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Creation Date: 2004-02-26
Greetings. If you check out today's Low quality version, you'll get an accessory to today's high quality version. It is an accessory because this Hack Mars character is all about anarchy. In fact, he has a seemingly unique set of anarchistic values. I will explain them:
1. Trust no one. Any person has a motive and will eventually conflict with my motive which will never be apparent until they stab me in the back.
2. Help no one. Each person's motives are their own and none shall ever cross in such a way to benefit both parties.
3. Create what I want. If I wish something to be done, I will take my time to accomplish it.
4. Live by no rules. Take each issue as I see it. Allow my morals to dictate my actions.
5. Oppress no one. Take nothing from anyone, hurt no one, let my actions have no effect on anyone but myself.

While much of these thoughts are common in Anarchism, many are rejected by many anarchists. 1 and 2 specifically are rejected by Black Bloc types, but are expressed in a different way: make friends with people I like, expect little from others, always have a backup plan, help those I can help (with or without limits). Anarchists usually assume relationships should be strengthened by anarchy, but anarchists can think what they wish. Individuality is a major factor in anarchy. That each person entertain their own ideals is key. A corralary to this that is often broken by those who do not truly support anarchy is to respect others' rights. While I may be free, if I oppress my neighbor, I am reversing the anarchy I have. My friend calls this "oppressed by his own oppression", but I say that those who do not respect others' rights are just assholes.

I don't have much time to do anarchy justice, but let me say one thing: last night's Mardi Gras in Seattle's Pioneer Square ought to give everyone a clear message that Seattle's Police need to find a fucking day job.

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