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Creation Date: 2003-09-17
On Wednesday, I wrote nearly 50 kB of Hack Mars content. It was not in the normal form of Q and A or plot outline, but in the form of prose. So to add it to HM, it will take hours to convert it into usable form. But I'm convinced that with some major modification, I can add it to HM. The number is more important to me. 50 kB is a serious amount of information. I wrote it in 12 hours from 2 PM to 2 AM. I paused for a quick lunch and dinner, but I was really going at it. The amount of game time that the story covers is about 2 hour. The amount of actual time that it covers will be about 1 hours. I kinda thought about that after I was done writing it. I was thinking: "Wow, that was fun, but how will I ever use it?" While I was writing it, I kinda assumed it would just happen. But data doesn't translate that way. When you have something, it requires far more work to make it happen. That's where I am. I had a very productive day last Friday and I actually got a bunch of HM Python stuff working. You saw it with the Player Character Generator screen yesterday. It works pretty well. I worked on that until Monday when I stopped with a pretty decent system. I have work to do on it, but it's pretty clear what I need to do. So I wanted to start something else. I couldn't think of anything productive to do. That's pretty bad when you aren't playing video games and you're getting nothing good done. So I sat on my futon and picked up my yellow pad. Instantly, I started work on HM physics. It was so quick that in four hours, I had all the HM physics derived. Of course, I had derived it a dozen times before. This was just the latest, most clear definition of it. I had equations. Equations are good. Writing down goals is jack. You can't do anything but think when you write down goals. When you write down equations, you can do work. So after writing down the equations, I turned on my computer and typed them in. That's when it hit me: I couldn't implement them yet. Why? I lacked key infrastructure. Sadly, I had to make stuff before I could put these physics equations to work. So I loaded up Windows98. Ugh. Drivers, drivers, fuck drivers. I hate Win98. I hadn't booted Win98 since long before I got my new motherboard. It wanted to find all new drivers. And if you know Win98 like I do, you cringed when you hear this. Broken drivers, broken drivers, fuck Win98. I messed with it for an hour. You see, it decided that my cdroms didn't exist. And my mouse is USB, so it needed the Win98SE cdrom of course (stupid dumshit gdmfr!). So I couldn't do anything. No mouse, no good work could be done. I finally found that the Dual IDE driver had an option to use both IDE channels. Wtf are they thinking?! Why is the default to disable to the secondary ide? They want me to buy WinXP. NEVER! Microsoft will not buy my customership with shitty software. So I installed my mouse and I messed around. I ended up not needing the mouse for what I did. I played a side-scroller video game for all of Tuesday and I typed that novel on Wednesday. Yesterday, I didn't do very much. Today, I will attempt to implement the physics functions I wrote on Monday. Wish me luck. I'll report in ~11 hours.

10:17 PM
Ramp is implemented but doesn't quite work. Mouselook is implemented and rotates the camera, but goes crazy after a few seconds.

11:54 PM
Mouselook works for very small values. Then it goes crazy for large values. A breakthrough in modern technology.

2:00 AM
2003-09-17 2:24 AM
Darn, I messed that up didn't I? I actually went to sleep at 2 AM the night that I wrote what was above. I found the error that caused the problem the next morning. However, when I implemented it on Monday, it didn't work. That's because it also had a problem. I fixed that problem and there was yet another problem. There was one last problem and then I fixed that. Ugh, huh? Well, today I found another bug that was really horrible. I really tried to fix it. I found the problem and now I just have to find why it has a problem. It's pretty terrible when you have one file that works and an updated version that doesn't. It's repeatable which is good, but it makes one think: wtf?! Upgrades should not cause horrible bugs, but they do. More often, they uncover them. That's what happened here. Better code means the bug you introduced earlier will show up. Hopefully in the next few days, I'll have something sweet, like a mouselook derivation for you.
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