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Creation Date: 2002-11-18
I've been neglecting JF for a long time. That's about to stop. Or maybe it won't. Today in church*, I had a random thought about the importance of Scene 7. You'll see why I had the vision in church when you see Scene 7. It's only a few months of dev away; if I just start dev now, I'll finish it in a few months, right? It makes sense. I can finish Scene 1 in a week. Then I start moving into Scene 6. I can work really hard on models and such and give _you_ a beautiful Scene 6 John Woo-esque as if Scene 5 wasn't Hong Kong enough for you. Scene 6 will feature an SUV, a mountain bike, and amazing firepower. Beyond that, I can't tell you. But Scene 7 will be very emotional rather than action-packed. Err, actually I just looked at the script... After page 4 or so maybe, it'll tone down.

*Yes, I am a Christian. I am not ashamed to say it on this rant. I often try to keep it quiet (except when I'm in church) so that people don't prejudge me. The content of my character should be apparent without the knowledge that I am a Christian. I'll just leave it at that for now.

I thought that it was interesting thought that I share the innovations and decisions of JF with no one. I don't mean share as in Open Source. If anyone wants the source to AltSci3d Manga Director, I will give it to them. I mean share as in lacking total control. No one tells me that Scene 5 needs to be longer. No one tells me that I need to use lighter language in Scene 2. No one tells me that advocating drug use in minors will get me arrested and/or killed by the DEA, BATF, etc. No one tells me that anarchy doesn't sell. No one but me comes up with content for JF. That's not true with a lot of 'creative' artists. Putting creative in quotes doesn't detract from their creativity. But usually when someone thinks of creativity, they are looking for some person, not a bunch of suits. Artists may be social animals, but largely in commercial entertainment that often passes itself as art is the production of many people, many of whom are not the performers. I call it fakeness. A manufactured act like Britney Spears that preys on hormone-driven teens and old men feels very fake to me. I try to listen to indy and local music and look for artists who are non-commercial, but still high quality. They are out there. But I like the fact that I control what you get here. You aren't getting any CIA-mind control stuff here. ^_^ Along that path, a few years ago, I went wild for 80s music because if the CIA was trying to control people's minds with the music, it would be a totally different signal than they would want in 1995. It looks like it worked, I'm a 'radical'. Depeche Mode and Billy Idol rock, though.

So you want your lesson. First off, listen to 80s or early 90s grunge music. Or really, any music that is not mainstream and not present. If you listen to a top 40 alternative or rap radio station, you are already brainwashed and I can predict that you don't like this rant. Listen to techno, specifically rave, hardcore, house, trance, and dance. The Happy Hardcore that I found on Kazaa Lite is absolutely wonderful. You can't go wrong. If you're in the Seattle area like me, you can listen to KEXP 90.3 FM, which is a part of Experience Music Project. It's good stuff if you are doing radio instead of p2p. While my sound card and network card weren't working under Linux (the network card still doesn't work), I listened to my radio and KEXP was kept me happy while the top 40 alternative station just made me angry with constant evil commercials and repeating many bad songs. There are some decent top 40 songs, but I'd just get them in mp3 (use ogg if you are free as in speech and free as in beer) or CD (if I wanted to support 'creative' artists) if I wanted to listen to them. So you've got that idea, right? Listen to a lot of it and you'll become a Christian, anarchist, physicist, pacifist radical like me. ^_^ Okay, so that's not a very good lesson. If you believe in any CIA conspiracy theory you hear of, you're probably looping Billy Idol backwards anyways. A better lesson is how to get your Sound Blaster Live! Value card to work with your Slackware Linux distro. Specifically, Slackware 8.1 with a compiled 2.4.19 kernel. The problems that arise are: no initial drivers, compiling is hard, and SB Live! conflicts with XFree86. The initial drivers problem is easily solved. Just get the new drivers: "emu10k1". Compile your kernel. Change directory to "/usr/src/linux/". "make menuconfig" and select the SB Live! under the sound menu, "make bzImage", "make modules" "make modules-install". Then copy "/arch/i386/boot/bzImage" to "/boot/vmlinuz". Certain things can be done with lilo, but you'll have to look elsewhere for it (rtfm). Done. At that point, you don't get very far. Then you can try the driver out. "modprobe emu10k1". Okay, now find a wave file. "cat Louis*.wav >/dev/dsp" If you hear something, that's a good sign. It doesn't have to be perfect. It's just "cat". Then, try an mp3, "mpg123 Louis*.mp3 -cdr /dev/dsp". If that plays, you are home free. Not. Now try to open up XFree86. "startx" and it will likely give you a nasty crash. If it doesn't, your problem is solved. If it does, I have the complicated solution: simply do not "modprobe emu10k1" before you "startx". You have to do it afterwards. For me, it was "/etc/rc.d/rc.modules" that had a line that said "/sbin/modprobe emu10k1" which did the trick. Well, put a # in front of that. Then do startx. When you get in, open up Konsole and "modprobe emu10k1". Then your sound card will work. Then you can listen to mp3s like I am right now.

So this picture is... The AltSci logo: AltSci Goggles. Around it is path that my camera took. The path is an AltSci Accelerated Particle Path. That means that the camera has constant acceleration. This is important and it also uses Real Physics, which is not dependent on dt, which is a big plus over other physics systems. Note that there are colors involved in the path lines. The blue lines are accelerated paths and the cyan lines are constant velocity (half the time they are zero and thus not visible, but the other half is max velocity and thus can be very long, while blue are a certain short length).

What else? It's 3:13 AM and I gotta go to sleep. G'nite.

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