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Creation Date: 2001-12-13
Well, this isn't the normal Making-Of picture, is it? Well, perhaps it is. This picture was made entirely in Corel Draw. I just made shapes that looked right, colored them and typed a little bit of history. Something cool about this is: the face mask and shield are translucent, but not like you normally think. I manually calculated the color changes and filled the objects. I used the intersect function of Corel Draw to split objects into under shield and not under shield parts. It may look like the face and eyes are under the mask, but they aren't. I just added 50 blue to each. Hehehe, cheap trick. But it worked.

A bit more about the picture: Javantea's Fate is a politically motivated comic and will contain from time to time a tidbit of anarchist propaganda. If you don't like it, I can only tell you to visit your local totalitarian-friendly website. Those of you who did not click the link, welcome to the prelogue of JF.

First of all, Javantea's Anarchist community is under a geodesic dome in Los Angeles. Geodesic domes were built over large portions of commercial/residential/industrial sections of cities. The Domes were originally constructed to protect LA from from ecological disaster and biological warfare. However, its usefulness in reducing energy usage, pollution, crime, housing costs, transportation, and regulations greatly outweighed it's military strategy.

Javantea's Anarchist community was formed after the riots of 2012, two years before the start of the comic. Eight UN Riot police were taken hostage by anarchists. For three days they were beaten savagely and force-fed barbecue tofu sandwiches and organic soy milk (which the promptly grew a liking to). During that time, the anarchist's lawyer met with the mayor and worked out a deal where the anarchists would go to jail and the geodesic dome would be free from police. The truth was that the police didn't go into the geodesic dome anyway. It was a bad place for a cop to be after dark, so they just ignored it. So the mayor made the deal and the police chief was facing immense embarrassment if he didn't find the anarchists and free the hostages. The police chief Gerrymandered the patrol routes (very slightly) so they would all miss the dome and no one was the wiser.

From the testimony of Jack Emmit, Police Hostage of the 2012 LA Riots at the sentencing of the six anarchists involved in the incident:
"The tear gas that proved so effective earlier is having no effect. More than that, we're out and we are surrounded. These protesters were peaceful, but I could see a few at the back that I would not want to meet in a dark alley. These people had done nothing but ask for their freedom and my Lieutenant told me not to give them an inch of it. The GAP would be a symbolic victory for the anarchists and would never be forgotten if I had lost it. Although I portrayed the cool hatred that has saved Police Officers in the line of duty countless times until now, I could not force the extreme fear I held deep within my heart. Now that my job was impossible, I tried to call in backup, I tried to run. Everything was completely useless. Then I saw the eyes I'll never forget. The defendants looked at me with such rage, I wasn't sure that I'd survive the next few moments."

Plea by Kien Thenkre at the his sentencing trial:
"It is time for the world to forget the UN police and stand up for their rights. No matter the cost, we will not rest until the streets are safe for people to live in peace."

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