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Creation Date: 2003-01-29
"Do you think you can tell heaven from hell? Blue skies from pain? Can you tell a green field from a cold steel rail? A smile from a veil. Do you think you can tell? Did they get you to trade, your heros for ghosts? Hot ashes for trees. Hot air for a cool breeze. Cold comfort for change? Did you exchange a walk on part in the war for a lead role in a cage? How I wish, how I wish you were here. We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl year after year. Running over the same old ground, how we found the same old fears, wish you were here." -- Pink Floyd, "Wish you were here"

I listened to this, fittingly at the end of a documentary about how the JFK assassination was not possibly orchestrated by the lone gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald. The real killers may still be out there and they obviously had help from high-up government officials. I get emotional when hearing this kind of thing. Even though JFK was not my president and I didn't especially like his policies too much, to hear of injustice such as this causing so much damage for gain of unknown evil individuals makes me almost want to cry.

I've cried several times regarding the result of the Shawn Maxwell shooting and injustice served at the inquest. To see such injustice really hits me very solidly.

In fact, I cried when I read into the Kurt Cobain death. The Seattle police obviously disregarded any evidence of Cobain dying from an overdose of heroin before he was shot in the head. A person cannot shoot themselves when they are dead. They also disregarded several clues like shell casing landing in the opposite place that it should. They also disregarded the fact that a person cannot shoot themself in the head with a shotgun and not get blood anywhere. In other words, Kurt Cobain was murdered and whoever did it recieved help from the Seattle Police.

A question asked by the Law Party is: "What are we going to do about this shit?!" There are two obvious answers that are both happening all the time. The first is to dismiss each case as a conspiracy theory and say how tragic Kurt's suicide was (his song "You know you're right" is a dead giveaway). The second is to lament over it and try to change it with whatever means (usually none) you have. An interesting deviation of the second method is to embarrass (and destroy through humiliation) those people who are directly involved. Mike Ruppert explained how the second method will never work by showing video of the JFK assassination again and again. He explains that we have an orgy of evidence that says that JFK assassination was a conspiracy, that video being the key point. But no one will ever get caught for killing JFK, will they? No. In fact, no one will get caught for the CIA selling drugs/guns. Mike Ruppert, though, was able to destroy one key person in the CIA by exposing the conspiracy in public and showed that the person to be a liar. He embarrassed him and subsequently that person lost a big promotion. Will that stop the CIA from selling drugs? No.

Let's brainstorm, how to stop CIA from selling drugs? A democrat in oval office? Tying the hands of the CIA in red tape? ^_^ Take away their entire budget? No. A revolution? Sure... *not!* Effective drug education? Aha! Now that's the right direction. Legalization? Perfect! Without the amazing buying power of the entire black market, there is no profit in the CIA trafficing drugs. I think that the worst problem with that would be... slavery in opium farms like the cocoa farms in certain parts of Africa. *nod* And how do we get rid of the slavery in cocoa farms? Stop eating chocolate. *shrug* Donate to the slave-freeing movement that is under attack by the UN/US.

What am I rambling on about? I want the reader to see a bit of a methodology. You see a problem and you think for maybe twenty minutes, brainstorming. You can think about what certain problems are that exist in the system and you find clear ways to stop them. Usually such a solution exists such that a person can act upon it and "be a part of the solution". Even if the problem is not solved, the person can influence others positively to promote the solution. Today's lesson is deep and it certainly won't end today. To learn to live correctly takes years even after you have dedicated your life to justice, truth, freedom, peace, and free beer. Do what you can today, but ensure that you can do more tomorrow and repeat the process tomorrow. "Forget the world, change yourself."

I have decided that will be my method of action. I have thought about problems and solutions for approximately nine years (ages 12-21) and I have found my course of action. My main decisions: serve God, speak out against violence/war, act and speak for freedom of every kind, work for freedom/good, and to advance science. Writing these down in a "spider web" we can draw a line from anything I do or say to one or more of these decisions. Where does JF fit, for example? JF can connect with speaking out against violence (it isn't clear yet, is it?), speaking for freedom (errrm, Scene 2...), and one other, guess.

So this picture is simple because I wanted to make things simple for you. It explains yesterday's pointer system. It's a simple program written in C, except there is no int main(). I guess I could rename init() to "int main()" and it would work, but I like a function outside of main() that does the real work. So you'd have a function called int main() that would simply call init(); and you'd be done. A few other small things prevent this picture from being compilable. Can you list them? Undefined variables. row, col, running, width, height, and bit_depth. The data should be handled somehow. But a major thing which will not stop it from compiling, but will stop it from being useful is that it lacks any output. You can't just name a variable screen and suppose that it will show up. In fact, getting the framebuffer is hard. Usually you just send your data to the appropriate library (OpenGL, X, fbdev, or Win32). Easier, C comes with printf(); You need to at least do a printf("hello world.n"); to be a real program. Programs that have no effect on anything are called daemons. =P Hahaha. Just kidding. Running the daemon httpd has revolutionized the world we live in. All the internet daemons are amazing in how powerful they are. But it is true that without user input, certain daemons (like httpd, etc) do nothing.

Anyhoo, this image should give you a new appreciation for your computer. Assembly coders should feel right at home looking at those numbers. Those numbers are the hex addresses in memory. So the program is at 3000, then init is at 3020, edit is at 3040, change is at 3060, exit is at 3100, and the actual runtime data is at 3900 and 4000. So each thing with a * is a pointer. *screen is a pointer to an Image. *data is a pointer to an Image's data. Note the function change() has a parameter *image. That allows us to pass the pointer of Image without having to pass the actual image (*very* useful if you don't want to spend all your time copying data to and from the stack). What's really cool is that if you had a hundred images, they could each call that change function and get the same result. Another problem with my program is that it is an endless loop. You can see that there is no way to end and it won't end naturally as long as running is not changed to false. Simply change running to false after a successful draw might solve the problem, but would only allow you to edit and draw once. A good user-interface program will take in the user input and exit when they want to. In C, that's a scanf("%c", &cTest); In C++, it's a cin >> cTest; or something like that... If you want programming lessons from me, I can probably give you a few. But don't ask me about VBScript, VB, Cobol, Delphi, Forth, BF, etc. ^_^ Real programmers use the right tools for a good job everytime: C++, C, Python, and Bash.

Know the value of thinking for one's self. And with that, I leave you.
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