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Creation Date: 2003-12-18
This might be the last JF for two weeks or so. I'm headed over to my parent's house in Spokane. I might do a JF on the Run, but who knows.

Today, I laughed heartily. I have been thinking about the impossibility of the recent happenings. How? How?! htf? I am not going to tell you, so don't ask. I wrote down everything, so one day, you'll see it in a CD compilation or some such. Tomorrow, I will take a mean step toward becoming independent. If it goes well, you'll see a special MoJF here on Christmas Eve|Day and an amazing effort and story on January 5th. If it goes poorly, then I get deported to Siberia (aka. Spokane) for 8 weeks and JF will get neglected seriously. And you haven't seen neglected yet. *nod* Yes, tomorrow is an important day. Wish me luck, or better:
"Ganbatteyo." == ´èÄ¥¤Ã¤Æ¤è == ¤¬¤ó¤Ð¤Ã¤Æ¤è

Human rights come in one hundredth place, 
mass production has always been number one, 
new earth has become a repugnant place, 
so it's time to spread the fear that funds it, son.
--Deltron 3030

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