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Creation Date: 2001-12-12
Today's picture of the day is early! 2:30 PM I'm going work hard on my Quantum Physics tonight, so I don't want to be disturbed by the thought that Javantea's Fate is more important, even though I know it is. =) What is today's picture? Well, duh, look back a page and you'll see the exact picture as last time. Except it's different somehow. Yup, this one features AltSci3D. I've talked a lot about it, but this is the first actual in-program shot. I added the title GUI after I took the picture. As you can see, the GUI is nowhere to be found, except the remnants, the text that drove most of the GUI. Why do I say most? Well, I had a nice little VCR control on the lower right. The rest have text. So, what can I say about this over the previous one? Well, this one is beautifully dynamically lit, of course. It's very nice. I had to get rid of the Dojo, the ground, and the sky, but I'll fix that later. As you can see, from now on Jav and all the secondary characters will be very well lit. I won't let them be poorly lit ever again. =) But still, I need help on the model. What is wrong with the new Jav? Is his face too ugly or something? I might have to mess with it. It looks funny, right? Hmm, arms at his sides, a little more muscle, and a better shaped face. Then he'll be Javantea! Do people like the old Jav face better than the new one or is this new one better? I could just add mouth movement to the old one. I'll check it out. The lesson for today is: get that character right! Don't let your main character be mediocre, let alone crappy. If the shading is all wrong, just say, "NO!" Start all over if you have to, you will later anyway. People don't like a change of characters in Scene 3. Hehehe, but that's what I gotta do. And I'll do it in Scene 6 or 7 too, but that's a different story.

Scene 3 will be done in a week! Yup, I'm promising it. I have a final on Friday, Monday, and next Tuesday and then I'm free to work on JF 24/7. Not like I'm not doing that now. You wouldn't believe how much time I put into doing this Making Of, let alone modelling characters, scenes, coding, etc. I do it all for you with a light heart.

Other news: I couldn't sleep last night. I played System Shock 2 until 2 AM. Then I went to sleep and I couldn't stop thinking, nor could I think of anything. I was unconscious, but still wide awake. Five AM rolls by and I am in misery. I have to wake up in two hours. I might as well just get up and work on tomorrow's Making Of. But I can't encourage myself out of bed. So I lay there for two hours. The alarm goes off and I'm so tired that I don't turn it off for a minute. I can't get up, but I can't go to sleep. Two minutes later I get up and get to class. I learn a very little bit in each class and come home. I don't want to sleep, but I can hardly keep my eyes open. Maybe I shouldn't play so much System Shock 2.

It's a mad, mad game. I really suggest it. I'm learning combat all over again. Other games teach you to use the fewest bullets from your cruddiest gun, but System Shock 2 is teaching me to be well rounded in all forms of lethal combat. In that game, I'm a Navy techie. In real life, a Navy techie is the last thing I'd be (I'm a conscientious objector), but for SS2, I'll choose to be a hacker instead of a Marine or OSA. You see, hackers are the best in the game. If you choose to be a Marine, there aren't enough guns, bullets, or wrenches for the enemies. You end up using wrenches or Psychokinetic on midwives. Ouch like a mofo, errm, literally. If you choose to be an OSA, there aren't enough PSI boosts. You end up using wrenches or guns, which you suck at. So, I have a few tips that other tipmasters on the web don't allude to. Cameras need to be taken out no matter what. Navy can use hack ability, but will need to shoot a cam from time to time. The Navy can't get PSI abilities until level 2 or 3, though, so don't try it. That means that you need standard weapons 1. That will allow you to keep out of trouble with security alert. Hack ability is vital for the everyone, since turrets can not be avoided very well, so a hack provides the answer. Secondly, everyone should use the wrench in the first 2 levels for 90% of the enemies. The third level, you can use it 60%. The fourth level 40%. Hydroponics is another story altogether. Don't use the wrench. Marines can use the lightsaber found in the stardrive level. The concept is the same, though. Run up behind an enemy and bash twice or three times before they can attack. It is critical. So make sure you have your strength at 2 or 3. OSA's will run out of PSI soon enough and the wrench will not do it. They need standard weapons 1 so that they can use the pistol. Then at hydroponics, it's nice to get standard weapons 3 to use all those shotgun shells you have stored up. But maybe not. OSA can get good PSI abilities by then. But then again, you don't have any PSI boosts. Get one of those PSIBoost implants if you want. Recharge it at the command center. That's nice, but a bit lame. What else? I guess the idea is methodical murder. It's survival, right? You don't care about the well-being of those mutants, right? You need to get out of there or perhaps just destroy the ship, the planet, and yourself. Humanity needs you! Hehehe. Just remember whenever you click the mouse button, it's just a game.
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