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Creation Date: 2002-09-09
Hi, I missed yesterday, I'm sorry about that. News below.* But before I get to personal news, I want to explain this image. The PNG file is different from the JPG file, so look at them both if you want. The PNG file is 8-bit, the JPG file is 24-bit. The difference (other than lossy vs. lossless) is that the PNG file is sharpened using the sharpen filter in Gimp. Why did I do that? So that I could get a superior 8-bit image. You can see how nice it looks compared to this one

Sadly, it increased the size by a factor of 1.87. It did, however, do something pretty wild that was unexpected. The black text on the grey background did its thing and I got what I've been looking for for a long time: text outline. I've been wanting it for many reasons, so now I have it. Who would've thought that I would find it that way? Also, if I used white background on my text, I wouldn't have seen this. Pretty cool, if you ask me. Anyway, what is the car in the picture. It's a compact car that is supposedly futuristic. Of course, it's kinda ugly, isn't it? I got the idea from the cover of Irresponsible Captain Tylor 2 DVD. The car is used in the episode "When you wish upon a flower". I saw how it used cube map (or simulated cube map) to make it look very shiny. Of course, it had a lot of polygons, and this one has very few. In fact, it has as few as you're going to get with a car like that. Its curves are very economical The texture is 512x512x8-bit, but it could easily be decreased to 256x256 or even 128x128. Who knows, maybe even more. The texture uses two colors (guess which two?) and it only uses straight lines. That is what I learned way back with that SUV deal. All I did was take a screenshot of top, front, and side and drew squares where I thought there should be and it was done. It's not a very professional job, but I like it. It'll find its way into Scene 6 along with the SUV which you've already seen and a few other cars probably, since Scene 6 is outdoors.

* I also didn't give you my promised JF Final Scene 1. Two things are behind both of those problems. The first is that I am not sure about distrobution of JF Final. The second is that I've been afraid to work on JF for more than an hour at a time all week. Why am I afraid? I don't quite know. It is the same fear that I tried and failed to face last night. I went to a feminist punk show. It was a really small venue at the EMP. The bands were sweet. If they were feminist, I didn't notice it that much. But perhaps that is the true manifestation of feminism. Feminists like my mother are women who believe in anarchist ideals in a gender sense instead of a government sense. But relationships and government are very similar, I might add, especially when there's a dictator in either. Anyway, what I was trying to say was that last night I went to a show where alcohol flowed like a river (I didn't drink, but nearly everyone else was). I didn't say more than ten words the entire night. Why? I was afraid of something or another. I don't know what it is, but I know that it seems silly until I am actually around people who I can talk to. After the show I went home. On my way home, a guy stopped me. There were three of them sitting on the corner talking. The guy asked me to talk about America's new war on Iraq. I told him that I didn't feel that Iraq is a threat to the US or any nation for that matter. Attacking Iraq would be similar to kicking a dead dog. If you didn't know, millions of people in Iraq have starved because of Clinton and Albright's embargo. By the US attacking Iraq, we will starve, kill, and destroy Iraq directly instead of through policy. Removing Saddam Huessin would be very anti-Democratic and would lead to the population of Iraq rebelling against the tyrant puppet that we put in place of him. It's nothing new, it's happened all around the world at the hands of the US. This is the second time that I have gotten a chance to put my foot down, and I do. These stupid wars are killing millions of innocent people, and I cannot stand for it. I'm planning and I'm reading. Thoreau had some good thoughts about what a citizen must do if their country's leaders have gone insane. He spent time in jail for not paying taxes to fund the Spanish-American War.

*c*You want to know how I'm going to distrobute JF Final. If I post it on the website like Making Of JF, it'll be lost in the sea that is known as Making Of JF. I could redesign the website to accomodate it. I've been working on that already. I just don't know how. But the other problem is: how will I ever make money off JF? 1) I could sell the software I used to make it. It's a rough job, but it's not a bad idea. 2) I could sell JF Final on CD. That's a good idea, but I might have to restrict access to JF Final on javantea.com just to force people to buy the CD. That's what I don't want to do. Why? Because I want a new business model that works for consumers like myself (I can't afford to buy much more than a $5 manga per month, so I usually get my media for free on the net from people who donate their time as long as their bills are paid). 3) I could sell access to my site. That would be iffy in both ways. First, I want to allow broke people like me to see it. Secondly, I want to make money. Both are questionable in this option. All of these options are possible, but which one are profitable and open? Should I sell everything shareware-ish? I could downgrade the quality, but still give it out for free. Then people who want good quality can buy it. I would sell CDs through this system. I would sell the software on the side. I think that's the best way. With PayPal, it show work fine. Downloading JF should cost $10. JF on CD should cost $10. AltSci Manga Director/Producer will cost $20. I will accept donations and I'll redo the site to accomodate the important things more than the unimportant things.

I just happened by Digitally Imported and heard an awesome techno mix: "FMS09 Jordy van Kouwen Full Moon Session 27 juli 2002".
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