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Creation Date: 2003-11-13
Hello again. I have created another brilliant mural for the enjoyment of my friends and internet viewers. I hope you like it and appreciate how much time and work I put into it. It took 13 hours on Tuesday, 6 hours on Wednesday, and about 6 hours preparing the source image below.

The idea came to me while I worked on Hack Mars plot. This is a scene from Hack Mars, one of the better ones, I think. In it, Jim Bean (the main character) is confronted by the anarchist girl who saved his life in Mission 11.

She tells Jim: "Good, you passed the test. Don't take what I say with any more weight than you do your own parents."

He is flabbergasted, he never knew an anarchist who didn't think highly of his (or her) own opinion.

That's all of the plot that I'm going to give away. The rest you can figure out for yourself or wait until June.

The mural was made on my room floor. It took up all except the edges of the room. It is 8ft x 5ft. It was made of masking tape, art tape, and duct tape. Step back to the previous MoJF to see a bit more on duct tape murals. In addition to that rant, I would like to say that I enjoy seeing what I can create in 24 hours. While murals always take planning and this one took a second day, it does tell me that my motivation can drive something massive and creative. Everything I do tells me that, but not as clearly when it takes months and produces no real output. The mural is instant gratification of my creative output drive. And it communicates the same to others.

Like I've said too many times, Hack Mars is centered on the storyline. There won't be anything that doesn't involve life, love, anarchy, war, or r0x0r on the Red Planet and Terra (aka. Earth). But that encompasses a lot of stuff. Love interest for middle schoolers is a broad topic considering hormones and the fact that they're learning about life very quickly. And life is so broad that it could involve a half dozen interesting video games for each person involved. I've written the story in such a way to give the player choices on how to live the character's life. Will your character be the most proactive revolutionary? Will you choose to harm none? Will you wait for others to save you? Will you exact justice on those who disagree with you? Will you justify the means with the ends? Will you survive the brutal attacks assailed against you everyday? Will you make friends with anarchists, capitalists, engineers, rogues, scientists, or socialists? The player will make the choice in Hack Mars. You will not be able to choose neutrality, sadly, the situation doesn't allow it.

Where is development of Hack Mars? 3 weeks done, ~20 weeks to go. Of course, that is 20 solid weeks which don't quite exist. So I have put a June release date and made up my mind to work on it in my free time.

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