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Creation Date: 2002-10-13
You know the drill, Scene 1, Pages 1-5 are up. I haven't even started Page 6, so don't ask. Ask me about this picture, but if you do that, I'll tell you what I'm writing now.

This picture is a decent looking room. It's very low poly, but is high-density with good objects. Everything is a box slightly modified. Why is the opposing wall not flat shaded? The top of the room is tilted inward. The structure is supposed to be inside a half-cylinder and it's efficient. It also break up the space. You don't want your room to be a bunch of boxes. At the base of the wall is paneling. I did that to break up space some more. The chalkboard has a genuine physics equation. It's Gauss' Law in integral form. The hi-res version is very small, check it out. It is 4 times the area, 1/6 of the bit depth, only 5kB more than the jpeg, and is a lossless png. 4-bit image that shows the color contour pretty well. Okies, so you see what is going on, right? I thought up a good plot for a game the other day and now I'm following up on it. It requires a classroom. It requires something good, so I'm working on it. I think this is a small part of a very good thing. The lighting is okay, but not good enough. In a game, I would have static lights from the ceiling. Would I put point lights at each of those fluorescent? No. It's easy enough to simply take a dark single downward directional light and two dark downward point lights. Then it'll be lit up, yet soft shaded. I'm thinking of adding a simple shadow system for my static lighting system that I am developing. But it wouldn't do anything for this page. It would do much better for outdoor city scenes. You see, I got a bunch of lights in this all pointing downward, very ambient, and a bunch of obstacles. There aren't many shadows in this room. But in a city during the daytime, the sun makes very good shadows if clouds do not scatter it making it ambient. One day I was walking around and the clouds made the light so ambient that there were no shadows except underneath my shoes. So the idea is that buildings throw huge shadows. All I have to do is take the terrain and draw a line between the sun and each vertex. Then I test the line against all the buildings. The buildings are all cubes, so the line-cube intersection calculation is very easy. I could do this every frame. It would hurt performance with no real gain if I did, though. If I had a map that is super-over-tesselated (using CLOD of course), it would produce beautiful soft shadows. If I had under-tesselated map, it would probably be ugly. If I tesselated on the fly, it would make soft shadows, but it would be very slow. A good idea would be a super-over-tesselated map and then reducing to a static map. But then the player would only get one time of day. Sometimes it makes me scratch my head when I am playing a game for four hours and the sun always stays where it started. What about indoors? Well, is there anything indoors that casts shadows? Not a whole lot, they put lights the way they do for a reason.

I'm listening to KUGR. I missed my brother's spot by fifteen minutes, but I'll catch him next week. The music is really good. I just ate three raw mushrooms with peanut butter on them. Tasty. I also ate some grapes. They didn't work with the mushrooms, but worked very well seperately. Then I put on a flannel and thick warm socks. Now, I'm drinking OJ. At 2:04 AM. I'm planning on working some more on these things. I slept in until 1 PM and didn't do very much work today. I often get very unhappy due to useless days. They happen so often that I feel I am wasting my life away. If I was making money off JF, I might look at things differently, right? I gotta remember that money isn't the end. Doing something worthwhile with my life is important. JF fits into the artistic/political expression part of self-actualization. Physics is my human advancement part of self-actualization. Reading books, checking the web for news, and programming fit in well. Etc, etc. I don't watch TV because it does not fit into self-actualization or self-preservation. You see how my mind works?

I worked on a low-poly model today. It doesn't look very good, but the parts look good alone. That's how it always works. I have to mess with the parts when they're together until they look good. The model is 270 polygons, simply amazing. The skeleton doesn't pinch very badly. I made a simple walk animation and it looks a bit goofy, but I think it'll work. I made a t-shirt for it that looks pretty cool. I'll show that one day soon. What else? I'm pulling in a lot of visitors recently. I'm happy about that. It makes me feel responsible for doing this daily. People are getting my site a lot looking for hentai. Sorry to say, but none here (yet). Hehehe... Those who are looking for hentai here, I suggest that you search Google for Nameless Manga Translation. It is my belief that well written manga is better than pr0n. It is also my belief that brightly colored games are better than drugs. It is also my belief that friendships are better than sexual partner(s). It is also my belief that good music can motivate a person to innovate more than any deadline, while deadlines are extremely motivational. It is also my belief that a hacker can r0x0r anything.
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