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Creation Date: 2003-07-12
Greetings. You probably didn't expect a new Making of JF, did you? I've been slacking since... May 22, nearly 2 months ago. And I was even slacking before then. It's no surprise to those who have seen JF progress for the past 2 years. My plans for JF have change dramatically since I originally thought it would take 6 months to finish 25 scenes. Here I am redoing Scene 1 for the third time. I did get five scenes done, but at low quality. Today's Making Of JF is a preview of what Scene 1 Page 1 will look like. I've made three decisions that will change JF quite a bit for the better.

1) Big Boxes (not crates, manga boxes =P)
You can clearly see Jav in each of the boxes of the manga above. This is important because part of being a graphic novel requires visual beauty. Also, I need to take advantage of the fact that I'm rendering all of this with the computer. It takes me no work to create a larger image, so I have a huge advantage on conventional pen and paper artists. I can alos change, duplicate, or modify any scene easily, so here we are.

2) Thinking
Talking to the audience isn't normal in books, but I find it to be realistic and useful. Jav can't talk to anyone in the first scene, so to give his character depth, I will allow the reader a bit of an omniscient perspective.

2) Length
Javantea's Fate will be very long. I plan on that. Scene 1 should be 10 pages. With the comments that Jav adds, it will be slow, but not boring. Along with big boxes will be a spread out layout so that you can clearly see what is going on and can get a feel for it. 3 pages for Scene 1 just won't cut it at all. Jav's comments alone will take 5 pages and action will be 5 pages. When I mean comments, it won't be like this rant here. It'll be Jav in 2016 talking to himself about his current situation. Which is quite realistic I might remind you since my real life includes a constant monologue which only I get to hear. I think the reader will like how well JF will flow. If I ever have a company publish (unlikely, but who knows), they'll probably want to ditch monologues that will alienate totalitarian viewers. You won't find that here. Jav is an anarchist now and will be in 2016.

Some problems that are keeping me from getting JF scene 1 are: laziness, lighting, and pathing. Laziness is definately the largest problem. I've slacked the past 2 months away. I got my Bachelor's Degree in Physics at the University of Washington and I am looking for a job, but not hard enough. In my slacking, I should at least be doing MoJF, but I have found that it is easy to blow off doing MoJF in such a dire situation as unemployment.

Lighting is not going well at all. I can't seem to get anyone lit for love or money. I lit Jav very slightly just now, but I need a correct lighting situation. There isn't very good tutorials about how to do it... So this is the main thing that I need to work on now.

The pathing system I showed you two months ago is revolutionary. It's very cool and I know it will make Anime Director very sweet (because I added motion to Anime Director and it works very well). Sadly, it's a little broken. I might have fixed it, but I'm not relying on it. Of course, Manga Director doesn't require the pathing system any more than it has been since April.

For the hundredth time, the high resolution lossless will be sold by subscription and CDROM. The low quality jpeg and the half-resolution png will be free on the web as a web comic. I'm hoping that people will like my distribution system well enough to support me monetarily however they see fit. For poor people like me, the jpeg will have to do. For people who are conne-sewers (sp?), they can support JF development by purchasing the subscription which will come with a CD-ROM with all the cool JF data. Of course, this all assumes that I'm going to get scene 1 finished...

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