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Creation Date: 2002-10-08
Greetings. If you haven't seen the first four pages of JF Final Scene 1, then you are missing out. Click the links.
Scene 1, Page 1
Scene 1, Page 2
Scene 1, Page 3
Scene 1, Page 4.

Okay, you got me. I skipped two weeks. The last peep I made was on September 23rd. I apologize. So what have I been up to? Anything and everything except Javantea's Fate. I could have done Scene 5 on September 24th. But I can't even get it done tonight. It'll be 2 AM before I finish this rant. Although I don't have E&M tutorial until 1:30 PM, I need to work on it tomorrow morning since I skipped it tonight. You can see how unmanagable I've made my life. You expect that JF will go unchanged often. It's part of my life to avoid doing JF. It's really an odd phenomenon that I can completely forcibly forget about something so important to me. As long as I have important stuff to do, I can blame it on that, but the truth is that I did this same thing during the infamous summer. Why do I call it the infamous summer? Because I didn't do a single thing all summer. I didn't have a job all summer. I didn't work on JF. I didn't protest anything. I didn't work on other important things. I looked for jobs a lot during the summer. I moped around a lot. And now fall is acting like the same thing, except that I have a job and school, lots of protesting, and I'm going to do JF from time to time.

So what is this picture? This is a preview of JF Final Draft Scene 1, Page 5. I thought you might like to see what you're in for. Also, I'm planning on turning this into a duct tape mural/advertisement. You see, I'm going to take this and draw a grid onto it. Then I'm going to draw lines of how stuff will be laid out. Then I'll take out a huge piece of banner paper and enlarge the picture to life size using duct tape as the artistic medium*.

About this picture, you can see a few cool things that I worked on especially tonight. The first is Jav's expressions. I noticed that Jav lacked an openable mouth, so I added that. You'd be surprised that a closed mouth person can become an open mouth person with the addition of two vertices, six triangles. That makes me want to put good mouths on everyone. Hahaha. But also, I messed with the eyes a bit. I tried to experiment with making Jav look angry, happy, optimistic, and in pain. It worked fairly well. I have a bit of work still to do.

If you're a little confused, I should thank you for coming this far. Few people know of JF and don't know about the fact that I invented duct tape murals and am the current artist and temporary owner of the only two duct tape murals. My "Got Love" mural is very special to me because I made it in Spokane, WA, USA, my hometown during Thanksgiving break, 1999. That date was 4 days before November 30, 1999, well known to Seattlelites as N30, the WTO Ministerial. After making that mural, I went back to Seattle, WA where I attend University of Washington.

On N30, I saw the massive protests on my roommate's TV. I was amazed. The TV crews focused on a single burning dumpster and two Starbucks looted by non-protesters instead of the tens of thousands of protesters clogging the streets peacefully. We all know that these peaceful protesters were pepper-sprayed, tear-gassed, shot with rubber bullets, beaten, arrested, and denied constitutional rights for non-violent protest. So the very next morning, I went downtown and looked for peaceful protesters. I found a few hundred. We marched all day and ended up at a labor rally. I dislike unions for a good reason, really I do. The labor march kept protesters off the streets, which resulted in many injustices to the protesters in the streets who needed us. So people got sick of the labor and moved to the streets. The labor said that they would back us up. They fled because they had a deal with Mayor Paul Schell:
No union member would be arrested if the union rally kept protestors off the streets until 4 PM. The union would abandon the protesters and the police would attack the protesters.

At 4:30 PM on Wednesday, December 1st, the union's plan went into effect. Protesters marched to Pine and 4th. Police blocked us, stopping us all. We tried to go up Pine. More police. We started to back down 4th and we got gassed, no warning. We scattered, we regrouped on Pine and 4th. The police gassed us again. This time most people had their goggles and masks on. I took off my white undershirt and wrapped it around my face. My eyes burnt like I had barbequed them. The police rolled in the "peacekeeper". After the fact, it was realized by the protestors that since the police were outnumbered 100:1, they felt as if their lives were in danger. This was not the case, since everyone was completely peaceful and compliant to the lack of orders they didn't shout at us. On the third time I was gassed, I was so caught up the smoke that I fell down. The peacekeeper would have rolled right over me if an anarchist medic hadn't grabbed me and helped me out of there. At that point, I wanted to find a peaceful march. I wanted to regroup at 420 Denny or some such. I backed down 4th as far as I could. I saw that there was an Army Surplus store there. I asked for a gas mask. The clerk said that Mayor Schnell made it illegal to sell gas masks and that the city of Seattle was under Martial Law beginning now. If you're not aware, martial law is unconstitutional. Illegalizing protection devices is unconstitutional. Holding people without charges is unconstitutional. Etcetera. Paul Schnell was not re-elected, but before he left office, a man broke his face with a bullhorn. The Chief of Police took the blame and resigned. The new Chief of Police, Gil Kerlicowski has his shit together. That's not really a good thing, though. He decides weeks before any protest whether to pepper spray people. He never uses tear gas, but he abuses pepper spray and clubs. He focuses on significant arrests rather than, "Oh no, Mr. Bill, my SUV is stuck in traffic, arrest them all!" Strategic arrests by Chief of Police is bad for protest leaders. Protest leaders who are active in the protest get nabbed and the protest goes directly to hell. This makes for very paranoid protest leaders and often not very good protests. So you can see what N30, 1999 means to me. It began my active life as an anarchist protester.

