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Creation Date: 2002-01-12
This picture is a partial cast shot. Two male Rave Kiddies, the girl from the previous Making Of feature, Gabe, Tycho, and Javantea. They're all dancing if you didn't notice. These type of fun cast pictures are good if you don't have anything smart to say, just that the comic is coming soon. So what about the characters positions? Well, that's what AltSci3d Manga Director does. You click on a person's name and then you move them where you want them to be. Then when everyone is where they ought to be you click on the cam button and move the camera to where it ought to be. Then you take a pic and then you can see the cast. Oh, I added some lights, but they didn't work very well. I didn't want to make everyone fully lit, so I just attenuated it to 1% or so. The faces are hard to see, but the bodies are good looking. You can see that Gabe has orange on the front of his pants, not intended. Oh well. Lesson 5: Cast shots are good for the end of the issue. Make the lighting just right and you'll have something to put in a poster. I myself have anime posters all over my walls. We got Love Hina x 2, Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop x 4, Final Fantasy 9, and Nadesico. I'd say that it'd be cool to have JF posters on my walls also. It'll take a while to get it going at this rate, but with cast shots like these, no problem.

Original post:
So where's the real Scene 2? It's 10:27 PM on Friday night and I'm seeing that Scene 2 is more than 1.5 hours away. But not by much! You can expect it a few hours late. I blame it on my laziness. But I'm not that lazy, check out my webcam and see that I'm working with the aid of black tea. Yes, the caffeinated kind. At 10:28 PM on Friday night to a person who rarely drinks caffeine because it seriously affects him, this means business. I won't be asleep until 7 AM tomorrow and you can bet that I'll work on JF until then. You can bet your buns that this three day weekend, I'm going to work hard on JF. I'll work on physics too, hopefully.

I thought I'd let you all in on something I came across while walking to class today. My street is almost completely blocked off due to street construction. It's like my own little anarchist nation, something I've wanted for a while (as you'll see in "Javantea's Fate"). If someone were to commit a crime in my neighborhood, the police wouldn't be able to get in with cars. There's just two inlet/outlet streets to the community and they're hard to get to. And I'm sure that the neighborhood is full of anarchists. One house had a huge banner that said "Peace and Freedom". Every street sign has graffiti on it (usually the anarchist symbol). And it's wonderful. I couldn't feel safer or better. The absence of police is safety, the lack of money is riches, and the lack of hate is love (but you knew that already, I hope). When you aren't afraid of anything, that's anarchy. You can't be afraid of people around you, money, eating, or death. If you do, you become a prisoner of yourself, others, the government, and your job. Some of these are just fears, but some are frivolous. I'll expand more on that later. Now I gotta get back to creating characters for Scene 2.
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