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Creation Date: 2002-08-31
Can you feel it? ... We always had a need for speed. Grow stronger, to grow faster, to longer. We always had a need for speed. Can you feel it? -- azzido da bass, "speed can you feel it"

Ah, to start off with a quote from a DJ is pretty sweet. I've been listening to Digitally Imported's Hard House station for a while and I'm really impressed. What am I impressed by? The fact that my spectrum analyzer is lit up like a christmas tree. There isn't a single bar that ever hits zero at any piont. While most songs are specialized to only use the low, high, or middle, these amazing songs are simple, yet filled with sound. They are so fast that no human could keep up on a manual instrument. The sounds go so low that it would be hard to keep such a low note changing for a long time. I really like electronica because it fills the niche. What niche? The hacker niche. Hackers need good electronica or they go to sleep. You see, all this visual excitement is powerful stuff, but if you do it too often with too little breaks, it stresses you. But if you add in music, it totally energizes it into a complete explosion of power. What some people call "The Zone" is what hackers who listen to electronica are in all the time. But since we do it all the time, it isn't anything special. We just call it the perk of being a hacker. Hackers are productive beings and being surrounded by extremely pervasive media amplifies that. People who do not listen to electronica do not understand what it is. The stuff I listen to usually has a low frequency mega beat at 60 bpm and a fast 140 bpm electric sound track on top of it. Then there is often a motivational speaker, man or woman, of any nationality (picked out of a hat I presume) saying stuff that progressive people like to hear. My favorite is a scientist guy talking in a montonous voice about how "the space brothers will be landing very soon, as soon as the Earth man has lay down his various prejudices against other races and other life, and of life on other planets." He explains other stuff about the "space brothers" that are all very far sci-fi as if they were irrefutable fact. But his message is good: humans must individually decide to overcome his/her own problems, then we can talk about aliens.

That is exactly what I learned in my quest to find extra-terrestrial life. Why should we look for aliens if we can't get along with each other? If we find a whole group of aliens, we're just going to end up nuking one of their cities and then they'll retaliate and we'll be back at square one if that. The hope that aliens will unify humanity or solve our energy problems is silly. Physicists and futurists here on Earth know exactly the problem of energy: there will never be enough. Not only that, but we're running out due to our overconsumption. If aliens gave us fusion technology tomorrow, we'd face similar problems as we outgrow it or misuse it. Thermonuclear devices are fusion technology, I might add. But Fusion energy would use seawater plus or minus and would produce no harmful waste. It would not curb our exponential demand, it would feed it. Before you know it, we'd have stolen 50% of the resources of the solar system. Who's headed to the next solar system? At half the speed of light, the nearest star system is two years away, but it's a lonely place. The book Visions by Michio Kaku explains this which was originally derived from Physicist Freeman Dyson's ideas on the topic. The question is: How can people get along with each other? The answer is complicated, but it starts with the word, "I".

My brother just called me to make sure I was at a bar drinking to celebrate my 21st birthday. I told him, "Not tonight, I'm hacking. I'll go with friends tomorrow night." My brother told me that he is going to be a co-DJ for Saturday 10 PM - 12 AM at Washington State University in Pullman.

Tonight I listened to Emmanuel Goldstein Off the Hook of 2600 Magazine. I haven't been there for a year or so, so I thought I'd check back. They lost the DeCSS battle, that's a shame. But the MPAA isn't going to take away my vobdec. I gotta thank 2600 for fighting the good fight, though. It's important that hackers and computer programmers are allowed to create and distrobute source code without hindering. It is essential for the entire world. The legistation that them MPAA is currently pushing will turn PCs into WebTV (/me pukes!), a much larger step backwards than banning cars and bicycles. Cars produce huge amounts of polution and require huge amounts of energy (100-400 HP) while computers produce little pollution and require very little energy (600 Watts where 770 Watts = 1 HP). I could have a beowulf cluster P4 computers each with a GeForce4 and a 19" monitor hooked up to each and still outperform (energy efficiency-wise) any automobile on the road. And then you talk about speed of communication electronic vs. automobile and you have no contest. Then you think of turning them into a WebTV and the world self-destructs. Back on the topic of Off the Hook. EG has a quality program. He understands topics and he chooses topics carefully. His callers do not, but that's to be expected. His show talks about the stuff that I usually read on Slashdot. However, he often explains the stuff that only a few Slashdot readers understand. That's good news for thinkers like myself.

One main point that I come over again and again is that: large corporations and our government have power, power corrupts. People are naturally good and without power, they show this with amazing accuracy. Doing good is a certain individual action that each person can express and change at will. Doing good is a necessity in every person's life. Doing good is often opposite to those who are corrupted want. Those with power often use their power to attack those people who do good things that directly oppose their position of power. Those who attack back are destroyed. There are easy solutions to these seemingly rough facts.

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