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Creation Date: 2004-01-15
Greetings readers. I'd like to focus on a topic tonight that may prove itself right or wrong. It is about speech. So speaking of speech can be tested over a certain amount of time. It's convenient. Libertarians believe in freedom of speech among many other freedoms. We often write about writing which may seem redundant. Why should we say: "The right to freedom of speech should never be abridged." We are using it to extend its longevity. If we are not here to extend it, there are many who wish to erode it.

Writing isn't just words, it conveys ideas. Good writing will stick out and people will form their own ideas from it. Good writing will not hide its intention. It will put all on the table for which it has time and energy. Writing as opposed to television gives the reader time to think between shiny objects. This gives the writer a better audience than a television content creator. Writing is also cheap. It can be done by most people in many countries around the world. If the content is good enough, its publication might spread to many readers. Tom Paine's Rights of Man found its way to many readers even into the next century.

What use can speech serve? The ideas that are conveyed in writing and speaking can change people's actions. For every single issue, there is a reason for speech. This speech is required in these situations. From discussion to resolution, speech is needed. Those that wish to pervert speech into a commodity to be taxed and censored wish to ensure that issues are not addressed by the public and wish to unbalance an issue towards the side of evil, for it is only evil that wishes facts to be not known. For the truth brought from speech brings evil into the light and replaces it with good.

Do you wish to discuss?

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