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Creation Date: 2001-12-18
Ah, another Christmas pic. This pic is slightly less quality and slightly more illegal. Well, technically not illegal. We were all in Canada and we had fun in a resort town. Part of our fun was using the lower drinking age to our advantage. We drank some stuff that tastes similar to lemonade. Of course, it wasn't lemonade, it was spiked stuff. We got a little bit silly. I started acting crazy and people got worried about me. But I was just faking it. I'm good at faking intoxication. I live my life in the state of perpetual intoxication. I forget who said (perhaps Aristotle) "Youth is a state of perpetual intoxication," or something like that. I think it's fun living with little regret. One day, it might get old or cause some troble, but not today.

To get this pic, I simply took the faces I already had, switched around some of the positions and added my friend Dave. Dave is a cool guy. He's in the Navy and he'll be in Spokane for Christmas, so I hear. It'll be good to see him again. He and Josh don't get along very well anymore, but who ever said friends are forever, right? I think we ought to be able to overcome what separates us, especially when it's petty.

But if we got over our petty crap, we wouldn't be murdering innocent civilians in Afghanistan, would we? My brother would like to say that murdering innocent civilians in Afghanistan is not retaliation for the September 11 tragedy. The Sept 11 tragedy was definitely not petty. It was terrible. But nothing justifies cold-blooded murder. Just like nothing justifies the Sept 11. Just like nothing justifies what drove the terrorists to commit those acts.

Also, many people doesn't believe that the oil companies are pulling the strings of this war so that they can strip mine the oil from the Baltic Sea for cheap. I want to see the money that the oil companies have paid lobbyists. Freedom of Information Act ought to tell the tale of the dead or homeless Afghani civilians. No offense to the people of the military, but they are murdering innocent people. Just because you can't see the bombs blowing up homes doesn't mean it's not happening.

Next on my list... Oh, I promised Scene 3 to be finished by Thursday. I'm leaving on a jet plane to Spokane. So if it's not done by Wednesday night, it won't be done until the 28th or so. Man do I hate breaking promises that I set. ^-^;; Lemme see what I can do about that. Of course, I have to think about my finances too. I need to check the B of A website to see how much I have left. It's probably enough to last me until my parents give me the money that they bribed me with. Well, I can't exactly say that the money was the most important part. Seeing family and friends was pretty important. I even promised my Grandma I'd come up to see her, so I guess I had to go. They could've bribed me with food and I would've come.

Oh, part of the reason why today's lesson is so lame is because I spent a bunch of time on my brother's Christmas present. I really worked hard and got it all mixed. I even burned it while I was cooking dinner. Heheheh. No, not brownies, think micro waves. No, not microwave brownies. Waves, silly person and small things. I must say that good things come in small packages. Most of my favorite Christmas presents have been small enough to carry around in my hands. But perhaps this Christmas, my gifts will be small enough to carry around in my head and maybe my heart. ;-; Just kidding, more like my wallet!

I guess that's how it goes.
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