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Creation Date: 2002-12-15
The PNG version of this is absolutely huge. 1700 pixels or so. If it crashes your computer, send me the bill. Wait, don't. Send the bill to the maker of the software that didn't allow for large pictures (likely Microsoft if it's IE or KDE if it's KPaint or Konqueror). They'll probably send it back to you saying that you agreed in the EULA that the damage resulting in using their product is to be paid by you. A malicious hacker who wants to crash someone's computer quickly can simply make a huge blank image compressed with PNG and social engineer it to you. Since most programs allocate the uncompressed amount of data, you'll lose all your physical memory and a lot of your swap. If you don't have a Gig of swap, lots of physical memory, and a fast computer, you're a gonner. Why do programmers give the malicious ones all the power and denies it to the benevolent hacker? Because the benevolent hacker exploits the computer to everyone's mutual benefit (a tough task) while the malevolent hacker uses his/her knowledge to benefit only him/herself at the cost of others (an easy task). That, my hacker-in-training friends, is your lesson for tonight. Use your knowledge for the benefit of everyone or keep it inside your walls. I am living proof: people that come here will see my hacking and benefit. If they do not benefit, they will not come here.

So what exactly is this picture of? It is an organic city on Mars. The circles are buildings in the shape of a tin can. The buildings are twenty feet in diameter. The lines are tubes between the buildings. If you are outside (in a rover or spacesuit), both the tubes and buildings are impassible. So why is it all wacky? Why don't I just line them up in a row? That is the whole point. No, it is not artistic at all. I used simple mechanical constraits to decide where to put the buildings. Say that there are people living in one of these buildings, right? Where is a good place to put their rover? Right outside, of course. But how do they get their rover out of there? They need a route to the outside. So that is a constraint on the building. Not only do they need a path from each building to the outside, but it has to be a decent path. It can't be thin, windy, long, or otherwise. Then, we understand that all the buildings have to be connected at least to its necessities (air, water, electricity, etc). So I made a small group of buildings that fit that constraint. You can see that there's one that is repeated, that is it. This definately isn't the only one nor is it the best in any way; I just came up with it off the top of my head. So then I copied it and pasted a few times. To continue the constraints with the copies, how do I place them? Well, I just did a similar thing on the higher level. By my calculation, there are 434 buildings. All of them have easy access to the outside. All of them are connected to one another. If 80% of those buildings were homes and each could hold 6 people with an average of 3.5 people, there could be 1200 people on Mars. Of course, that isn't realistic. Why not? 3.5 means 2 parents 1.5 children. 20% of the buildings are business and can hold six people. That means there can only be 522 workers. The rest have to be homemakers, adventurers, mobile repairers, and children. We know how many children there are: (1.5/3.5) * 1200 = 514. That means there are 1200 - 522 - 514 = 164 homemakers, mobile repairers, and adventurers on Mars. Sure there'd be mobile repairers and adventurers, but not 164. Homemakers on Mars doesn't make sense. If the cans could hold 7 or 8, it would cut homemakers to only those who can afford to: 0. That would make more sense. Of course, if we're assuming children, we're thinking pregnant women. How many weeks do women miss work for pregancy? (Note how I don't ask how many months they miss.)

But what exactly would people be doing on Mars? What did people do when they got to America? Genocide? Probably not. Probably building an advanced civilization based on liberty or something. I have this idea. Robert Zubrin is the best supporter of Martian colonization that I know of. He wrote The Case For Mars explaining in-situ propellant and a cost-effective plan to colonize Mars. That's right, a cost-effective plan. He talked with Newt Gengrich years ago about the government making a high-prize contest of Martian exploration. It would cost the government nothing unless Mars was explored and it would cost them a fraction of the cost of any NASA mission. American capitalists would design, build, and implement Mars exploration missions on their own dime and when their mission was finished, the government would give them the multi-million dollar prize in exchange for rights to reproduce the product publicly. The first humans on Mars will not be military test pilots, but rather scientists paid by capitalists and capitalists themselves. They're working for a 2010 launch. A lot can happen between now and 2010.

My video game that I'm developing assumes that the first human on Mars lands on 2007. By then, there will be plenty of reason to live on Mars and the cost will be down to $1 million per person. The annual salary on Mars will be $3 million. After a year, a person could bring over 2 family members. Then, exponentially the population will grow. In fact, the survival rate will be 100% after the first 100 colonists and so banks will even give people high-interest $1m loans to go if they are in good health and have a job lined up. By 2024 (the setting of my game), there are 4000 people on Mars and you are a second generation Martian teenager. You kinda get the idea, right? It'll be a story-based single-player RPG. I'm going to put a huge emphasis on story, but it will be third-person fully 3d interactive. It'll have the 3d anime-ish look of Javantea's Fate and it will be set in the JF world. No, it will not be NetHack|Quake. ^_^ It will be native to Linux and I will port it to Windows. It has the same development timeline as Javantea's Fate, which means in the next two years. Don't doubt too much because I've already got something as good as AltSci3D Manga Director running in Linux. I'm going to use the same engine for Hack Mars and AltSci3D Anime Director / Producer / Viewer. If I can just fix these silly bugs and get working on content, implementation of collisions, and advanced scripting / AI.
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