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Creation Date: 2002-09-02
Below is the synopsis of my 21st birthday party. Big props to Oliver and Leigh Ann for sharing fun with me. Now, on to the lesson that I was too lazy to do yesterday. The picture on the left is the normal DA model, that I've been using since forever. It has a skin on it. Is it the one on the top right, bottom right, or neither? If you guessed bottom, you are right. Why? Uh oh, you can't answer short essay questions? Too many art history classes get you too used to multiple choice, true/false? Well, here we go. The two skins come from the same vector graphic. The lower one is darker than the upper one. Why is that? Because I anti-aliased both of them, but the upper one was twice the resolution. The one on the top had one-pixel lines and the one on the bottom had one-pixel lines, anti-aliased, that means that the upper one is averaged lower. Am I cheating? Sort of. Corel Draw has a line width system where you can choose infinitely thin or an actual thickness. I rarely use an actual thickness just because it's a pain messing with it. So this is how it goes. But there's another factor that you can't see as well. That factor is pixel width. Corel Draw uses an integer pixel resolution export system. So the smaller image will be less correct. It will not show that data loss very much after being anti-aliased, but the larger one retains most of the data giving blurrier lines. Why do I like the one that is incorrect? Because it has more solid lines. I won't do with blurriness even if it is more correct. JF needs sharp, crisp lines if at all possible.

Last night (aka. Saturday night) was pretty crazy. But all of the day was spent at Bumpershoot. It's a big art and music festival. Leigh Ann and her friend Oliver were going, so I went along. We saw a high-school one reel film fest. They all did digital recording which was interesting to say the least. We saw a latin New York band play and Leigh Ann liked that a lot. Then we went to se Ani Defranco. Both of them like her a lot. We were in this huge stadium and our seats were just terrible so that I couldn't hear any of her songs. All I heard was a poem she wrote which combined every liberal issue (from Palestine to Freedom of Choice to America not being a Democracy since GWB 'stole' the election*). I can't help but think that she'd be singing Gore's praises if he did the same as Bush. Not that Republicans who are singing Bush's praises would be applauding Gore if he was doing the same as Bush right now. Anyway, after that we looked at a bunch of mordernish art. Leigh Ann's favorite was a guy whose face was painted pure white and he had a camera hooked up to a projector that put a person's face onto his face. I liked a B&W photo series by Christopher Dahl that featured famous people, one was deriving on a chalkboard that the square root of two is an irrational number. After that, we went to a comic circus performance. After that, we went to a professional dance show. The second one we watched was dancing to gospel music. It was very amazing, about thirty minutes long. The audience gave a standing ovation afterwards. The last thing we went to at Bumpershoot was a stand-up comic act. Since it was 10 PM, all the comics who had been doing family-oriented shows took out their dirty material. The first guy was pretty mild. The second guy talked about drugs, sex, and his dead grandmother. The next two guys were hilarious, but they used the f word as every other word in the sentence. I didn't think it could get any worse when this girl came up on stage and without a single swear word, she actually was more depraved than all the people before her.

So then at 10 PM, we headed to Pioneer Square, on foot. It's not such a good idea, you know. It's a long walk, but we met a few cool people. There were two guys, one from Norway, the other from Canada. We picked them up out of DV8 and led them to the next bar. Then we found a girl from NH and led her all the way to Pioneer Square, about a mile. We didn't like the crowded places at Pioneer Square, so we headed back a few blocks and found an Irish pub. I got to use my card for once. The guy looked at it and showed the other bouncer, "Can you believe this?" "That's crazy. Welcome to the big leagues." They waived the $10 cover for all four of us in the group. We sat down at the table and thought about drinks. Our friend from NH was a bartender who had stopped in Spokane for a while to make a bit of money selling drinks. She came up with a good first drink. Redbull and a shot of Jagermeister. Oliver and I each got one and we toasted and drank in one sit. I commented that it tasted like lemonade. Everyone had a good laugh. Next up was a 'sex on the beach'. Then I drank some water. I held my liquor really well. Then I had a 'blowjob'... The waitress was really nice about it. The thing is that I could not use my hands to drink this. That is a big problem, I found out and I had the shotglass over my head. Needless to say, it was a mess. Then we had a cosmo (a type of martini). Last, but not least, I had a harp, a light version of Guiness. It was a good night. Oliver paid for all the drinks and Leigh Ann egged us on drinking only water. We shared some stories and some good times. Leigh Ann had the Bus map and the time schedule all planned out. We walked over to the bus and took the bus almost directly to our house. Jay and Don both had to work, so I got a raincheck for Jay. We'll go do something fun one of these days. He's got a full week on in a few weeks from now.

The question you may be asking is: how bad is Joel's hangover? I am happy to say, no hangover. I took Oliver's advice and drank a bunch of water before bed and it seems to have worked. I did sleep 10 hours, but that's okay. I don't think that I'm ever going to be rich enough to buy alcohol like Pete did in San Diego and I'm certainly not going to drink without good occasion. But the EMP has all these great 21+ shows with free cover. For example, http://www.emplive.com/visit/calendar/index.asp?m=9&y=2002&d=3, if you see the rest of the calender, there's something almost everday. So when I see a good one or when I get my UPASS, I'm going to go to some. A person doesn't have to be drunk to enjoy good music. It's just a busride away.

* First, GWB did not steal the election. If the ballots were made incorrectly to confuse voters, Gore had a chance to change them months before the election. Instead he hired lawyers to sue so he could blame GWB. GWB won fair and square. Gore won the popular election. Why didn't he win then? Because America is not and has never been a democracy. It is a Republic and relies on a buffer system of a selected electoral college based on votes determined state by state. Confused yet? The reason for this electoral college is because a democracy is mob rule. If OJ Simpson's guilt was voted on, justice would not prevail because people are uninformed of the law. The creators of this country did not want democracy. They wanted the possibility that mob rule would choose the wrong president, but the electoral college, being of sound mind would go against mob rule. Is that what happened to the 2000 election? No. Simply the buffer system that is required by a Republic offset the numbers by a very small percent. Looking at the map of who won what shows just how it went. A presidential candidate must ensure winning important states. S/He cannot just say "Fuck you" to 50% of the nation and hope to win. Gore's statement that he invented the internet lost him that crucial bit against a similar dimwit who doesn't know shit about the internet. Many democrats and independents had to sway in order for George Bush to win the election. GWB did not steal those votes, he merely appealed to them. Back then, the economy was great, falsely inflated by dot com failures. That was Gore's fault, since he invented the internet. =P hahahah, loser. So, the end result? Bush won, deal with it. I agree that he has done terrible things, but he has done exactly what Gore would have done, from Sept 11, to imprisonment of 3000 immigrants without due process, to suspension of the Constitution in many cases. Clinton did it in Waco, Ruby Ridge, and Seattle WTO N30, 1999. Reno was as bad as Ashcroft. Albright was as bad as Rumsfeld. I can certainly say that Cheney is a more active Vice pResident than Gore was, even if his action often reinforce bad police of Bush. The truth is: when voting, you're voting for the lesser evil. If you don't get what you voted for, you're getting an evil president in everyone's eyes no matter what. If you don't like it, join a black bloc anarchist group. Read Thoreau's Civil Disobedience for free over the web.

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