit, and now the economy is fucked for various reasons. Well, I expect that many of the socialist liberals here in Seattle will rejoice when a socialist liberal is elected pResident. They'll say that all our protesting has finally paid off. They won't protest when the FBI kills dissenters same as they did in 1993 and 1994. They're going to act like my parents are acting now, flag-waving totalitarians, supporting the war in ...wherever boogyman they come up with next... Then my parents and the right-wing anarchists will be protesting and they'll get pepper-sprayed just like anti-globalization protesters are now. The whole fucking idea of screaming: "My taxes pay your fucking salary!" to a cop who is pepperspraying you is totally shit-for-brains. Duh, why are you paying his/her salary still? Back on April 20th, a bunch of cops with horses arrested a few people and were beating them while a bunch of protestors (myself near the front lines) shouting "Shame on you! The whole world is watching!" One guy had the right idea. He shouted louder than I've heard anyone ever shout: "If you don't want it, ... STOP paying for it!" This fucked economy is what we need. Stop paying your taxes and the cops will switch sides. People out of work can march in the streets all day long. And we'll need to march everyday when a socialist is s-elected pResident. Just watch and wait and hope that I'm wrong. My parents say that the liberals "have lost their asses." They say that Bush will be s-elected again. After him will be another hard-line fascist Republican. Sounds too good to be true. ;_; I will only vote for non-incumbants. I will only vote for an incumbant if he/she promises the immediate dismantling of the US Government. Thus, I will vote for republicans here in Seattle and I'll even vote for a totalitarian for pResident to replace the fascist warmonger Bush. Why? Two equal evils, which do you choose? The one that doesn't know the taste of absolute power yet.
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