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Creation Date: 2004-01-24
Another 1.5 days, another MoHM. I'm late because I stayed up until 5 AM helping my friend clean his office and put in a shelf. Hanging out in the early hours is cool, but it is hard on one's nerves. There is a police officer, T. Bacon (no joke) who is a nice guy. He stopped my friend and I for a headlight and was very nice about it. I hate to admit that without thinking of it, I said, "Thank you, Officer Bacon." That probably took a year off my life. I was just trying to be nice. It's nice to know that my friend doesn't have any warrants out for him. You never know when you live in the city if a person you meet is a trustworthy citizen =P. There are thousands of warrants out and the person you're sitting next to may be -- a criminal! Bleh, who gives a fsck? I have proof that there exists at least one nice officer in the SPD. I also have proof that there are at least a dozen fascists in the SPD.

Hack Mars is growing in leaps and bounds. I called a musician today and he says that he can cut me a CD for Hack Mars. That means that Hack Mars will have a really good alternative folk soundtrack. It will have a bit of plot connected to that soundtrack. The friend I hung out with last night also may be part of the soundtrack if he gets time away from chemistry and math. That is beside my own efforts to write punk, techno, and ambient songs for the soundtrack. That means that Hack Mars will have multiple genres of music. Imagine GTA1 and GTA3 soundtracks and then some! It's gonna rock, isn't it?

This character sketch is nice. It shows a few steps of my thinking process in one. The first is the thinking level which is apparent in the idea of the character. She will be a bit of a free spirit (all redheads are), a middle school Martian, a recreational drug user, and a nice person. The drawing level is second which can hardly be seen. Her nose was copied directly from the drawing. The third level is the vectorization: the lines on the left were all taken from the drawing and mirrored to the right. Symmetry is the name of the game. The fourth level is a little funny: debug stage. I noticed after drawing this girl that she needed long hair, in a pony tail to be exact. Why does she need long hair? Because I am trying to promote diversity in my models. So not every girl will have long, short, or bunned hair. So to achieve such a balance, I simply wrote a note to myself: "Please add pony tail." That way when I converted to a skin, I added an easy pony tail and it worked. That is the lesson today: levels of creation can be seperated, but the end product is a combination of all. I would like to encourage you to keep as many levels of creation as you can. Is there a scan? Keep it. Is there a version that almost worked? Keep it. But when I say keep it, I mean put it in a folder called "source". That way, when things get going, you can go back to the source and understand the levels so that you can go more levels deeper.

Universe in a Nutshell 1
by Javantea

Deeper and deeper, into the abyss, 
that creates us as our life it sucks.
Beating you as you fall deeper,
creating nothing from the naught it is.

The further you go, less you are,
releasing the weight that makes you fall.
Burning the essense of what you consist,
you rise from ashes of a fallen star.

Picking up speed as you expand on heat,
freeing your soul and your mind to glow.
Your mind creates boundaries to it all,
forming from the flames your hands and feet.

You soar until again nothing you can see,
Form takes back until zero is truth.
You transform from nothing to an idea,
a being so far outside the galaxy.

The idea you possess is tragic and useless,
with its nothingness and its lack.
Creates for itself a truth above all,
"Why?" is the truth that you must confess.

The question creates energy upon itself,
it becomes a universe in a nutshell.
It explodes with dimensions of reality,
grows so large that fills your imagination.

You awake with sweat on your forehead;
it was not a dream but realization.
"Why?" answered with a whole universe,
created before you wake up in your bed.

(C) 2003 Javantea, AltSci Concepts
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