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Creation Date: 2002-07-03
This picture was a bit rushed, but it's a pretty decent picture. The faces definitely weren't rushed. Using the AltSci Relative Face Manipulation System, I built the face on the right. I added facial features (eyes, hair, nose, mouth), and finished. By that time, I had the second person's face already in my mind so I took the Face and morphed it into the face on the left. You can't recognize it, can you? Well, of course not. I disguised it. But you might be able to see that the vertexes are n*m pixels different from other face (where n is an variable integer and m is an constant integer). Heheh. Too much Quantum Mechanics. My final was this morning. I failed the class, sad to say, but I'll survive. Perhaps JF will not.

About the motivation for the picture. These two guys are two of the anarchists that kidnapped the eight UN riot police in the LA riots of 2012.

"Retaliation is not the right word for what we did on April 14. A world of change is the motivation for our acts. My only regret is that I will have to cheer on the anarchists that will destroy the UN in the next few years from a prison cell. But if the anarchists use haste, we political prisoners might be freed sooner than 400 years from now."

More on the picture. I made the front of the hair on each of these guys and I decided that it wasn't enough. So I added a copy of the first one. Then I modified, copied, pasted, and repeated. That's really what it takes to make a good head of hair. It doesn't matter what type of hair you want. Hair is hair. Actually, hair is dead protein in long strings. Not every hair is alike, but it certainly is a pretty constant system for drawing. Curly hair is curly in all directions, straight hair is straight in all directions. Wavy hair is wavy in all directions. One thing about modelling it is that hair is more or less linear. That makes for really terrible modelling. So instead, you find the pattern and draw that. I like drawing hair as 2d surfaces. Sometimes I go all out for volumes, but usually I say that it's no good. A good idea to think about it is how does the hair clump and how thin the hair is. If it's like mine, the front is in clumps and is extremely thin. The back is thicker, so I put a bit of volume with it. Anime hair usually uses the wavy technique, which is to make thin clumps that spring from the top, bangs, and sides and resolve to points at the end. What else? I guess that was the lesson, although it's not as concise as the rest. If I wanted to summarize, I'd say: build your character's hair using the thickness factor and clumping factor. Often, people get their hair cut so that it's even to the ends. This makes it so that one strand is longer than the rest. That makes for points like anime characters. Another way to get this effect is to not cut your hair at all. Your hair becomes uneven and as your hair grows around your facial features (eyes, ears, shoulders, and even nose), it becomes curly. I don't particularly like the back hair curling, but my hair means something.

That's right, even my hair has a political agenda. =) I have a little speech for it even. Want to hear it? Well, you get a choice. Read the next paragraph or Buy the Ultimate Weapon for you and your children.

A long time ago, back in the sixties, people wore their hair long and talked about peace, love, and communism. These same people now talk about retaliation, hate, responsibility, capitalism and totalitarianism. Today, I wear my hair long and talk about peace, love and anarchism. I will continue to wear my hair long and continue to speak about peace, love, and anarchism in hope that one day in the future those people will remember what really matters.

A lot of things can be said about the past, present, and future. My mom was telling me about Gen X, how they strived for change in the sixties and now they finally have their presidents in power and look at how they got just what they wanted. Fascism. Exactly what they wanted. Here I am and I strive for change in the Y2k. Perhaps in twenty years, my anarchist president will be in power and I'll have just what I want. But then there'll be a twenty-year-old that says that he wants socialism. I'll say, "Tough shit you fucking hippie and the cycle will repeat." I don't think that's a very viable solution. The human race doesn't cycle that much, does it? Historians can argue with me. I say that this is the cycle we're going to end. Want to hear my reasoning? Gen X has been fucking with Gen MTV since our birth. Our babysitter, MTV was the first assault on us. During and after that, grade school through high school, a complete farce. Now, we see Gen X's militant government. No, Gen X isn't going to let it cycle at all. Neither is Gen MTV. I can only pray that the war will not be as bloody as I can imagine. Not only do I pray that Gen MTV no be murdered by their parents, but that Gen MTV does not stoop to Gen X's level. Until now, it's been a cold war. Destroying each other's economic systems, building up arms, having small skirmishes, and fighting amongst ourselves. The first actual shot fired in the war will likely end up with a civil war. I think it's Gen MTV's responsibility to not fire the first shot nor the second, or third. As long as the Gen Xers don't get immortality or brainwashing, they will fall when their time comes.

I speak harsh words, but really inside my head, I'm envisioning a peaceful revolution. I was optimistically hoping that it'd be the Y2k bug, but no go. WTO? It was just the unifying of the forces for anarchy. School massacres? Friendly Fire for all I'm concerned. The fall of the net economy? It's causing pandemonium, but not really... The response to the terrorist attack on Sept 11? Fuel on the fire. What's going to do it? I hope it's not something terrible. I really hope it's not... Winter Comic has a bit of this angle. A very high quality comic.

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