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Creation Date: 2002-08-26
Before you freak out seeing something unusual in the upper left hand corner, I'll explain it to you. This is nothing more than the binary hierarchy up to generation six. It's the same picture as is on that link, but it is just the data. But there is no actual data implied in that piece. The colors are the same so if they mean anything to you, then you're smarter than me. However, if I had blacks and whites in such an so that it held six bits of information, would you notice it and could you decode it? I'd say no to both. First off, I would not put it in a field of blue. I'd make it dark grey in a field of black somewhere inside of a gradient. Then no one who wasn't looking really hard could find it. The NSA's got nothing on this type of encryption. But how do you decode six bits into something useful? Six bits isn't even a character. There are 64 different combinations that can be held with six bits. however, two of those are impossible since they require all bits high and all bits low. You couldn't see it at all because it wouldn't be there. Well, I could assign each of the 62 combinations to a phrase. But that would give away my intentions. Could I give away my intentions covertly? I could put each combination onto a random MOJF. Then when I put that combination into another image, you would check every MOJF for that combination and you'd have the secret message. But if wanted to steg just six bits, I could do it manually and store it as the low bit in the first six bytes of my image. Then it would be untracable and easy for someone who knew the system to get the info fast. But then if the NSA understood the system, they could crack it fast, though. Of course, I've got nothing to hide.

WTF am I talking about now? I watched this 32 kbps webcast from Tate Modern about Surveillance and Control. They told me a lot of what I already know. They also frightened me at how well totalitarians have infiltrated the world. The Echelon system is illegal by every law in the world except for Australian law. However, many countries (not just the USA and UK) are tapping in on satellite and microwave telephone transmissions. The FBI's Carnivore is likely checking this for keywords. But the keywords are probably not so over as bin Laden, al Queda, and terrorism. Would a real terrorist actually say in an e-mail: "I'm going to blow up a building." No. They would probably say, "Fucking pigs killed children at Waco. Burned them all to death. I went to rally the other day and I got pepper-sprayed. Sometimes I feel unhappy with America." But non-terrorists say the same thing, right? Right. What seperates a terrorist-to-be and a person with a conscience? None. That is half of the reason why Echelon does not work. The other reason is that people don't make it so fscking easy. They talk on the phone with signal converters. With a bit of electronics knowledge, you can build a kit that makes your voice sound like noise over a phone line. A computer would throw it in the trash. Your friend on the other line has a similar kit that decrypts it. Beyond that, there's the fact that even the NSA's computers don't have the power to understand speech well enough to sort an encrypted poorly spoken non-English language. The terrorists win everytime. So what can the USA do? Kill everyone. Note that 11 of the 14 terrorists on Sept. 11 were from Saudi Arabia, our ally. Why then is Afghanistan our enemy? Because bin Laden orchestrated it, of course. Bin Laden, the guy who can't piss in a pot (he needs kidney dialasis to live).

So what about this picture? This is DA9 dressed up to look like EWHG1 (remember him from Scene 1?). I used Gimp to do it. I have Corel Draw, but I decided not to use it. I should have. This skin looks ugly. But that's okay. JF Final Scene 1 in a few weeks. It'll be 8 pages long and it'll come out on a "M W F M W F M W" schedule. That's nearly three weeks. I won't be doing JF during that time. Sorry, but I've decided that it's a bit too much, you know? I'll work on stuff on those days, but I can't do these rants so much anymore... But think about this, I'll stop doing Making of so much and start doing the actual comic. You gotta love that!

What else? My housemate Leigh-Ann is back from vacation. She's trying to get rid of all the bugs in the house. I don't like them myself, but if it requires work, I'm certainly not going to do much more than swat one if it lands on my monitor.
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