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Creation Date: 2004-02-23
Greetings, another day warrants a new MoHM. This weekend I played more than my fair share of Enemy Territory. The game is popular and completely free, which makes it a joy to play. If it were shareware, there may be fewer players but I would probably buy it. But there is a problem with playing video games instead of working. That is that work that should have been done does not get done.

Today, I will attempt to get that work done. It will not be easy to balance my needs with my wants today. But perhaps I can find a way. That is the lesson for today: balancing wants and needs correctly. The first rule in any scheduling system I use is to understand the problem. If you get no work done in an entire week, there must be a reason. Look back and think about it. I know that the second half of last week was lost because I lost the will to work on hard problems after wednesday's cold progressed. I was so miserable that I could only sit around. I watched movies to pass time and I played video games. The weekend, I already explained was lost to video games. The lesson learned is: colds can hurt productivity, so stay healthy. Also, do not use escapism of entertainment. Watch movies while I eat. The second rule to my system is to list the requirements for the week. I cannot list out all my reqs for you since a few are classified, but I will give a few:

  • Pay rent.
  • Send in rebates.
  • Write code for mesh pool and texture pool.
  • Do MoJF daily.
  • Eat.
  • Sleep.
  • Draw daily.
  • Buy food.
  • Code 10 hours per day.
  • Do extra projects.
I have a very simple list. Each thing has to be done with a certain priority and by a certain time. Each thing requires preparation, action, and debugging.

The thing that will make this happen is the methodical number-crunching precision of a machine. I am but a machine ready to work. My interface is slow, my memory is small, but my processor is fast and my software is very well-written. I will finish 1/7 of the fourth on the list in a few minutes. Then I will move onto the third and 2/70 of the ninth. Best of luck to you on your own tasks. Scheduling may take 15 minutes, but it saves hours due to the fact that one in time saves nine.

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