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Creation Date: 2002-10-12
Today, I looked into history lessons to understand things that I need to know about people and corporations I may come into contact with soon. I specifically sought out two parts of the 20th Century that interest me. One was turn of the century 1900. The second one was 1960/1970. 1900 is a very interesting time. The Spanish American war started in the first ten years of the century.

After having read the J. Edgar Hoover biography, I decided I needed to know who he was fighting that required him to abuse his authority. Mafia grew from the circumstances of turn of the century 1900 America, specifically New York. I read up on Bugsy Siegel and Lucky Luciano. The reason I started on that tangent was seeing two pictures of Bugsy and Lucky. Lucky looks like a cartoon figure, his head is shaped so oddly. Bugsy, though, looks like a million dollars, and that was a lot of money back then. Bugsy is known for creating the Flamingo in Las Vegas and being shot to death shortly after. However, he started out in Manhattan and was partner to Lucky and Meyer Lansky in an unrivaled organized criminal empire. A fairly thorough biography of the group focusing on Bugsy can be found here. His lifestyle is that of the unrelenting badass, never to be repeated - for good reason. His mugshot really did it for me, though. I can almost think of what he is thinking about, what he can see. The author of the biography explains in the introduction that he was a "textbook sociopath". The author explains very briefly what he did to make him a sociopath. I think that Bugsy is a rare specimen of nearly perfect combination of having the right stuff at the right time. The fact that he survived to age 42 doing the crazed mob guy bit shows how good he was at it. Everyone else in the mob was very mild compared to him and none of them risked 7 million in debt to build a legit gambling business that is comparable to printing money. And it was the death of him. There are theories on who killed him. I believe that it was someone who wanted to take his fluorishing business. Who took his business when he died? The mafia who had plenty of other motives to kill him, like the fact that he was insolent and dangerous. Bugsy died before J. Edgar Hoover came into the picture.

So who else did J. Edgar Hoover attack? Socialists, Communists, and anti-war in the 40s-50s. So I looked up a bit of that. I found John Lennon's FBI file. It's an intersting read if you're interested in revolution. Note to anarchists under 30: real revolutionaries don't do drugs. But the problem is that if you abstain from drugs, you go on the FBI's most wanted list. An interesting word used is "neutralize" [Page 6]. Rage Against the Machine quoted this word in one of their better songs. They were quoting FOIA testimony from an informant who said that the FBI hired him to "neutralize" Leonard Peltier who is currently serving life for a crime he did not commit: murder of two FBI agents. So FBI tried to assassinate Leonard Peltier using the word "neutralize". Then, big surprise, Lennon is assassinated. Coincidence??? Does the FBI routinely assassinate revolutionaries? They routinely jail them. They routinely beat and terrorize them. It makes perfect sense that they'd be in the assassination business also. The US Government is not your friend. The Constitution means nothing to the government and never has. It does mean something to you and to other sane and educated people. If you want it, you want to take every power away from the government who is the only one who can abuse it.

So now you know a bit more. I also looked at a timeline of Woodrow Wilson's presidency. He was a blatent racist. He got rid of the awful Jim Crow laws, which was positive. He replaced them with segregation which took Martin Luther King, Jr. most of his life to destroy. He lowered tariffs and added a graduated income tax. Yeah, that's where income tax came from. So he finishes the Spanish-American War and decides to invade the Phillipines, a massacre of innocent people who want democracy, setting a standard for all wars afterwards. So at the end of his first term, he declared neutrality to WW1. The guy gets a Nobel Peace Prize. Why? Because he is staying neutral to WW1. Good move, because the people re-elected for that reason. Then right after he's elected, he joins WW1. Why shouldn't the US have fought in WW1? The US didn't have enough men or money. The military was pretty meager back then. No problem, he just raises the income tax to afford to buy a massive navy, air force, and army. Then he drafts young men into an unpopular war. He enacts the Sedition Act which jails people who speak against anything that the government doesn't like, defying the First Amendment. His Supreme Court says that it's constitutional. Amazing, huh? He jails his political rival for making an anti-war speech. Thousands are jailed and fined for protesting the war. When WW1 finishes, what does he do? Enact international law that requires Germany to pay reperations that they cannot possibly pay without starving their people. He caused WW2 as much as Germany did. Luckily he shuffled off his mortal coil before he caused more permanent damage. The depression he threw America into caused FDR to enact more taxes: Social Security, welfare, and public works. Socialism in the US. With a totalitarian dictatorship to boot. Mafia rose out of those days. And that was only the 1920s. Since then, it's gotten worse in many respects and better in very few.