While I might have become an anarchist protester even having not made that mural, it is significant to tell people that I wasn't just moved by popular opinion. The mural, called "Got Love", has those words, two larger-than-life size anime girls, and an early version of Javantea. It's 9 feet wide by 9 feet high and it is very cool. The second mural was "Gally Saves Jav from Zalem Tubes". It was done in two parts. The first part was Jav who originally was supposed to be the Phoenix, but it changed as I was creating it. Jav has his arms over his head. So then I decided to change it into something far better by adding Gally from Gunnm (aka. Battle Angel Alita). I took it from my favorite manga where [spoiler ahead] Gally attempts to save her boyfriend from the Zalem tubes. In my version, it is me climbing the Zalem tubes and when I fall, Gally grabs my hand and saves me. This is what the mural depicts. I must admit that Gally looks a whole lot better than Jav in this mural.

So, my third mural is already set up for this Autumn or Winter. It will be what is depicted here, Jav jumpkicking a guy. It will not only be a mural, but an advertisement for Javantea's Fate. It will be larger-than-life as are all my murals. It'll likely be 9 feet wide by 5 feet high.

*On the topic of duct tape as an artistic medium, I say that it is one of the best mediums that a person can work with. It be applied and reapplied easily. Not only can it be quickly applied for large surfaces, but also manipulated finely with an exacto knife. It is strong, very sticky, but easy to remove in the case of problems arising (see below). Actually, almost all of these came into play during University Street Fair. I brought my duct tape for a canvassing session for my police brutality group. I came up with a great idea of making a small duct tape mural of our logo: "DANGER POLICE IN AREA". I asked my wise friend if he thought that it would be okay. He said that it'd be no problem. So I started up. He thought that it would not work because I couldn't get fine enough detail. Well, I impressed him. By the time I was finishing it up, five police were watching me do it. I looked and asked my wise friend: "Should I walk away?" He said I should stand proudly. I stood humbly and art critics were amazed by the beauty of it. The police didn't do anything. They just wanted to intimidate me, which they would have had I not had a good friend to calm me down. The next day it was still there. We were getting rave reviews from all sorts of people. Then the U Street Fair director comes by. She told me that we would not have that and she tore it up with her bare hands and destroyed it. She told me that they valued their police. Her minion asks if a banner hung on a sign is ours, I gladly take it down myself. My friend comes to my defense. He tells her that free speech must be upheld by government employees. (I sincerely hope that she was not getting paid for her fascist trip.) Then he says that he would not allow her to defend murderers. He says that the artist (me) witnessed the police murder a man in cold blood. This is true yet misleading. She says that she's sorry, but police keep people safe (bullshit). Then she grabs his arm and shouts stupid stuff at him. He grabs her arm and removes it from his arm. Violence. Because of me... (Not like a fistfight, but wtf did she need to grab at him? A fascist impulse.) I tried to get them to just leave each other be, but they just fought. Then she says, "If you're going to cause trouble, I'll kick you out. Get out!" Like she owned the street. It's funny. She had no such power. The police had more justification to throw her out than they did him, but certainly not me, since I just stood there complying with whatever the fuck she said even though she's just a bitch. Obviously, she is a danger to everyone's freedom of speech. Give her an inch and she'll take a mile. She is not alone, but it is only a few stupid people like her that tell the cops to arrest innocent protesters protected by the Constitution. "I don't care! Charge them with obstruction, just fucking arrest them!" They often say.

Very late, Gotta sleep, ugh! 3 AM.
/me dies of exhaustion.
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