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Creation Date: 2004-01-10
Greetings, another day, another MoHM. What's the lesson for today? Today's lesson is that not every day holds a good lesson. I learned nothing useful today. That's how it goes. Most of life is about living which involves good days where you actually get to use the lessons you learn on hard days. If that isn't a lesson, I don't what is. The world is full of lessons, but what good is it to learn something and not use it twice? Lessons that a person learns and uses a billion times are quite useful. Learning more and more can be great confidence builder, but if you can, use it. If you visit this page, I implore you to use one of the lessons I have taught you. Or perhaps something someone else has taught you or a lesson you learned the hard way. If you can't immediately use a good lesson, it's better to find something else to learn. At what point can you use a bad lesson? When you learn it again? When you need it? When other things aren't in your way? Get over it, learn.

Burrrn, burrrn, burrrn.
Open up. Now open up.
You lied, you faked, you cheated.
You changed the stakes
Magnet toss that pie in the sky
unrehearsed, let the bubbles burst
all in all, a three ring circus
of unity with parody, tragedy or comedy,
probably publicity
open up, make room for me.
now open up, make room for me.

Lose myself, inside your schemes
Go for money honey, not the screen
be a movie star blah, blah, blah
go whole hog, be bigger than God
Burn hollywood burn
taking down tinseltown
Burn hollywood burn
burn it all into the ground
Burn hollywood burn
Burn hollywood burn
take down tinseltown
burn down to the ground
down into the ground
Burn, burn, burn!

Buuurn, buuurn

--Leftfield, "Open Up", 
from Hackers Soundtrack
Thanks to STLyrics for correction.
Last night, I wrote the idea for a short manga that I can make for fun/profit. If I can make a full manga in black/white 300 dpi, I can print it for $0.3 per page and sell it on the street for $0.50 per 10 pages to make 40% profit. It's about half the price of a professional comic ($3 per 36 pages). I'd have to buy a cheap scanner if I wanted to make it happen. I'd also need some method of selling it. Perhaps I could sell to the local comic shops as an indy comic. If they liked the plot, it might happen. But that would increase the price and decrease the profit by a bunch. If I bought my own laser printer, I could decrease the price to $0.02 per page maybe.
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