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Creation Date: 2002-09-10
This was written using Apache webserver running PHP. Hooray! I hereby confirm that both the IIS setup of PHP and the Apache setup of PHP work equally well on my computer. The XMLDOM works flawlessy, and the code is as stable or more so than the original ASP code.

PHP (with DOMXML) and IIS:

So, now what? Am I going to Disneyland? No. I still haven't ported the file-writing half of my code, so I'm going to use evil old ASP/IIS to do that. But when I finish that, I'll be able to switch over.

So, now I'm writing in IIS ASP. What is the difference between the three versions? Not much. They look the same. They use the same CSS files, the same HTML code. What about speed? I think the PHP is faster than the ASP. It isn't blazing fast, but it certainly seems snappier. Is the Apache server faster than IIS? I don't know for certain. If it is, it isn't by much. But one thing crosses my mind: memory usage. Open Source people have been known to blow Microsoft out of the water when it comes to memory management. Perhaps if I switch from IIS and ASP to Apache and PHP, I'll have fewer memory leaks. But I know for certain that the biggest memory leak is Internet Explorer. Check this picture out:

That picture shows how much memory I had while browsing with IE. I went to a page, memory went down. That's okay, my pages have a lot of pictures. I go to another page, it goes down further. I go to another page, it goes down further. I go to a page with no graphics, just text, it goes down. Why? Because Microsoft Internet Explorer keeps my entire history in memory! UGH! Who thought of that stupid idea? I've got 128 MB of RAM and Win98 takes up 80 MB with no programs open and no pictures. Then I open up four IE windows, EditPlus, Visual C++, IIS, The GIMP, WinAmp, and I wonder why my computer crashes. It's not my fault, Microsoft is stealing my memory and using it for their evil purposes. That is why people are switching to Linux in mass numbers. Free your memory! Format your hard drive now! Install Linux. Reach towards sanity.

So what else is new? I worked really hard on getting JF Final Scene 1 closer to finished. If I spend a few hours tomorrow on it, I might get Page 1 out. I've gotta warn you that I'm only going to be releasing it in half-resolution JPEG format. I'll make the file size about 35kb, which is less than the current JPEGs. I'll also make the subscription to high-quality PNG version available when I get the first few pages done. I'm planning on 128 pages of JF Final in 12 months. 128 manga-size digital 3d color pages for $10 is a pretty good deal, right? You'll know it is a good deal when you see the JPEGs.
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