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Creation Date: 2003-01-16
First, mega-props go to theJapanesePage.com for this picture. I looked up "learn basic Japanese kanji" on Lycos and it gave me that page. This is the first kanji I was set to learn at that site. I went through numbers, days of the week, people, verbs, and adjectives. Of course, I'll have to go through them five or six more times to get so I can write most of them down at the speed of thought. But with that site, I'm learning Japanese kanji. All of the kanji I learned are from the Level 4 Japanese language proficiency test, the lowest level. With a bunch of studying, I may be able to pass the level 4 test by this June. To pass the level 4 test, one must get 60% on the test divided into three sections: characters and vocabulary, listening comprehension, and reading comprehension and grammar. The reading comprehension and grammar is worth twice what the other two are. The test is 100 minutes long and the site suggests 150 hours of study (wow!). Of course, the test is only given each December. So perhaps, I could get past the much harder level 3 test by then. Why am I learning Japanese? So that I can visit Japan and talk to various people in Japan who may wish to speak less English. Why do I want to go to Japan? I want to see what their society is like and why they are the sei kai ichi at making anime. Not just because I like anime, but I think I would like a society that values anime more than live action movies and has a piece in their constitution denoucing violence and war. (Note: it was only after two atomic bombs hit two of their cities that they came to that conclusion, but one can't question the motives of truth.) They certainly have their priorities straight, though.

So, next we have a bit of whining to do. I have neglected JF for a long, long time. I had planned on working on JF while I was in Spokane, but I never got to install MilkShape3D on the computer over there, let alone doing work on Scene 1. I am hoping to work on that this week or next. It's pretty crazy, so I won't promise anything. I'm really in the dumps right now, you know. I've got these simple, yet bold decisions that I must make that could end in terrible disaster and I am simply allowing them to slide. I have large responsibilities that may end in terrible disaster if I let slide and I'm pushing them to tomorrow. I have a few projects that I have started and could end in amazing beauty and I'm neglecting it. So I look back in the past when I was doing the same thing. I think: Gosh, it was so easy to do what I needed to do and I just was afraid of it. All I have to do is 'just do it'. But I cannot, I will not. Why? I shake my head in disappointment. I don't quite know. I do know that I'm going to wake up in seven hours and solve two of those responsibilities (school and work). When I get home, I'll work on the aforementioned projects (JF and Japanese). But I'm going to let the decisions slide a little.

I got my first message from a person I don't know who found JF. He was looking for the rave scene in Seattle. Technically, I haven't been to any raves here. But there is a decent club scene that I have been to. I actually can tell you that to find raves, you should look on bulletin boards. There is one on the web here which has three, I repeat three raves this month of January! I told my friends back in Spokane two years ago that I liked Seattle because it had culture that Spokane did not. This is what I meant. Zero raves in Spokane, 3 in Seattle in a single random month. And the UW campus is littered with adverts for decent raves. NWLNC has thrown a few raves and will throw a few more. In fact, there are a few techno businesses here in Seattle, too. Off the top of my head, Groovetech is pretty sweet.

Since I am publishing info on raves, I will also publish a few opinions on the topic. Raves are in themselves positive. People getting together with dancing and electronica in common and dancing to electronica is a positive experience for all those involved. When I say positive, what do I mean? Simply that without it, situations would be worse. When raves are snuffed out by beareaucrats and police, people would still do drugs, but they wouldn't have anything to spend their energy on, a very negative thing. Want proof? Spokane, WA, USA has absolutely nothing positive to do and so what do young people do? Drugs, alcohol, go to the mall, hang out, and not much else. Here in Seattle, there are raves, arcades, a 2600 group, coffeeshops, clubs, modern art museums, you name it. But still there are a bunch of beareaucrats who want to see exactly those last bastions of freedom (read sanity) gone. I am more against drugs than most of those who blame raves for drugs, but the rave is the positive, not the negative.
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