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Creation Date: 2001-12-16
If you're drawn in this picture, this picture is not a mystery. However, if you're drawn in this picture, you shouldn't be looking at it yet. For everyone else, this is a true picture. Or at least semi-true. Last summer, the crew and I went to Power Lake, Washington and camped out for a night. It rained 70% of the time, but I loved it. Center of the pic is me, Javantea. To the right is Brianne and to the left is Kim. Brianne and Kim are my good friends, but we aren't any more than that. That's cool because Kim is dating my best friend in Spokane, Josh. I've mentioned Josh before. We've been friends since 8th grade. At one point, I was jokingly trying to steal Kim from him, but she likes him a bunch. I gotta admire that. Brianne is pregnant (she was when this event happened) and I haven't heard anything about her and her fiance` getting married. But what you want to know is what took to draw this pic? Well, it's interesting. First came Brianne's face. Then came Kim's face. Then came Kim's body. Then Came Brianne's body. Then I did something wild for Jav's body. I took my 3d model of Jav (version 34 if you're keeping count) and animated it to make it look like he's swimming. Then I took a picture of it and traced it into Corel Draw. So what I did was: take a 2d vector graphic, turn it into 3d, then render it and turn it back into 2d vector graphic. Funny, huh? I got a kick out of it too. Using this method, it would be possible to make Javantea's Fate a normal comic. Actually, I was thinking that I'd turn Javantea's Fate into a black and white comic so that I could publish it easier. All I'd have to do is 1) Make the textures black and white/grayscale. 2) Make the lighting black and white/grayscale. 3) Use dithering to get a screen tone instead of grayscale. Other stuff could be done to make it even better (banding, etc), but I'm going to let it be for now.

I almost didn't do this image. Actually it's 11 PM and I don't know what I'll put. It's not because I'm lazy, but it's because I have a few other things going. The first is my Electromagnetics Final tomorrow. That wouldn't phase me because I know the outcome and it's nothing I can change without a miracle. The second would be this tape I'm listening to. A friend in my Advent Small Group gave me this tape that she thought may be helpful for me. For reference, I am a member of University Presbyterian Church of Seattle, Washington. It's a wonderful place to worship our Lord Jesus and to help each other. About this tape, I finally opened it up and took out my old funky Tape player and plugged it in. Well, this tape is called "Reasons to Belive". It's a tape of a lecture by a Astrophysicist and Christian. It gives solid scientific reason on how the God of the Bible must exist. I'm thoroughly excited about it. So now I'm listening to it and I'm even recording a part of it (the part about nanotechnology). I'm interested in one thing in particular: the fact that scientists are proving God no matter what research they do. That gives me hope. No matter how atheists try to skew scientific data, the fact is that if science is correct and the God of the Bible is correct, they will agree. The wording might be different, but the ideas will need to be the same.

What else? Thursday I leave for Spokane. You might remember me saying earlier that Spokane is not hell. However, it is not my cup of tea. But the good outweighs the evil, I'm afraid. My brother is driving from San Diego for Christmas. Wow, nice of him. So then we have a family gathering thing happening. I wouldn't want to miss that. Secondly, my parents are bribing me. ^-^ They've bribed me before and it hasn't worked, but I'm happier to take free money for nothing these days. Never fear, I've figured out a way to put up Making Of from home.

Ya know, I've decided that I want to graduate this year. I really do. My advisor, Margot Nims says that I can do it. I think I can. I might have to slow down Jav's Fate a bit. However, I'm going to give you something cool instead. Everyday, I'm going to teach high-level Physics. This is going to start almost immediately. I'm going to teach Electromagnetics (Physics 321) over winter break as I learn it myself.

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