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Creation Date: 2002-11-05

Now that I have found that Windows BMP does not suit my needs, I must choose between an open source alternative. Both TIFF and PNG are open source and are likely to stay completely free in the future. Both have compression and both have alpha channel support. PNG is better at compressing. TIFF supports uncompressed and will support new types of compression in the future. TIFF would support jpeg if the dirty bastards didn't fuck with the license. Anyhoo, both have good supporting libraries. The compatibility of each format with OpenGL may be a deciding factor. While PNG was fairly easy to try, it has a bug that I can't fix immediately. We can see if TIFF is easier to work with. Probably not. Stability is important to me. Also, the ability for people to export their images into the format is important, since I won't be the only person to use it.

So I got screenshots in PNG perfectly. It's good stuff. This picture is it. I may give TIFF a try, but PNG is good. I worked with GIMP and got an alpha channel and it works with PNG and TIFF. As you can see, I haven't gotten alpha channels in yet. But that's alright. The three images were three screenshots taken of EG1 in AltSci3D v4.6.3 Linux/OpenGL/C++. It's a mouthful, but I expect that it will take a shorter name soon, so it will be codename "Hack Mars". If you read the past Making Of JFs, you know what that means. I tried working on Apache 1.3 (Apache 2 doesn't support PHP fully) and PHP4.2. I got them working sorta kinda, but the php domxml isn't working, so I got a little ways before I can write these rants on Linux. Then, it'll be sweet. You'll see PNGs taken from Linux/OpenGL/C++, read rants written on an Apache PHP website, uploaded by a Linux box onto a Linux box running Apache. That would be sweet. Open Source rules!

My socialist housemate said that he was depressed about the recent Microsoft decision. Linux people might also be depressed about this. But they should not be. I was wearing my Microsoft shirt today by accident, but it could have been on purpose. I fully support Microsoft in whatever they do. The competition of Microsoft is a positive influence on Linux. The fact that Linux is winning smart developers, new users, and large companies by the simple fact that it is cheaper is undeniable. In fact, Neal Stephenson wrote a great essay on how Microsoft is killing itself by chaining its decent software to an inferior operating system (Windows et. al.). It's also chaining its operating system to an inferior browser. I use Opera for 90% of my stuff.

The lesson for the day is to keep at it. Do not stop. If you stop for a week, you are bound to lose a second week. If you keep moving, you are always making progress. Of course, you must ensure that you are true to your number one purpose. But after that, you keep yourself going. If you feel drowsy, you're obviously not working on something that interests you. If it interested you in the past, reassess it. If you are stuck, work around it. That's what I'm doing. I found a problem with my object structure. I need the input to tell the model what to do. How do I do it? In Electricity and Magnetism, I found a way, but before I get to it, I did the screenshot. Why do I need screenshots? You always need screenshots. And your product isn't done until it's all done. My GUI needs an alpha channel, so I'm killing two birds with one stone doing the PNG file writing algorithm. If you want to do PNG writing, download the BMP2PNG source code and find a function called write_png(char *fn, FILE *fp, IMAGE *img); it is almost exactly what you want. Sadly, it is not exactly. But that's the fun of reading Unix manual files and reading <png.h>. If you are a hacker, you should be home with that. Then when you load files, you can use the PNG format. Might I add that PNG supports 1, 4, 8, 16, 24, and 32 bit images, Palletted and true color, alpha and key color, compressed, and open source. That's pretty snazzy, right? I'm headed back and I might implement my pathing system or my user input character control system.

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