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Creation Date: 2002-01-05
This picture is pretty nice, right? A young Japanese schoolgirl. It's not too erotic, but a hardcore pedo might find it appealing. I don't mind much. More on this in the next paragraph. Okay, this is a cool picture because it uses a bit of shading and is part of Javantea's Fate Scene 3, Page 3. Woot. That means that Scene 3 Page 3 is 2/3 done. I'll likely finish it around Jan 1, 2002. The shading is today's lesson. The breast shadowing I remembered from a nice little picture that I downloaded years ago. The sharp edge (black outline) of the shadow really helps it a lot. Then I thought that it'd be nice to have shadowing elsewhere. I thought a bit about the dress and went to work on it. People who know me better have seen my "Got Love" mural depicting two young girls in skirts and Jav saying the title and "Try it, you'll like it." The mural was supposed to also include a car, but I broke down before I could draw a successful car at that angle. So I'm an expert in skirts. Skirts are designed as follows: a piece of rectangular fabric is folded 20-100 times. At the top, the fabric is sewn into a circle. At the bottom, it is folded under and sewn. A zipper is usually added to the back. The top is usually snug to belly button area. How do I know this? Errm, I watch a lot of anime... Sailor Moon specifically. ^-^ "Jim, my nerd-detector is going crazy, we must have a live one!" Next, the ribbon's shading isn't actually shading, it's highlighting, but anyway, it's just 100% white on 10% Black. I tried to think of the right, left, top, bottom, front, and back. Which of these would be a correct position for a highlight? Well, I decided that it'd be front, top, and center. That's where there'd be a bulge in the ribbon, so that where I decided it would highlight. It just seemed right to me. You decide.

As long as pedophilia doesn't deviate from the art and doesn't get depicted in the art, I don't have a problem with it. For example, panty shot of a cute anime girl, no problem. Any more, though, and I ping-nuke the server (twice per day for a week). Then, there are cases like: pedophocracy [konformist.com]. Ya, being an anarchist and a Christian, I can't judge people. However, I can dislike stuff that is morally opposed to my beliefs. In the most part, the world agrees with me. But those small cases, I find it impossible to stay completely passive. To be more blunt, I stand firmly against anyone who produces art that depicts pedophilia. That doesn't mean that I'd act against them. I might find a clever DoS trick to stop people from seeing such, but you know... Secondly, if I found a pedophile (red-handed or such), I'd surely kick his or her ass. That's why Scene 1 happened. Jav saw people in the act of selling guns and disarmed them.

Being an anarchist doesn't mean that we cannot act upon a moral code, it means that the moral code is defined by each person. Each person acts towards their own moral code. If one person's moral code (or lack there-of) conflicts with another person's moral code, it becomes a battle. It can be a battle of minds, wits, brawn, or what-not. Usually, in non-lethal situations, it would involve a group of people "ganging up". But isn't this just democracy, rule of the mass? Well, no. There is no voting in an anarchy. There's no president, congress, army, police. If the majority wants to get something done, they have to do it themselves. If the majority is silent or weak, they don't do jack. You can see that weak people would not quite want an anarchy too much from that. However, anarchy doesn't change means. The most likely circumstance is that no one will risk their lives to harm weak people. Unless, of course, the weak people have something that the strong people want. In that case, the weak people have to bribe a few of the strong people to defend them. No problem, it's still kind of an anarchy. Just a little more like feudalism. But still it's an anarchy seeing that it's not at all mandated that anyone needs to protect anyone else. More likely, communities will grow stronger while cities will grow weaker, states won't exist anymore, nations will only exist to those who do not live in the anarchy.

Today was a busy day without being extremely productive. I finished all my presents. I packaged all my presents... I packed my clothes. I washed some clothes. Nothing really was too important. I don't like that, but you can't follow up awesome stuff like last night with more stuff like last night. What happened last night? Inspiration that allowed me to focus on Scene 3, Page 2 enough to get a product. I was thinking about Page 3, but then I remembered that I needed two things that I didn't have. The first is pictured here. The second is half done and has been seen earlier, I think.. So that's what is happening. I'm going to let it go for tonight. I'm leaving at 5 AM to catch a 9:30 AM flight to Spokane (pronounced spO-kayn, just like the idiots on CNN say, hehe). In fact, The New Radicals put it in one of their songs pronounced like that. But I won't fault them, it's a good song and they even put Spokane in the right context.
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