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Creation Date: 2003-07-29
Two days of MoJF in a row. You'd never expect it. But I made something so incredible that I have to show you! Not a picture, but a movie! That's right. If you have a moment, you can download it (xvid) and watch it with DivX 5 or XviD CVS. It is 800x600. XviD encoded at 6.27 fps in transcode. DivX encoded at 4.32 fps in transcode. You can blame my lack of performance on my lack of ram (I only have 256 MB of PC2700 DDR RAM) and I'm using my swap. You might also blame the fact that I also have to render, copy data from video memory to normal memory, etc. That takes a lot of memory bandwidth. At 320x240, it can encode at ~15 fps, but is -- of course -- less quality. But I'm very happy that I created this movie in Linux using my own software: AltSci3D Anime Producer. It's the newest in the line of AltSci3D products. It uses the Linux-only movie encoder, Transcode to create movies from the 3D scene which I created in Anime Director.

A few notes, the camera isn't moving. That is a simple feature to add, but it is hard to control a constantly accelerating camera except to tell it to constantly accelerate at zero m/s2. Anyway, one of my next projects is to make it easier to move the camera to make it look nicer. Right now, characters are moved by dragging and dropping cues around the scene. It works really well. The camera works by using WASD (first person shooter controls), but not as well.

What you you really be hyped up about is that Anime Director/Producer works and has produced its first movie! It's a milestone for me and for JF. JF Anime is one step closer. In fact, if I wanted to, I could stop development of AS3D and create JF Anime in a year or so. That is if I could sustain development on it for the full year. I probably cannot, but the idea is that the critical infrastructure is there to make 3d Anime. If you want to make machinima, you can try AS3DAD/AP. Of course, it's not open source yet and it's not ported to win32 (even though it's ready to be). There is one problem with win32. That is that transcode has not been ported to win32. So that means instead of using transcode, I'll have to use VFW or such for the windows port. That's fine with me, since I've worked with VFW before.

Nothing else is happening today. Of course, that could change since I've only been awake 5 hours. I have about 11 hours left.
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