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Creation Date: 2004-06-03
Today, I'm going to give you a special insight into the making of Hack Mars. By doing this, I hope to gain some important insights myself into the difficult task ahead. I need to make original textures for ~40 businesses on Mars and then create the buildings. So I've started making textures. It's not very easy. I know that most of texture making is just busy work: box, text, box, text. But I can't force myself to make it happen. I open up XFig and think about the business that needs to be textured. I found that it's far more useful to categorize absolutely everything and then work at the low level up. How does one go about doing this. Well, here we go!

Commercial: Electronics, Carpentry, Furniture, Textiles, Sales
Agridome: Robots, Sales
Food: Baking, Tofu, Sales, etc
Social: Arcade, Forums, Movies, Data

Water: Pump, Resivoir, Trucking
Electricity: Fusion, Solar, Fission, Wiring
Mining: Robotics, Trucks, Smelting, Sales
Space: Import/Export, Asteroid Mining, Research, Development, Investment
Real Estate: Buy and Sell Habs and Land
Construction: Habs, Robotics

Exploration: Rovers, Adventurers, Science, and Robotics
Astronomy: Observatory, Research, Information Sales
Research: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Engineering, Robotics

Then I think about each one. I'll go through Food since it's so easy.
Ambience Bakery on Hemp St: Specializes in rye, sourdough, spelt, and non-wheat breads. Supplies to Greensleeves Deli across the tube.
Healthy Home Bakery on Market Blvd: Feeds families, sliced bread, mainly whole wheat.

Greensleeves on Hemp St: Feeds scientists and engineers on Quantum Ave and NW Blvd.
Besil's Deli on Market St: Feeds students and families on Fuentes St and Boone Ave.
A and B on Revolution Ave: Feeds workers and scientists from Main St and SW Blvd.

Baltic on Main St: Classy restaurant feeds wealthy businesspeople, usually on special occasions. Daily specials include authentic vegetarian gumbo, caesar salad, Terran sushi, and such delicacies.
Flaming Duck on Fuentes St: Asian restaurant chain from Terra specializing in ultra-spicy original foods and high quality Terran chicken and beef knock offs (it's all tofu and wheat gluten).
Credit Card Operated (CCop) Restaurant on Main St and Market St: feeds the public out for a bite. Serves noodles, tofu, and rice-based vegetable dishes rich in vital nutrients. The cheapest place on the planet. Completely operated by automated robots.
Lev's Diner on Wander Ave: reasonably priced 24-hour shop, serving traditional Martian meals. Dedicated to ensuring the tradition of tasty cheap meals lasts long past necessity. Beans, potato hash, salads, oatmeal, and other simple foods. Operated by humans during the day, robots at night since it's inception in 2021.

Resource Foods on Fuentes St and Boone Ave: hydroponic vegetables, beans and nuts grown in a medium pressure carbon dioxide dome. Maintained by robots, harvested by tool-empowered humans.
Grain Power on Revolucion Ave: oats, grains, mainly wheat grown in a low pressure carbon dioxide dome. Maintained and harvested entirely by robots.
Kly Greenery on Market St: vegetables grown in medium pressure dome.

Roosterhead on Market St: Quirky grocery specializing in Eastern Terran (Asian) foods. More selection in spicy foods and the cheapest rice available on Mars.
Quick Transition on Fuentes St: Robot operated grocery with Western Terran foods. Does not go at hyperspace speeds as the name might suggest. Robots are not very friendly, obviously programmed to be unhelpful.
Soyoki on Revolucion Ave: Health food store with a slant toward newage homeopathic remedies. Bulk food, herbs, and high-fiber foods abound. Recommended by many Martian doctors even though its goods are mostly illegal on Terra.

That was a hard list to write. Several hours went into the above list. One of the main problems was naming. I definitely did not want to use Terran names. I did not want to use silly names even though I broke down and used them often.

There is Mining in the mountains east of Market Blvd.
There is the Fusion Reactor to the far west of NW Blvd.
There is the Spaceport Alpha to the north of NW Blvd.
There is the Water Processing Plant to the north of Fuentes Street.
Major Commercial Areas are: Fuentes, Market, Main.
Minor Commercial Areas are: Revolucion, SW Blvd, Wander
Major Residential Areas are: Boone, SE Blvd, Ever Blvd,
Minor Residential Areas are: Beachside, SW Blvd, Hemp,
Solar Panels East of Wander Ave and West of Quantum Ave.
Construction of a new star is beginning south of Main Street.
SE and SW Blvd will likely branch out to new megastars.
When they do, Main will connect to the two through a east/west train.
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