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Creation Date: 2003-10-28
Ugh, I am tired. I'm waiting for my computer to finish a task before I go to sleep. ... My mind is kinda fried, so I'm going to go to sleep and wake up tomorrow hoping to be doing better. I have a tough thing to do tomorrow. Wish me luck. T-6:00 and counting. This rant will be short. I wanted to give people a few hints on my status. Gundam Wing is actually very intellectual even if it is 'just a cartoon'. Like many anime, the depth is quite amazing. I'm on dvd#3. I watched 28 days later last night. It was pretty decent. I read pretty deep into it. While I am not afraid of a deadly virus wiping out Britian, the reality of that movie is quite thrilling. Yup. I liked the taxi scene quite a bit even though it was a deleted scene. Also, the music video is quite good and actually covers almost all of the movie in chronological order, so go for it.

This is a glider. ESR feels that it is the symbol of the hacker. Why? Because it moves with very simple rules in a diagonal pattern. But beware, when it hits boxes or other things, the glider can destroy very big things. This is something that you cannot google, thankfully. Lamers being able to google culture seems to me to be a real let down. When culture is so available, does that make it worth less? No, but it does to society. Well, fuck society, I am a fucking glider because I am a hacker. Spread the meme if you would like.

What else? I told you it was gonna be short +NO CARRIER+

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