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Creation Date: 2003-01-30
Making of JF three days in a row? Naw... I just wanted to say a few things. Download the Postscript document. There's a law that's coming into popularity that is going to limit Clear Channel. Most people would think that I would like this since I sincerely dislike Clear Channel. But this is not the case. While I love indy radio, especially internet radio, I support Clear Channel under one condition. ^_^ What is that condition? That the FCC not prosecute pirate radio stations that compete with Clear Channel. The fact that a person is required to buy the ability to transmit data around his/her house is ludicrious. If my machine can create a signal, then by gosh I'm going to transmit! But no, I need to pay the government money and I need to refrain from talking about certain things. Like what? Like: "FUCK YOU FCC! Lick my pirate radio boot, you mofo pigs!" If I said that on radio, I'd get a huge fine. But more, I have to pay to fire beams of light at a certain MegaHertz frequency. Absolute rot! Oh, we don't want to distort those others speech, no... We only want people who are making a lot of money saying things that we wouldn't mind our grandmothers to hear. You illegalize online radio, making it so expensive that anyone who wants to has to be Clear Channel or Yahoo?. So in order to offset your gross overbearing monopoly you caused by supressing free speech, you're going to stop a moneymaking business from making money? So you will only allow Clear Channel to broadcast, but you won't let them broadcast? Listen to me people, when the FCC catches my pirate signal and sues me, I'm going to pull a Fountainhead (read it to find out my solution).

After reading Ayn Rand's Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged, I understand the way of anarcho-capitalism. Capitalism is by itself a good thing. It is voluntary, mutually benefitial to all those who participate and requires no violence that people do not invoke seperately. In other words, without capitalism, there would be more violence and injustice to get the same thing done. From history, we see that this has been the case. It is possible to live in peace without capitalism, but you must trust your neighbors to work as hard as you. How can you do that? Make it worth their while by giving them what they want. But how? You can't make everyone happy. And that is where capitalism comes in. A person decides that they are willing to work a certain amount for another person in order to get what he/she wants. If that second person agrees, there becomes employment. The employer values the employee's work and pays him/her accordingly. The employee can then spend his earnings on food, shelter, and entertainment. The employer gets the work he wants. There are a few kinks to this, but it does _not_ have anything to do with capitalism itself. The first is when the worker wants/needs more than the employer is willing to give. The person can decide to stop working there. But then the employer must hire someone else. Are there scabs who are willing to exploit themselves? If not, the employer must pay up. If so, then that person has to find a job that will pay them. If there isn't, then that person should go find a corner to ask for change or find a commune to grow carrots. That is the way of capitalism. Ayn Rand goes a bit radical, but she makes a bit of sense. The way against profit is the way to destruction you cannot survive without creating enough to survive. It cannot be forced, Atlas has a weapon: shrugging. She shows through fiction that without the CEOs, the worker cannot control. This is no reason for exploitation. If you read Ayn Rand, you see that all the good CEOs pay their workers well because they want want good workers. But if you don't like capitalism, you can do what you want. Go grow carrots. Capitalism does not force you to work that crap job, socialism _does_. That is why as an anarchist, I identify with the capitalists because if capitalism is so bad, you can walk away.

But wait, what about those who do walk away? You're right, non-caplitalists are usually brutalized by the police, because they enforce laws that are based on everyone owning a home and staying inside their home when injustice occurs. Who wrote the laws? Who told the police chief to tear gas those protestors? Democrats, republicans, socialists, fascists, media, the capitalists whose windows were vandalized, and every person who watches the dumpsters burning. But the only person there who has a right to ask for retribution is the capitalists who usually just get burned by the government anyway.

When protestors don't vandalize anything, the police still pepper spray us. Why? It is not the capitalists, I can tell you that. It's the fascists, socialists, democrats and republicans, media, and those who like to watch people getting pepper sprayed on TV. Why? Order. It's a pretty word for sticking your head in the sand. People have this idea that injustice is not a good enough reason to stop them in a traffic jam. That's right. The innocent child murdered by our government and military doesn't deserve a blocked street in its name. These people say, "If we blocked the street every time a child is murdered by our government and military, we'd never get anything done." That's right. And I'm not going to get work done to pay the government taxes so that they can buy a bullet for the next child. Fuck them, I'm blocking the street because the killing is going to stop and if it's going to stop it's going to stop with me. It's going to start with your car stopping for five minutes while I scream at our government for the previous thousand children and the next thousand children they are _killing_. My brother (a former-marine) and I argued four or so years ago whether the American military murders children. He said that they absolutely did not and that I couldn't prove it. I could then and I can now. Now, he justifies it everytime: "To kill evil, we must kill the innocent." Right, then you go cast the first stone after killing thousands of innocent people. Why don't I criticise the Taliban first? I do criticize them, but I'm not vocal about that because it certainly makes sense for me to criticize a military paid by my tax dollars that kills millions around the world. In trade for harboring terrorists who murdered three thousand innocent Americans, we're going to kill twice that many innocent Afghanistanis. War crimes is what that is called, but I call it premeditated murder.

And before you tell me about public danger, I'm going to tell you to go fuck yourself. I know that the terrorists are just as bad as the US Military and I fully protest terrorism. In fact, that is why I protest the war of terrorism. Oh, protests instigate terrorists, right? Not if terrorist spies instigate the protests.

The lesson today: know lies when you hear it. If you think what I said were lies, check out this: Iraq spies instigate anti-US, anti-war demostrations. This is how stupid the lies are getting. To think that it is not the million pacifists who are resisting a massive war that will kill hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis, but rather spies is insane. Tell me exactly how spies are going to put a million Americans unwillingly against an unjust war? A girl who lives down the street came up to my door and asked if I'm interested in helping in an anti-war demonstration. I said I'd do all I could. February 14th is going to be wonderful. The cool thing about peace protests is that they're peaceful. A million Elvis fans pacifists can't be wrong.

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