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Creation Date: 2003-04-17
Another day, another pair of amazing truths learned. The first one is pretty simple: JF can be much better than it is. JF Final may be decent, but not even 1% as good as it could/ should/ would. I want to do a bunch of things, none of them will be easy.

  • Increase resolution (and thus size) of high res version to 150 or 200 dpi.
  • Reduce number of panels per page to 3-4.
  • Increase number of pages by a factor of 2-3.
  • Increase number of vertices.
  • Use specular lighting, emissive, ambient, and diffuse.
  • Make/use wild fonts for shouted words.

The other amazing truth that I learned came from a true anarchist website. It's kinda on the militant side and it's never less radical than doing something illegal fighting for justice. Their answer to: "Have you been to jail for justice?" would probably be something along the lines of: "Try kneeing the cop in the groin next time." I found a nice little one page rant in their first issue and decided to post it here.

Realize that you might have an amazing anti-authoritarian analysis, but you aren't perfect either.

Inspire thought, not anarchy alone. For that is REAL anti-authoritarianism at work. You sectarian, bolshevik, conformist, nazi asshole.

YOU are YOU. Which is something some privileged intellectual can never explain.

The A Word

While I'm a sincere advocate of pacifism, anarchism, truth, and many other things, it is I that have the burden of proof to prove these people wrong. As a pacifist, I see violence as _the_ problem rather than a solution. George Bush uses violence as a solution, violent anarchists use violence as a solution. I say that they are both wrong. It's funny that both proponents of George Bush and proponents of violence against government say that pacifists are unrealistic saying that only violence has ever or ever will achieve positive goals. Perhaps you can see my rebuttal before I say it. No matter the goals, actions have results. Violent actions tend to produce bad results. The war on Iraq has claimed nearly 2000 innocent civilians lives since January 1, 2003. It is seen as a remarkable success that so few innocent civilians died. The reason for this amazing 'success' was that Bill Clinton, Madeline Albright, and the UN murdered over 1 million innocent Iraqs in 12 years. Don't attack Bush for Iraqi casualties unless you attack Madeline Albright in the same breath. I say that I have to agree with many Republicans that blaming Bush for our past policies on Iraq is unjust. Rumsfeld, yes. Bush, no. It's not a successful argument to say that since we supported Saddam when he gassed the Kurds that we should not have overthrown the Iraqi government. One question I can raise about the war on Iraq is: since we have found absolutely ZERO weapons of mass distruction, is it worth it to murder 2000 innocent people to 'free' a country. When I say free, I mean dictatorship by a pro-American puppet. Violent anarchists agree with Bush, 2000 dead innocent civilians and many more military and political deaths are justified to 'free' a country. Since I'm questioning Bush's free Iraq, I'd also like to put into question my own anarchist vision of freedom. Exactly how are we going to be free? Is lack of government freedom? Does it naturally follow that everyone will live in peace and freedom once the swords are beaten into plowshares? Does freedom of certain people require the enslavement of other people? Does it require a dictator, republic, or a democracy to ensure that everyone is free? These are things a person must quest to answer as an anarchist. You cannot just say 'yes, of course,' and 'no, of course not,' since those answers lack reasoning.

So anyway, I like to classify both violent anarchists and violent fascists in the same group. They support the same ideals, really.

At the anti-war rally, a person said: "You want to know something really scary? A person who is part of the administration said: 'I don't want to destroy government, I just want to make it small enough to drown it in the bathtub.'." Now _this_ is the type of quote that I would like to coin. It's perfect! But sometimes I really wonder if the Bush administration isn't trying to destroy the government. But then I see that the congress is trying to pass an extension to the Patriot Act and I forget that completely. Republicans as anarchists? BULL SHIT. Democrats as anarchists? FUCK THAT. Both will aid anarchists, but an anarchist who supports either while they are in office is not an anarchist.
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