Why isn't America in worse (or at least negatively similar) circumstances than 1920s? The answer is that as fucked up as politics gets, scientists, good people, and entrepreneurs will survive anything. So what did I do tonight to generate this image? I hacked System Shock 2 using some command line converters. It wasn't easy and it still isn't done. Also, the models look like heck. The legs are truncated for some reason. I had to manually stretch them out. The joints aren't translating from proprietary E to 3ds. Also, the System Shock 2 binary model files are not the same version as the programs were made for. So I take an old version bin file and convert it to an old version E file. Then I take the old version E file and convert it to the new version bin file. Then I convert that into the new version E file. Then I convert the E file into a 3DS file. Then I can import into MS3D. Crazy, no? So then I finally got it into MS3D and what do I see? It is an ugly model. -shrug- The vertices aren't lined up properly, it isn't symmetric, and the texture doesn't line up. It does in the game, though. But what's the diff? But with a poor model and without a skeleton, it's not of much use to me. The real beauty of the System Shock 2 models is that they are decent looking end products. If that is all you want, you have to do some work to get the E format to convert correctly. Studying the structure may or may not lead to learning about how to properly skeleton a model. But the model looks bad for 650 polgons. A lof of them are bunched at non-critical points. The face needs more polygons than the back of the legs, thank you. So I am still working on the perfect model. When I get it, I'll make a thousand models from it and populate a large world with them. You know I finished reading Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson last night, so I'm inspired to write a 3d program that allows people to talk in person, face-to-face. But really, IRC does it pretty well... Putting a 3d front-end onto a perfectly fine 2d backend is stupidity, plain and simple. It's just like making an autonomous robot to cook your coffee when instead you could just have the coffee pot primed and timed. I'm not advocating that we all go back to the console. Having a 1600x1200 screen with twenty windows at a time is more important than any other convenience or usability feature for me. But just think of an OS where it was deliberately made for development of everything computer-based. Where you could just crash and burn programs at 1 million lines of code per second. Where you could display 1000 lines of code at once readably. Where you could type and debug at the same time. Where you could listen to music without it skipping all the time, watch videos, surf the net, chat with friends, read a book, and develop all at the same time. That is the hacker of the near future. Currently, I can only multitask two audio, one video, and two texts, and one output text at the same time. As the tools are better made, so does the user. When I get a better mousing situation, I'll be able to get four texts and two output text. Why? What if you're writing a book and writing a program at the same time? I need to do it all the time. When I get that, I'll want to be able to do my physics, writing a book, and writing a program at the same time. Four input texts are extremely useful and I'm working on expanding that also. Being able to source ten things conveniently would be very positive. For the program, you always need three sources: C++ manual, DirectX SDK, and sample program. For the book, you need two or three sources. For the physics, you often need three or four parts of a book open at the same time. An online physics book (hopefully coming out soon) would speed up physics and motivate students to read more. Being able to look at five pages at once would speed up the constant flipping of pages that is usually necessary to solve a single physics problem.

One might wonder, why do you want to develop at the speed of a dozen hackers? Well, if you are a lone programmer working on a big project, you're doing what a team of hackers should be doing. But if you don't want the drawbacks of a team, you get serious. The only problem that there is with hyper-development is that you have to find a lot of good projects at the same time. When one breaks down, you simply shift to another. You work as hard as you can all the time. When the work becomes boring or hard or scarce, you have to let your subconscious take care of it. If you leave anything alone for long enough, you'll be able to come back to it full force with the answer. So doing a dozen things at once, you can bounce from one to another. Being able to type fast, read fast, and do a lot of diverse things is important. Hyper-development isn't for everyone, but if you have a 1600x1200 desktop and a few skills, you're probably up to the challenge already. JF is done completely by a one person development anti-army known as Javantea.
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