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Creation Date: 2002-09-04
Ah, now what is this? Well, from the caption you ought to know. It is star birth clouds - M18, not to be confused with star birth pangs - M16. *cough, cough*. So, you're probably destegging this as we speak, right? You've got your Cray Supercomputer firing away, a gigakey per second. You've gotten into the fifty-letter keys and the fifteen word keys. It won't budge. My encryption is too much for the trillion-dollar budget of the CIA, NSA, FBI, and UN. You are wasting your time. My encryption is that of the mind. Individuals who have minds can read what I write, look at what I draw, and decode it without a hitch. Those organizations which have no minds will find it mighty tough to decode the truth. Read on mindful thinker. Above is a beautiful picture. If it's greyscale, that means that you're looking only at the intensity of the red in that image. It is also half-size. Blame lossless compression for that. The other one is much better. It's four times as much area and three times as much color. However, it lacks a bit of information. Who cares, right? Okay, the real thing is that this image is beautiful. You might not notice it for what it really is. NASA's Hubble Space Telescope took this picture in 1995. The colors are really amazing. It is showing us something that we cannot see with a ground-based telescope, let alone our naked eye. It is next to impossible for use to see something like this here on planet Earth without the Hubble Telescope and everything that led up to it. The fact that a non-astronomer like myself could get ahold of this is even more amazing. Beyond Hubble, there had to be the FOIA (See NASA Ames FOIA). Beyond the FOIA, there had to be an entrepreneur that wanted my parents money. Beyond the entrepreneur, there had to be my parents. It's a system that is very odd indeed. Before Hubble, there was all the space missions, such as Apollo 11, Apollo 13, Challenger, and the brave astronauts who repaired the Hubble. One might actually thank those who set the human race teetering on the brink of extinction during the Cold War. Was the Cold War a necessary step to bring us this picture? Certainly if we say that the Cold War gave us Hubble, we can also easily say that it brought us the Internet since the net was designed to aid scientific rebuilding after a nuclear holocaust. But then you have the alternate historians who say that had the USSR been friendly towards the US (and visa-versa depending on who wrote the story) the Space program would have produced something like the International Space Station, but improved by a factor of ten. War, productive or not (depending on how you look at it), is based on destruction and domination. Creativity in a war machine simply breeds more destruction and cooperation in war often leads to more seperation. In 1984, Emanuell Goldstein writes that war is equivalent in action to producing goods to be thrown on a fire. All the nuclear weapons not used are as good as a deadly joke ala Monty Python. The two nuclear weapons used were extremely harmful.

The major argument for nuclear weapons effect is deterring war. This is no more than a bluff, a wager. For example: a man wagers that his automobile will not light on fire when he starts the engine (anyone remember the Pinto?). A second man knowing to minor extent that his car is safe can do one of the following: watch from the sidelines, take the wager, or put his life on the line by getting in the car and wagering with the man against anyone who takes the wager. If no one takes the wager, no one loses and no one gains, right? Not exactly. The man will probably have to start the car to go to work. His life is in danger by starting the car. The man who gets in the passenger seat is similarly risking his life. The person on the sidelines is uneffected, unless he/she is dependent on the two people in the car. In that case, the person on the sidelines is within blast radius. A person taking the bet likely has his/her own car. They two are risking their life. They are also risking their money. On the rare chance that one of the cars explodes into flames, one loses their life. Their money goes to the other person. But remember the idea of the person on the sidelines inside the blast radius. Depending on the other economy or being affectable by the other war machine would be like being in the blast radius. To put the other into the blast radius of your war machine is to put yourself into the blast radius of the other war machine. That is called retaliation. Retaliation brings with it the threat of nuclear holocaust, a bleak future where there are no winners (and techically, no losers). We didn't get to that point, but some historians have said that we have been very close. But what about the military arms buildup? That is burning gasoline. Not only are you putting yourself in more danger, you are wasting gasoline as you do it. What is production? Production is the kid in the backseat knitting a blanket. As you put the petal to the metal with more roadbumps, knitting becomes harder. Government kidnapping of scientists slows down actual production. Putting more people working on the burning of gasoline destroys development.

One could imagine a world where war was a thing of the past and scientists had developed a Hubble Telescope for 1/10th cost from donations from the tech businesses who could use the data and then free source it. It is not unreasonable, is it? It happens all the time. That's why the government and the military are currently using commercial products, because they are far better than anything that the war machine will ever produce.

Where did I get this picture? A CD with ~200 Hubble images. All were originally in an ugly format: PhotoCD. So I converted them all into PNGs. 97.7 MB of compressed data. Then I made a little HTML with a touch of Javascript show all of them very quickly with the click of a button. Very nice... My normal solution of just making them all hidden images didn't work because it used so much memory that it flooded the swap file or some such. So instead, I made a bunch of invisible TextArea's with ten images inside each TextArea. Then when a person clicks next, only the ten images are loaded. Ingeneous, right? A bit. It's just the hacker way. You see, I could have just used the Kudo PhotoCD viewer on the CD and left the pics on the CD. But that's not a good solution. CD drives make noise and use energy, so I don't want to do that. Copying the stuff to my hard drive was a good solution. But the Kudo Software wasn't up to my specs. So instead of being perpetually PO'ed, I did it the right way. There's always a standard way and the right way. People who do stuff the standard way often waste time, money, and intelligence. I just don't have the patience to do something the wrong way twice.

Note: Bill Gates pays billions of dollars in taxes. His property taxes are in the millions. He donates millions to charities, schools, and the like. If he were to give his fortune away to every person in the US, we'd each get a measly $50 or so. That there is reason enough why the rich ought to stay rich. Do you really want $50? Do you want Bill Gates to be penniless? In trade for every decent product he has given the world? Even if Linux is better than Windows, Linux did not turn the world into hackers -- Bill Gates did. He put a very small price tag on everything sacred and people were willing to pay him. Those who did not want to pay him could pirate it, use a Mac, or install a Linux distrobution. People talk about the division of wealth. You might not know it, but there's a government agency for every division in wealth: it's called: the government. Did you know that over 50% of all US taxes go to the military? If you don't like taxes, you know who to blame. If you don't like rich people giving nothing to the poor, you know who to blame. The military is the most wasteful part of the government and it gets the most money. Why? Because the government is lining its own pockets while it feeds its need to stay on top.
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