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Creation Date: 2002-10-24
Hello and good evening. No Scene 1, Page 6. I haven't even started it. If you haven't seen Scene 1, Pages 1-5, go take a look. I wanted to do this Making Of JF because I want to end my fear of doing JF. That's right. If you look in the past and read carefully or do a full text search, you'll find that I have a complex phobia of doing JF. For eleven days, I've been to afraid to even start work on JF. Instead of doing it, I've been finding everything and anything that I can do besides JF, even physics problem sets which I am morally obligated to do. I've gone to sleep early many nights and woken up late a few nights. It's intolerable and I wish to stop it. So tonight, I thought something up and here it is. It isn't totally original. In fact, I copied it nearly directly from the front of the Henry Art Gallery brochure cover. But inspiration doesn't deny the fact that I created something of my own that I've been thinking about seperately from the inspiration for a while.. What have I been thinking about? Paneling and Martian tubes.

The first, paneling has been on my mind for a while. What makes my indoor scenes look so ugly and boxy. My first answer was the previous Making Of JF. You can see all the paneling I used. I was pretty frugal. This one I went a bit nuts after seeing the Henry Art Gallery picture. Not completely nuts, but all I have to do is start moving vertices, rotating and scaling to make it far more crazier than the Henry Art Gallery picture. But if you know me well, you know that I find beauty in simplicity. The fewer colors, lines, curves, and time that an artist can use makes something very beautiful. That is one reason why I like anime style. There is a time and a place for gradients and airbrushing, but if everyone used gradients and airbrushes, everything would blend together. It would be very ugly without a correct use of contrast and simple structures. So where does this fit in? It's a fair use of gradients. When I look at this, I immediately think: how many hours did the radiosity take? That's cool because it was rendered in real time. That's right, but better yet it used gourand lighting. I simply had the structures broken up into different groups such that it acts like it is shaded and soft lit. Very sweet. How to do this? I don't know exactly. I do know that it happens when the normals are a bit messed up. It's an art (eg. luck), not a science, yet. If I can do this with all my structures for my game so that they all look radiosity without any multitexturing or lightmaps, it'll be a major improvement.

The second, Martian tubes are an important part of my video game. Using the word Martian is possibly misleading. When I say Martian, you think little green men. Well, that's not so. You see, human colonists on Mars will be named... Martians! So now you know my game will deal with human colonists on Mars. If it all looks much better than this version 0.001 screenshot, will you buy it? You'll probably want to know more. I can say that it will be an first/third person RPG. It will definately not be online. It will likely be available for Linux. I will be focusing on story first, beautiful graphics second, fun gameplay third, and technology last. I've written the first five pages of the story as well as the structure. It will be good stuff. The indoors of Mars ought to be far better than this screenshot and the previous one. The outdoors of Mars is an awesome sight and we all know it from NASA's pictures and 3d renderings. Also, looking at the Mars Rover mission, it's a very rough place. I'd like to see a Martian sunset myself. For gameplay, I'm going to work hard on making it everything I've wanted games to be. GTA3 was all gameplay. The story was a secondary aspect. Killing lots of people is good fun, but not in my world. I'll be putting a bunch of effort into friendly NPCs and a little bit of effort into unfriendly NPCs (this should tell you what the focus of the game is). The technology will be very light. No more than 5,000 polygons rendered at the same time on the low res version. A high res version will have up to 12,000 polygons rendered in one scene. It should run on a 400 MHz with TNT2. Since it's an RPG, the speed only counts if it goes below 30 fps. I am probably going to employ Python scripting (embedded, not extended) for story and scripting. How far am I on it? Not very, so don't expect a demo in a month. ^_^ But I like coming up with good ideas, you know?

So the next thing I want to address is the stock of free book on the first floor of Savery Hall, University of Washington, near Red Square. I got a bunch of free books while I was waiting for my E&M tutorial section. There was about fifty books about delinquency in youth. There was about a hundred sociology magazines. There were a few pulp fiction, a bunch of new age psychology books, and a few books on the American phenomena. I read the first three pages of one called "America II" by Richard Louv. It was written in 1983 and predicts the rise of the suburbs, malls, and other evil stuff. It's quite amazing. Another that I read a few pages of was "None Dare Call It Treason" by John A. Stormer. It is about communism in 1960 and is very interesting. It's how mainstream American Government was supporting communism all the while it was condemning communism. They put people in jail for speaking about communism and for suspicion of UnAmerican Activities at the same time that they funded Fidel Castro, gave fighter jets to China, and nuclear reactors to Russia. Is it interesting to think of the possibility that America simply conjured the Communist threat to allow for unmeasurable repression here in the US. It's not surprising. Another book I really like is the Solaris 2.3 Advanced User's Guide. While Solaris is not Linux, it is unix-ish. It has the same structure: vi, ls, cd, /usr/, etc. So that will help me when I can't seem to figure out how to copy a file from my CD-ROM to my hard drive using the Linux Shell. It took me an hour to figure that out. If you don't know what command to use, you can't do a manual search on it. A few of them aren't natural and most of them are not the same as Windows. It happens...

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